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same manner, by the charges in- shall be reserved for the French curred by the British Govern- Government, and delivered, upon ment for the salt manufactured in requisition duly made by the the districts nearest to the said agents of his Most Christian Masettlement.

jesty, or by the persons duly apArt. 3. It is understood that pointed by them, the number of the salt-works in the possessions chests so applied for, provided belonging to His Most Christian that such supply shall not exceed Majesty shall be and remain three hundred chests in each year; under the direction and adminis- and the price to be paid for the tration of the agents of his said same shall be determined by the Majesty.

average rate at which opium shall Art. 4. With a view to the have been sold at every such peeffectual attainment of the objects riodical sale. It being understood in the contemplation of the high that if the quantity of opium apcontracting parties, his Most plied for at any one time, shall Christian Majesty engages to es- not be taken on account of the tablish in his possessions on the French Government by the agents coast of Coromandel and Orixa, of his Most Christian Majesty, and at Chandernagore in Bengal, within the usual period of denearly the same price for salt, as livery, the quantity so applied that at which it shall be sold by for shall nevertheless be considerthe British Governinent in the ed as so much in reduction of the vicinity of each of the said pos- three hundred chests herein besessions.

fore mentioned. drt. 5. In consideration of the The requisitions of opium as stipulations expressed in the pre- aforesaid are to be addressed to ceding Articles, his Britannic Ma- the Governor General at Calcutta, jesty engages that the sum of within thirty days after notice of four lacs of sicca rupees shall be the intended sale shall have been paid annually to the agents of his published in the Calcutta Gazette. Most Christian Majesty duly au- Art. 7. In the event of any rethorized, by equal quarterly in- striction being imposed upon the stalments ; such instalments to be exportation of saltpetre, the subpaid at Calcutta or at Madras, ten jects of his Most Christian Madays after the bills that may be jesty shall nevertheless be allowed drawn for the same by the said to export that article to the exagents shall have been presented tent of 18,000 maunds: to the Government of either of Art. 8. His Most Christian those Presidencies; it being agreed Majesty, with a view of preservthat the rent above stipulated shalling the harmony subsisting becommence from the 1st of Oc- tween the two nations, having tober 1814.

engaged, by the twelfth article of Art. 6. With regard to the the treaty concluded at Paris on trade in opium, it is agreed be- the 30th of May 1814, not to tween the High Contracting erect any fortifications in the esParties, that at each of the peri- tablishments to be restored to odical sales of that article, there him by the said treaty, and to maintain no greater number of not to be extended to those who troops than may be necessary for may act contrary to the laws and the purposes of police; his Bri- regulations of the British Governtannic Majesty on his part, in ment. order to give every security to Art. 9. All Europeans and the subjects of his Most Christian others whosoever, against whom Majesty residing in India, en- judicial proceedings shall be ingages, if at any time there should stituted within the limits of the arise between the High Contract- settlements or factories belonging ing Parties any misunderstanding to his Most Christian Majesty, or rupture, (which God forbid,) for offences committed, or for not to consider or treat as pri- debts contracted, within the said soners of war, those persons who limits, and who shall take refuge belong to the civil establishments out of the same, shall be deliverof his most Christian Majesty in ed up to the chiefs of the said India, nor the officers, non-com- settlements and factories; and all missioned officers, or soldiers, Europeans and others whosoever, who, according to the terms of against whom judicial proceedings the said Treaty, shall be necessary as aforesaid shall be instituted for the maintenance of the police without the said limits, and who in the said establishments, and to shall take refuge within the same, allow them to remain three shall be delivered up by the chiefs months to settle their personal of the said settlements and factoaffairs, and also to grant them the ries, upon demand being made of necessary facilities and means of them by the British Government. conveyance to France with their Art. 10. For the purpose of families and private property.

rendering this agreement permaHis Britannic Majesty further nent, the High Contracting Parengages to permit the subjects of ties hereby engage, that no alhis most Christian Majesty in teration shall be made in the conIndia to continue their residence ditions and stipulations in the and commerce so long as they foregoing articles, without the shall conduct themselves peace- mutual consent of his Majesty the ably, and shall do nothing con- King of the United Kingdom of trary to the laws and regulations Great Britain and Ireland, and of of the government.

his Most Christian Majesty. But in case their conduct should Art. 11. The present Convenrender them suspected, and the tion shall be ratified, and the raBritish Government should judge tifications shall be exchanged at it necessary to order them to quit London in the space of one month India, they shall be allowed the from the date hereof, or sooner period of six months to retire if possible. with their effects and property to In witness whereof the respecFrance, or to any other country tive Plenipotentiaries have signed they may choose.

it, and have thereunto affixed the At the same time it is to be seals of their arms. anderstood, that this favour is Done at London this 7th day



of March, in the year of our Lord house of Hope and Co. in Amone thousand eight hundred and sterdam, to the amount of 25 milfifteen.

lions of florins, Dutch currency;

the annual interest of which sum, (No. 4.)-RUSSIA AND THE NE- together with an annual payment

for the liquidation of the same, Treaty between Great Britain, Rus- as hereafter specified, shall be

sia, and the Netherlands, signed borne by, and become a charge at London, May 19th, 1815. upon the kingdom of the Nether

His Majesty the King of the lands. And his Majesty the King Netherlands being desirous, upon of the United Kingdom of Great the final re-union of the Belgic Britain and Ireland engages, on Provinces with Holland, to ren- his part, to recommend to his der to the Allied Powers who were Parliament to enable him to take parties to the treaty concluded at upon himself an equal capital of Chaumont on the 1st of March, the said Russian Loan, viz.twenty1814, a suitable return for the five millions of florins, Dutch heavy expense incurred by them currency; the annual interest of in delivering the said territories which sum, together with an anfrom the power of the enemy; nual payment for the liquidation and the said Powers having, in of the same, as hereafter speciconsideration of arrangements fied, shall be borne by, and bemade with each other, mutually come a charge upon the governagreed to wave their several pre- ment of his Britannic Majesty. tensions under this head, in fa- Art. 2. The future charge, to vour of his Majesty the Emperor which their said Belgic and Bri-. of all the Russias ; his said Ma- tannic Majesties shall be respecjesty the King of the Netherlands tively liable in equal shares on achas thereupon resolved to proceed count of the said debt, is to conimmediately to execute with his sist of an annual interest of 5 per Imperial Majesty a convention to cent. on the said capitals, each of the following effect, to which his 25 millions, together with a sinkBritannic Majesty agrees to be a ing fund of one per cent, for the exparty, in pursuance of engage tinction of the saine, the said sink. ments taken by his said Majesty ing fund being subject, however, to with the King of the Netherlands, be increased on the deinand of the in a convention signed at Lon- Russian Government to any andon on the 13th day of August, nual sum not exceeding three per 1914. (Plenipotentiaries, Lord cent.; the same to be payable till Castlereagh, Count de Lieven, the capital of the said debt shall and Baron Fagel.)

be fully discharged, when the Art. 1. His Majesty the King aforesaid charge for interests and of the Netherlands hereby engages sinking fund shall wholly cease to to take upon himself a part of the be borne by their said. Belgic and capital and arrears of interests, Britannic Majesties respectively. the 1st of January, 1916, of the Art. 3. Their said Belgic and Russian Loan made in Holland, Britannic Majesties respectively through the intervention of the bind themselves, on or before the



usual day or days in each year, on the dominions of his Majesty the which the interest on the said King of the Netherlands previous debt shall be due and payable, to to the complete liquidation of the deposit with the Agent of the

It is also understood and Russian Government in Holland, agreed between the High Contheir respective proportions of the tracting Parties, that the paysaid interest and sinking fund, as ments on the part of their Majesabove specified; provided always, ties the King of the Netherlands that previously to the advance of and the King of Great Britain, as each successive instalment so to aforesaid, shall not be interruptbe paid, the said agent shall be ed in the event (which God forauthorised to furnish a certificate bid) of a war breaking out beto each of the said two high con- tween any of the three High Contracting parties, declaring that tracting Parties; the Governthe preceding instalment has been ment of his Majesty the Emperor duly applied in discharge of the of all the Russias being actually interest, and in reduction of the bound to its creditors by a similar principal of the said debt; to agreement. gether with the corresponding payments, on account of the Rus- (No. 5.-SARDINIA.) sian Government on that part of Treaty belu een Great Britain and the debt which shall remain a Sardinia, signed at Vienna the charge on the said Government. 20th May, 1815.

Art. 4. The Russian Govern- His Majesty the King of Sarment shall continue, as hereto- dinia, &c. &c. being restored to fore, to be security to the credi- the full and entire possession of tors for the whole of the said his Continental States, in the same loan, and shall be charged with manner as he possessed them on the administration of the same; the 1st of January 1799, and to the Governments of the King of the whole of them, with the exthe Netherlands and of his Bri- ception of the part of Savoy ceded tannic Majesty remaining liable to France by the Treaty of Paris and bound to the Government of of the 30th May, 1814 ; certain his Imperial Majesty, each for the changes having since been agreed punctual discharge, as above, of upon, during the Congress of Vi. the respective proportions of the enna, relative to the extent and said charge.

limits of the said States; Art. 5. It is hereby understood Plenipotentiaries—the Earl of and agreed between the High Clancarty, &c.: the Sieurs Don Contracting Parties, that the said Anthony Maria Philip Asinari, payments on the part of their Ma- Marquis de St. Marsan, &c.; and jesties the King of the Nether- Count Don Joachim Alexander lands and the King of Great Bri- Rossi, &c. tain, as aforesaid, shall cease and Art. 1. The frontiers of the determine, should the possession States of his Majesty the King of and sovereignty (which God for- Sardinia shall be, on the side of bid,) of the Belgic Provinces at France, such as they were on the any time pass or be severed from 1st of January 1792, with the ex


ception of the changes effected by those of his Majesty the King of the Treaty of Paris of the 30th Sardinia; to be, like the latter, May 1814.

possessed by him in full sovereignOn the side of the Helvetic ty and hereditary property, and Confederation, such as they exist- to descend, in the male line, in ed on the 1st of January 1792, the order of primogeniture, to the with the exception of the change two branches of his house, viz. produced by the cession, in favour the Royal Branch, and the Branch of the canton of Geneva, as speci- of Savoy Carignan. fied in the 7th Article herein af- Art. 3. The King of Sardinia ter inserted.

shall add to his present titles that On the side of the States of his of Duke of Genoa. Majesty the Emperor of Austria, Art. 4. The Genoese shall ensuch as they existed on the 1st of joy all the rights and privileges January 1792 ; and the Conven- specified in the Act, intituled "A. tion concluded between their Ma- A.* Conditions which are to serve jesties the Empress Maria Theresa as the bases of the union of the and the King of Sardinia, on the Genoese States to those of his 4th of October 1751, shall be re- Sardinian Majesty ;" and the said ciprocally confirmed in all its sti- Act shall be considered as an inpulations.

tegral part of the present Treaty, On the side of the States of and shall have the same force and Parma and Placentia, the frontier, validity as if it were textually inas far as it concerns the ancient serted in the present article. States of the King of Sardinia, Art. 5. The countries called shall continue to be the same as Imperial Fiefs, formerly united it was

on the 1st of January to the ancient Ligurian Republie, 1792.

are definitively united to the States The borders of the former of his Majesty the King of SarStates of Genoa, and of the coun- dinia, in the same manner as the tries called Imperial Fiels, united rest of the Genoese States ; and to the States of his Majesty the the inhabitants of these countries King of Sardinia, according to shall enjoy the same rights and the following Articles, shall be privileges as those of the States of the same as those which, on the Genoa, specified in the preceding 1st of January 1792, separated

separated article. those countries from the States of Art. 6. The right that the Parma and Placentia, and from Powers who signed the Treaty of those of Tuscany and Massa. Paris of the 30th of May, 1814,

The island of Capraja having reserved to themselves, by the 3d belonged to the ancient Republic article of that Treaty, of fortify. of Genoa, is included in the ces- ing such points of their States as sion of the States of Genoa to his

they might judge proper for their Majesty the King of Sardinia.

safety, is equally reserved, withArt. 2. The States which constituted the former republic of

Vide General Treaty of Congress, page Genoa, are united in perpetuity to 125.


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