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treasury bills, for the service of and for other purposes therein Ireland, for the year 1816. mentioned; and to enlarge the

An act to continue, until three powers vested in the directors of months after the ceasing of any all works relating to inland navi. restriction imposed on the bank gation in Ireland. of England from issuing cash in An act to repeal the several payment, the several acts for con- stamp duties in Ireland, and also firming and continuing the re- several acts for the collection and strictions on payments in cash by management of the said duties, the bank of Ireland.

and to grant new stamp duties in An act to explain and amend lieu thereof; and to make more an act, passed in the last session effectual regulations for collecting of parliament, for the more easy and managing the said duties. assessing, collecting, and levying An act to grant certain rates, of county rates.

duties, and taxes in Ireland, in An act to regulate the sale of respect of fire hearths, windows, farming stock taken in execu- male servants, horses, carriages, tion.

and dogs, in lieu of former rates, An act to amend an act passed duties, and taxes; and to provide in the present session of parlia- for the more effectual collection ment, entitled “An Act to carry of the said rates, duties, and into Effect a Convention of Com- taxes. merce concluded between his Ma- An act to repeal an act made jesty and the United States of in the 51st of his present maAmerica.'

jesty, for allowing the manufacAn act to amend and render ture and use of a liquor prepared more effectual an act passed in from sugar for colouring porter. the last session of parliament, for An act to reduce the duty of exenabling spiritual persons to ex- cise on salt made in Ireland, and change their parsonage houses or certain countervailing duties and glebe lands, and for other pur- drawbacks in respect thereof. poses therein mentioned

An act to authorize the trans. An act to amend and render ferring stock upon which dividends more effectual three several acts shall remain unclained for the passed in the 48th, 49th, and space of at least ten years at the 52d of his present majesty, for bank of England, and also all enabling the commissioners for lottery prizes or benefits, and the reduction of the national debt balances of sums issued for payto grant life annuities

ing the principals of stocks or An act for raising the sum of annuities, which shall not have 13,000,0001. by exchequer bills, been demanded for the same pefor the service of Great Britain, riod, to the commissioners for for the year 1816.

the reduction of the national An act to amend an act of the debt. parliament of Ireland, in the 40th An act for granting to his maof his present majesty's reign, for jesty a sum of money to be raised granting the sum of 500,000l. by lotteries. for promoting inland pavigation, An act for erecting a harbour


for ships to the eastward of Dun- land, and to make further provi. leary, within the port of Dublin. sion in respect thereof.

An act to regulate the general An act to amend an act on the penitentiary for convicts, at Mill. 51st of his present majesty's bank, in the county of Middlesex. reign, for discharging certain

An act to repeal several acts re- arrears of quit, crown, and comlating to the militia of Great Bri- position rents in Ireland. tain, and to amend other acts re- An act to continue and amend lating thereto.

so much of an act of the 43d of An act to explain and amend his present majesty's reign, for the acts for granting daties on authorizing the billetting and the profits arising from property, subjecting to military discipline professions, trades, and offices, certain yeomanry corps, and offiso far as extend to the due assess- cers of cavalry or infantry, as ment and collection of the duties relates to such corps in Ireland. for past years; for confirming An act for removing difficulties certain abatements already made in the conviction of offenders of the said duties, and exempting stealing property from mines. collectors bonds from the stamp An act for the purchase of duties.

certain lands, tenements, and An act for reducing the duties hereditaments at Sheerness and payable on horses, used for the Chatham, in the county of Kent, purposes therein mentioned, for for the use of the navy. two years; and for repealing the An act to repeal the duties of acts granting allowances in re- customs upon the importation inspect of children.

to the United Kingdom of rape An act to enable such officers, seed and cole seed, and to grant mariners, and soldiers, as have other duties in lieu thereof. been in the land or sea service, An act for repealing the several or in the marines, or in the mi- bounties on the exportation of relitia, or any corps of fencible fined sugar, from any part of the men, since the 42d of his present united kingdom, and for allowing Majesty's reign, toexercise trades. other bounties in lieu thereof, un

An act to provide for a new til the 5th day of July 1818. silver coinage, and to regulate An act to repeal certain duties the currency of the gold and silver granted by an act passed in the coin of this realm.

last session of parliament, for reAn act to continue, until the pealing the provisions of former 25th of March 1918, two acts of acts granting exclusive privileges the 54th of his present majesty, of trade to the South Sea Comfor repealing the duties of cus- pany. toms on madder imported into An act for the better regulating Great Britain, and for granting and securing the collection of the other duties in lieu thereof. duties on paper in Ireland, and to

An act to alter and amend se- prevent frauds therein. veral acts relating to the redemp- An act for repealirg the duties tion of the national debt of Ire- of customs on rar seed cakes,


linseed cakes, bones of cattle and An act to regulate proceedings other animals, and of fish, ex- of grand juries in Ireland, upon cept whale fins, imported into bills of Indictment. Great Britain ; and for granting An act to amend the law of other duties in lieu thereof. Ireland, respecting the recovery

An act to enable the principal of tenements from absconding, officers and commissioners of his overholding, and defaulting te. Majesty's navy resident on foreign nants; and for the protection of stations to grant certificates of the tenant from undue distress. stores or goods, which may be An act to provide for the charge sold by such officers or commis- of certain additions to the public sioners at such foreign stations debt of Ireland, for the service of

An act to alter the period during the year 1816. which manufacturers of oil of An act to defray the charge of vitriol are to deliver in their ac- the pay, clothing, and contingent counts.

expenses of the disembodied mic An act to render valid the judi- litia in Great Britain, and of cial acts of surrogates of vice-ad- the miners of Cornwall and Demiralty courts abroad, during va- von; and for granting allowcancies in offices of judges of such ances, in certain cases, to subal. courts.

tern officers, adjutants, surgeons An act for regulating the carry- mates, and serjeant-majors of ing of passengers to and from the militia, until the 25th of March island of Newfoundland and coast 1817. of Labrador.

An act to regulate the trade of An act for the better accom- the colonies of Demerara, Bermodation of his majesty's packets bice, and Essequibo : to allow within the harbour of Holyhead, the importation into, and exporin the island of Anglesea ; and tation from, such colonies, of for the better regulation of the certain articles, by Dutch proshipping therein.

prietors of the European domiAn act to make further regula- nions of his majesty the King of tions for securing the collection the Netherlands; and to repeal of the duties of customs and ex- an act of the 54th of his present cise in Ireland, and for the im- majesty, for permitting a trade portation into Ireland of Ameri- between the United Provinces can staves, and of old plate and and certain colonies in his mabooks from Great Britain. jesty's possession.

An act for establishing regula- An act to enable his majesty to tions respecting aliens arriving in authorize the exportation of the or resident in this kingdom, in machinery necessary for erecting certain cases, for two years from a mint in the united states of the passing of this act, and until America. the end of the session of parlia- An act for enabling the officers ment in which the said two years of the customs at creeks, harshall expire, if parliament shall bours, and basins of Great Bribe then sitting

tain, to take entries of ships and

goods goods arriving from and bound representatives, to draw for and to Ireland.

receive their half-pay, and for An act to allow makers of oxy- transferring the duty of making genated muriatic acid, to take certain payments from the clerks crushed rock salt, duty free, for of the cheque at his Majesty's making such acid, or oxymuriate dock-yards to the clerks of the of lime for bleaching linen and treasurer of the navy at the same cotton.

yards. An act to authorize such per- An act to amend the act of the son as his Majesty shall appoint 53d of his present Majesty, ento transfer a certain sum in three titled, “An Act for the Relief of pounds per cent. reduced annui- Insolvent Debtors in England; ties, now standing in the name of and to give further powers to the the dissolved college of Hertford, court appointed by the said act. in the university of Oxford ; and An act for further securing the also to receive dividends due upon duties on paper and pasteboard ; such anpuities.

and for repealing the counterAn act for establishing an vailing duty upon pasteboard imagreement with the governor and ported from Ireland, and the company of the bank of England drawback upon pasteboard exfor advancing the sum of three ported; and granting other counmillions, for the service of the tervailing duties and drawbacks in year 1816.

lieu thereof. An act to authorize the ad- An act for the making more vancing, for the public service, a effectual provision for the preproportion of the balance that vention of smuggling, and reshall remain from time to time warding officers and persons in the Bank of England, for the making seizures and capturing payment of dividends on account smuggling vessels ; for licensing of the public debt, for lottery luggers employed in the North prizes or benefits not claimed, Sea fishery; and obliging exand principals of stocks and an- porters of exciseable goods on nuities remaining unclaimed. drawback to give notice of ship

An act to unite and consolidate ment. into one fund all the public re- An act to amend and continue, venues of Great Britain and Ire- until the end of the next session land, and to provide for the ap- of Parliament, an act of the 54th plication thereof to the general of his present Majesty, for reguservice of the United Kingdom. lating the trade in spirits between

An act to vest the Elgin col- Great Britain and Ireland recilection of ancient marbles and procally, and to grant and allow sculpture in the trustees of the new countervailing duties and British Museum for the use of drawbacks on spirits imported the public.

and exported between England An act for more effectually se- and Scotland and Ireland respeo. curing the liberty of the subject. tively.

An act for enabling the officers An act to repeal the daties payin his Majesty's navy, and their able in Scotland upon wash and

spirits, spirits, and distillers' licences, to Kingdom to the United States of grant other duties in lieu thereof, America, in British vessels. and to establish further regula- An act for ratifying the purtions for the distillation of spirits chase of the Clareinont estate, and from corn for home consumption for settling the same as a resiin Scotland, until the 10th of No- dence for her Royal Highness the vember, 1818.

Princess Charlotte Augusta and An act to amend an act of the his Serene Highness Leopold last session of parliament relating George Frederick Prince of Coto stamp duties in Great Britain, bourg of Saalfeld. so far as relates to inventories to An act to explain and amend be exhibited and recorded in any an act, passed in the 55th of the commissary court in Scotland. reign of his present Majesty, en

An act to repeal certain draw- titled, 'An Act for the Abolition backs and countervailing duties of of gaol and other fees connected excise on beer and malt; to alter with the gaols in England.' the drawbacks on plate glass, and An act to amend an act passed to prevent frauds therein.

in the 39th and 40th of the reign An act to continue, until the of his present Majesty, for the 5th of July 1817, an act of the safe custody of insane persons 46th of his present Majesty, for charged with offences. granting an additional bounty on An act for admitting oil and the exportation of the silk manu- blubber from the British colonies factures of Great Britain.

in North America, upon payment An act for the further regula- of the like duty as oil and blubber tion of the trades of tanners and from Newfoundland. curriers.

An act to explain and amend An act to repeal part of the an act passed in the present session duty on spirits distilled in Ireland, of parliament for punishing muto reduce the drawback on such tiny and desertion, in relation to spirits exported to foreign parts, the transportation of offenders. and to make further regulations An act to procure annual refor the collection of the said du. turns of persons committed, tried, ties, and the ducies on licences and convicted for criminal offences for retailing spirituous and other and misdemeanors in Ireland. liquors in Ireland.

An act for defraying, until the An act to make certain provi- 25th of June, 1817, the charge sions for modifying the several of the pay and clothing of the miacts for imposing and levying of litia of Ireland, and for making fines, in respect of unlawful dis- allowances in certain cases to subtillation of spirits in Ireland. altern officers of the said militia

An act for repealing the duties during peace. payable for licences for retailing An act to make provision for beer, ale, cyder, perry, or spirits securing, for a time to be limited, in Great Britain, and for im- the profits of the office of clerk of posing other duties in lieu thereof. the pleas of his Majesty's court

An act to regulate the convey- of Exchequer in Ireland. ance of passengers froin the United An act to contipue, until the

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