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I have confided this dispatch to l officer, 37 seamen, 10 marines, Rear-Admiral Milne, my second 2 boys, killed; 2 officers, 111 in command, from whom I have seamen, 21 marines, 9 sappers received, during the whole ser- and miners, 17 boys, wounded. vice intrusted to me, the most Superb, Charles Ekins—2 officordial and honourable support. cers, 3 seamen, 2 marines, I rocket He is perfectly informed of every troop, killed ; 6 officers, 62 seatransaction of the fleet, from the men, 14 marines, 4 marine artil-. earliest period of my command, lery, wounded. and is fully competent to give Minden, William Patersontheir Lordships satisfaction on 5 seamen, 2 marines, killed ; 2 any points which I may have over- officers, 26 seamen, 9 marines, looked or have not time to state. wounded. I trust I have obtained from him Albion, John Coode---2officers, his esteem and regard, and I re- i seaman, killed; 2 officers, 10 gret I had not sooner been known seainen, 3 marines, wounded. to him.

Leander, Ed. Chetham, C.B. The necessary papers, together 5 officers, 11 seamen, 1 marine, with the defects of the ships and killed : 8 officers, 69 seamen, 25 the return of killed and wounded, marines, 4 boys, 12 supernumeaccompany this dispatch; and I raries, wounded am happy to say Captains Ekins Severn, Hon. T. W. Aylmer and Goode are doing well, as also 2 seamen, I marine, killed ; 5 offithe whole of the wounded. By cers, 25 seamen, 3 marines, 1 boy, accounts from the shore, I under- wounded. stand the enemy's loss in killed Glasgow, Hon. A. Maitland. and wounded is between 6 and 9 seamen, 1 marine, killed ; 8 7,000 men.

officers, 25 seamen, 3 marines, i In recommending my officers boy, wounded. and fleet to their Lordships' pro- Granicus, 1. F. Wise-3 offitection and favour,

cers, 9 seamen, I marine, 1 maI have the honour to be, &c. rine artillery, 2 boys, killed ; 5

EXMOUTH. officers, 31 seamen, 3 marines, 2

rocket troop, 1 boy, wounded. A General Abstract of the Killed

Hebrus, Ed. Palmer, C. B.and Wounded in the Squadron 1 officer, S seamen, killed; 1 offiunder Admiral Lord Ermouth's

cer, 10 seamen, 1 marine, 2 rocket Command, in the Attack of Al

troop, 1 boy, wounded. giers, the 27th August, 1916.

Heron, George BenthamQueen Charlotte, Admiral Lord None killed or wounded. Exmouth, G.C. B. Captain James Mutine, James Mould-None Brisbane, C. B.-i seamen, 1 ma- kiiled or wounded. rine, killed ; 14 officers, 52 sea- Prometheus, W. B. Dashwood men, 24 marines, 9 marine ar- -- None killed or wounded. tillery, 5 sappers and miners, 4 Cordelia, W. Sargent--None boys, wounded.

killed or wounded. Impregnable, Rear-Admiral Britomart, R. Riddell-None Milne, Capt. Ed. Brace, C.B.- killed or wounded.


Belzebub, William Kempthorne Memorandum of the Destruction in None killed or wounded.

the Mole of Algiers, in the AtInfernal, Hon. G. J. Perceval tack of the 27th August. 1 officer, 1 seaman, killed ; 6 offi

4 large frigates, of 44 guns ; cers, 8 seamen, I marine artillery, 5 large corvettes, from 24 to 30; 2 boys, wounded. Hecla, W. Popham-None kill

all the gun and mortar-boats, exed or wounded.

cept ; 30 destroyed; several

merchant brigs and schooners ; a Fury, C. R. Moorsom-None killed or wounded.

t number of small vessels of va. great

rious descriptions; all the ponTotal, 15 officers, 89 seamen, 19 marines, I marine artillery, 1

toons, lighters, &c.; store-houses

and arsenal, with all the timber rocket troop, 4 boys, killed : 59 and various marine articles, deofficers, 459 seamen, 106 marines,

stroyed in part; a great many gun5 marine artillery, 14 sappers

and miners, 4 rocket troop, 31 boys, ships' stores of all descriptions.

carriages, mortar-beds, casks, and 12 supernumeraries, wounded."

ExiouTII. Total, killed and wounded, 128 killed, 690 wounded.

His Britannic Majesty's Ship

Queen Charlotte, Algiers Dutch Squailron.

Bay, Aug. 28. Melampus, Vice-Admiral Baron Sir,-For your atrocities at Van Capellen, Capt. De Mair-3 Bona on defenceless Christians, killed, 15 wounded.

and your unbecoming disregard Frederica, Capt. Vander Stra- to the demands I made yesterday, ten-5 wounded.

in the name of the Prince Regent Dagaraad, Captain Polders-- of England, the fleet under my 4 wounded.

orders has given you a signal Diana, Captain Ziervogel-6 chastisement, by the total dekilled, 22 wounded.

struction of your navy, storeAmstee, Captain Vander Hart- houses, and arsenal, with half 4 killed, 6 wounded.

your batteries. Eendracht, Captain Warden- As England does not war for burgh-None killed or wounded. the destruction of cities, I am

Total, 13 killed, 52 wounded. unwilling to visit your personal Grand total, 883.

cruelties upon the inoffensive inFlotilla, consisting of 5 gun- habitants of the country, and I boats, 10 mortar-boats, launches, therefore offer you the same terms 8 rocket-boats, flats, 32 gun-boats, of peace which I conveyed to you barges and yawls. Total, 55. yesterday in my Sovereign's name;

The whole commanded by Cap- without the acceptance of these tain F. T. Michell, assisted by terms, you can have no peace with Lieutenant John Davies, of the England. Queen Charlotte, and Lieutenant Ify you

receive this offer as you Thomas Revans, Flag Lieutenant ought, you will fire three guns ; to Rear-admiral Milne.

and I shall consider your not EXMOUTH making this signal as a refusal,


and shall renew iny operations at dictated by the Captain of the my own convenience.

Queen Charlotte. I offer you the above terms, pro- The Commander in Chief takes vided neither the British Consul, this opportunity of again returnnor the officers and men so wick ing his public thanks to the ad. edly seized by you from the boats of mirals, captains, officers, seamen, a British ship of war, have met marines, royal marine artillery, with any cruel treatment, or any royal sappers and miners, and the of the Christian slaves in your royal rocket corps, for the noble power; and I repeat my demand, support he has received from thein that the Consul, and officers and throughout the whole of this armen, may be sent off to me, con- duous service, and he is pleased formable to ancient treaties. to direct, that on Sunday next a I have, &c.

public thanksgiving be offered up To his Highness the EXMOUTH, to Almighty God for the signal Dey of Algiers.

interposition of his Divine Pro

vidence during the conflict which Queen Charlotte, Algiers his Majesty's fleet and the fero

took place on the 27th between Bay, August 30.

cious enemies of mankind. General Memorandum.“The It is requested that this memoCommander in Chief is happy to randum may be read to the ships' inform the fleet of the final ter- companies. mination of their strenuous exer- To the Admirals, Captains, tions, by the signature of peace, Officers, Seamen, Marines, confirmed under a salute of 21 Poyal Sappers and Miners, guns, on the following conditions,

Royal Marine Artillery, dictated by his Royal Highness

and the Royal Rocket the Prince Regent of England : Corps.

J. The abolition, for ever, of Christian slavery.

Queen Charlotte, Algiers 11. The delivery, to my flag,

Bay, Sept. 1. of all slaves in the dominions of Sir, I have the honour to acthe Dey, to whatever nation they quaint you, for their Lordships' may belong, at noon to-morrow. information, that I have sent

ill. To deliver also, to my flag, Captain Brisbane with my dupliall money received by him for the cate dispatches, as I am afraid redemption of slaves since the that Admiral Milne, in the Leancommencement of this year, at der, who has charge of the orinoon also to-morrow.

ginals, may experience a long IV. Reparation has been made voyage, the wind having set in to to the British Consul for all losses the westward a few hours after he may have sustained in conse- he sailed. quence of his confinement.

Capt. Brisbane, to whom I feel V. The Dey has made a public greatly indebted for his exertions, apology, in presence of his Mi. and the able assistance I have renisters and Officers, and begged ceived from him throughout the pardon of the Consul, in terms whole of this service, will be able


to inform their Lordships upon with his Majesty, and with his all points that I may have omitted. Majesty the King of the Nether

Admiral Sir Charles Penrose lands. arrived too late to take his share On the same day also was signin the attack upon Algiers, which ed, an additional article or declaraI lament, as much on his account for the abolition of Christian slaas my own; his services would very to the following effect :have been desirable in every respect.

DECLARATION of his most Serene I have the satisfaction to state,

Highness Omar, Bashaw, Dey that all the slaves in the city of

and Governor of the warlike Algiers, and immediately in its

City and Kingdom of Algiers, vicinity, are embarked ; as also

made and concluded with the 357,000 dollars for Naples, and

Right Hon. Edward Baron Ex25,500 for Sardinia. The treaties

mouth, Knight Grand Cross of will be signed to-morrow, and I

the most honourable Military hope to be able to sail in a day or

Order of the Bath, Admiral of two.

the Blue Squadron of his BriThe Minden has sailed for Gib.

tannic Majesty's Fleet, and raltar to be refitted, and will pro

Commander in Chief of his cced from therce to her ultimate

said Majesty's Ships and Vesdestination.

sels employed in the MediterThe Albion will be refitted at

ranean. Gibraltar for the reception of Sir Charles Penrose's flag. The Glas- In consideration of the deep gow I shall be obliged to bring interest manifested by his Royal home with me.

Highness the Prince Regent of I have the honour, &c. England for the termination of

EXMOUTH. Chriscian slavery, his Highness To John Wilson Croker,

the Dey of Algiers, in token of esq. &c. Admiralty.

his sincere desire to maintain in

violable his friendly relations with ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, SEPT. 24. Great Britain, and to manifest his

Rear-Admiral Sir David Milne, amicable disposition and high reK. C. B. has arrived at this oflice spect towards the powers of Euwith the original dispatches of rope, declares, that in the event Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth, of future wars with any European relative to his attack on Algiers, Power, not any of the prisoners the duplicates of which have al- shall be consigned to slavery, but ready appeared in the Gazette Er- treated with all humanity as pritraordinary of the 15th inst. soners of war, until regularly ex

He is also the bearer of dis- changed, according to European patches from his Lordship, de- practice in like cases, and that at tailing his further proceedings, of the termination of hostilities they which the following is the suh. shall be restored to their respecstance :

tive countries without ransom ; On the 28th of August Treaties and the practice of condemning of Peace were signed by the Dey Christian prisoners of war to sla

very is hereby formally and for justifiable, and he therefore ever renounced.

thought himself authorized to Done in duplicate, in the War- demand his release, under the

like City of Algiers, in the articles of agreement for the depresence of Almighty God, the liverance of all Christian pri28th day of August, in the soners. yeart of Jesus Christ 1816, and It appeared that the merchant in the year of the Hegira was confined for an alleged debt, 1231, and the 6th day of the on the score of a contract with moon Shawal.

the Algerine Government; but (The Dey's Seal.)

the circumstances under which the (Signed) EXMOUTH. (L.S.) contract was stated to have been Admiral, and Commander forced on the individual, and the in Chief.

great severity of the confinement (Signed) H.M'DOUELL. (L.S.) which he suffered, determined his By command of the Admiral, Lordship to make an effort in his

(Signed) Jos. GRIMES, Sec. favour also.

The Dey also, in presonce of This his Lordship did, by rehis Divan, apologized to the Bri- questing his release from the tish Consul for the personal re- Dey, offering himself to guarantee straint which had been imposed to the Dey the payment of any upon him during the late trans- sum of money which the merchant actions; and he also paid to the should be found to owe his HighConsul a sum of 3,000 dollars, as ness. a remuneration for depredations The Dey having rejected this committed on his residence after demand and offer, his Lordship, his imprisonment.

still unwilling to have recourse After the treaties and article to extremitics, and the renewal before-mentioned had been nego- of hostilities, proposed that the tiated, and that the Dey had re- Spaniards should be released from funded 382,500 dollars, which he irons, and the miserable dunhad lately received from the Go- geons in which they were convernments of Naples and Sardinia, fined; and that they should be and had released 1,083 Christian placed in the custody of the Spanish slaves who were at Algiers, it Consul, or, at least, that the Concame to the knowledge of Lord sul should be permitted to afford Exmouth, that two Spaniards, the them such assistance and accomone a merehant, and the other modation as was suitable to their the Vice-Consul of that nation, rank in life. had not been released, but were These propositions the Dey also still held by the Dey in very se- positively refused ; and Lord Exvere custody, on pretence that mouth then felt, that the private they were prisoners for debt.

and pecuniary nature of the transThe inquiries which his Lord- actions for which these persons ship felt hiinself called upon to were confined must be considered make into these cases satisfied him as a pretence for the continuance that the confinement of the Vice- of a cruel and oppressive system Consul was groundless and un- of slavery, the total and bona fide

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