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which he introduced letters of proach than the one we should acknowledgment for his services have merited by basely abandonfrom the emperor Alexander, the ing him, who, full of confidence, king of Prussia, and prince Met- threw himself into our arms : ternich. Coming to the principal and these very men who have (alegal point of the case, he reduced lumniated us, without knowing it to the two propositions, 1. either the motives or the details There was no act of complicity be- of our conduct-these very men, tween the accused persons and I say, would have been the first the principal culprit : 2. The fact

to stigmatize us heartless imputed to them cannot be con- cowards, if, by our refusal to sidered as a crime, nor as save M. Lavalette, we had abanoffence. As the arguments em- doned him to certain death. We ployed to support them were resign ourselves with security to little more than legal sophisms, the decision of the jury; and if it is unnecessary to recite them. you should condemn us for having The pleading concluded with a contravened your positive laws, particular recommendation of the we shall not at least have to reaccused to the court as strangers proach ourselves for having vioand Englishmen.

lated the eternal laws of morality The proceedings having closed, and humanity." Sir R. Wilson rose, and with This address, we are told, proa dignified confidence delivered duced a strong impression, and a speech, of which the conclusion the respect due to the majesty of cannot be thought too long for justice would scarcely prevent the quotation. Having acknowledged open expression of it. that he had been interested in the Mr. Bruce pronounced a speech fate of Lavalette on political of the same general tenor in grounds. he declared that such animated language, and with a considerations had a very inferior firm and manly tone. Gentleinfluence on his determination. men (he concluded,) I have con“ The appeal (said he) made to our fessed to you, with all frankness humanity, to our personal cha- and honour, the whole truth with racter, and to our national gene- respect to the part which I took rosity; the responsibility thrown in the escape of M. Lavalette ; upon us of instantly deciding on and notwithstanding the respect the life or death of an unfortu- which I entertain for the majesty nate man, and above all, of an of the laws, notwithstanding the unfortunate stranger—this ap- respect I owe to this tribunal, I peal was imperative, and did not cannot be wanting in the respect permit us to calculate his other I owe to myself so far as to affirm claims to our good will. At its that I feel not the least compuncvoice we should have done as tion for what I have done. I leave much for an obscure unknown you, Gentlemen, to decide upon individual, or even for an enemy my fate, and I implore nothing who had fallen into misfortune. but justice." Perhaps we were imprudent; but The president then concisely we would rather incur that re- summed up the evidence, and gave a charge with great impar- article of the penal code appli. tiality, and with he eloquence cable to the convicts, in which cominonly studied at the French the punishinent prescribed was bar. The jury then retired to imprisonment for a term not exdeliberate, and in about two hours ceeding two years, nor less than returned with a verdict of Guilty three inonths; and without hesiagainst Me-srs. W'ilson, Bruce, tation he pronounced for the ard Hutchinson.

shortest allowable term. The president then read the



Passed in the Fourth Session of the Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.—56 GEO. III.

A. D. 1816.

An act to revive and continue, 5th of April 1818, and amend an until the 25th of March 1918, act of the 48th of his present several laws relating to the duties Majesty, for empowering the goon glass made in Great Britain. vernor and company of the bank

An act to revive and further of England, to advance the sum continue, until the 25th of March of three millions towards the 1817, an act of the 7th of George supply for the service of the year 2d, for the free importation of 1808. cochineal and indiyo.

An act to continue, until the An act for continuing to his 5th of July 1917, an act of the Majesty certain duties on malt, 49th of his present Majesty, for sugar, tobacco, and snuff, in regulating the trade and comGreat Britain; and on pensions, merce to and from the Cape of offices, and personal estates, in Good Hope. England ; for the service of the An act for charging certain year 1816.

duties on foreign packets or pasAn act for raising the sum of sage-vessels entering or departeleven millions, by exchequer bills, ing any of the ports of Great for the service of Great Britain, Britain. for the year 1816.

An act for punishing mutiny An act to extend the powers of and desertion; and for the better an act of the 37th of his present payment of the army and their Majesty, for enabling his Majesty quarters. more effectually to grant condi. An act for the regulating of his tional pardons to persons under Majesty's royal marine force while sentence of naval courts-martial, on shore. and to regulate imprisonment An act for exhibiting a bill in under such sentences.

this present Parliament, for naAn act to continue, until the turalizing his serene highness 5th of July 1816, an act of the Leopold George Frederick duke 54th of his present Majesty, for of Saxe, margrave of Meissen, explaining and amending several landgrave of Thuringuen, prince acts relating to spiritual persons of Cobourg of Saalfeld. holding of farms, and for enforcing An act for the naturalization of the residence of such persons on his serene highness Leopold George their benefices in England. Frederick duke of Saxe, mar

An act to continue, until the grave of Meissen, landgrave of VOL. LVIII.




Thuringuen, prince of Cobourg An act for the more effectually of Saalfeld; and settling his pre- detaining in custody Napoleon cedence.

Buonaparté. An act for empowering the An act for regulating the ingovernor and company of the tercourse with the island of St. bank of England, to advance the Helena, during the time Naposum of six millions, towards the leon Buonaparté shall be detained supply for the service of the year there; and for indemnifying per1916.

sons in the cases therein menAn act to carry into effect a tioned. convention of commerce, con

An act for better enabling his cluded between his Majesty and Majesty to make provision for the the United States of America. establishment of her royal high

An act for better regulating ness the princess Charlotte Authe offices of receivers of crown gusta, and his serene highness rents.

Leopold George Frederick duke An act to continue, until the of Saxe, margrave of Meissen, 5th of July 1821, certain addi- landgrave of Thuringuen, prince tional duties of excise in Great of Cobourg of Saalfeld. Britain.

An act for charging certain An act to suspend, until the duties on the importation of 5th April 1820, the duty on lead butter. exported from Great Britain. An act for charging certain

An act to continue, until the duties the importation of 5th of July 1816, an act of the cheese. 47th of his present Majesty, for An act to amend several laws granting an additional bounty on relative to the transportation of double refined sugar exported. offenders ; to continue in force

An act to make further provi- until the 1st of May 1921. sion for the execution of the se- An act to enable the commis. veral acts relating to the revenues, sioners of his Majesty's treasury matters and things, under the to issue exchequer bills, on the management of the commissioners cre:lit of such aids or supplies as of customs and port duties, and have been or shall be granted by of the commissioners of inland parliament for the service of excise and taxes in Ireland. Great Britain, for the year 1816.

An act to revive and continue, An act to make perpetual ceruntil two years after the expira- tain temporary or war duties of tion of the restrictions upon pay- customs, on the importation into ments in cash by the bank of Great Britain of goods, wares, England, an act for suspending and merchandize, and to repeal the operation of an act of the 17th so much of several acts passed in of his present Majesty, for re- the 47th, 49th, and 51st of the straining the negociation of pro- reign of his present Majesty, as missory notes and bills of ex- charge any loans made for the ehange under a limited sum, in service of the years 1807, 1809, England.

and 1811, upon the war duties of

customs customs or excise, and to charge An act to repeal two acts passed such loans on the duties of cus- in the reigns of Edward 4th and toms made perpetual.

Richard 3rd, which prohibit the An act for indemnifying the importation of wrought goods commissioners of excise in Scot- and certain other articles. land, and all persons who may An act to permit the importahave acted under their authority, tion of prunes the produce of in relation to certain orders is- Germany. sued and things done relative to An act to empower his Majesty certain acts regarding the distil- to suspend the ballot or enrolleries in Scotland.

ment for the local militia. An act for transferring all con- An act to reduce the number tracts and securities entered into of days of muster or exercise of with or given to the commis- geomanry and volunteer cavalry. sioners for transports, to the An act for the further conticommissioners of the navy and nuing, until the 5th of July 1818, victualling.

an act of the 44th of his present An act for fixing the rates of majesty, to continue the restricsubsistence to be paid to inn- tions contained in the several acts keepers and others on quartering of his present majesty, on paysoldiers.

ments of cash by the bank of An act to indemnify such per- England. sons in the united kingdom as An act for raising the sum of have omitted to qualify themselves 2,470,000l. Irish currency, by for offices and employments, and treasury bills, for the service of * for extending the time limited for Ireland, for the year 1816. those purposes respectively, until An act for raising the sum of the 25th of March 1817; and to 1,700,0001. British currency, by permit such persons in Great Bri- treasury bills, for the service of tain as have omitted to make and Ireland, for the year 1816. file affidavits of the execution of An act for making certain alindentures of clerks to attornies lowances of the duties payable on and solicitors to make and file the malt and beer. same on or before the 1st day of An act to repeal the duties, alHilary Term 1817.

lowances, and drawbacks of exAn act to charge an additional cise, on hard soap made in Great duty on corks, ready made, im- Britain, and imported from Ireported into Great Britain. land; and to grant other duties,

An act for the more speedy and allowances, and drawbacks in lieu effectual collection of the tonnage thereof. duty upon ships inwards; for An act for defraying the charge empowering the Lords of the of the pay and clothing of the treasury to regulate the hours of local militia in Great Britain, to officers attendance in the port of the 25th of March 1817. London; and for permitting ships An act for the better regulato commence and complete their tion of the civil list. loading of coals before the deli- An act for raising the sum of very of the fitters certificates, 1,200,0001, Irish currency, by



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