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P.S. I have the highest grati- gratitude and joy as the event of fication in announcing the occupa- yesterday. To have been one of tion, by the advanced guard under the humble instruments, in the the field-officer, Major Robeson, hands of Divine Providence, for of his Majesty's 24th regiment, of bringing to reason a ferocious the stockade, fort, and hill, which Government, and destroying for were evacuated some time this ever the insufferable and horrid morning, during the rain and system of Christian slavery, can thick weather, by the Goorkah never cease to be a source of deforce, under Ranjoor Kajee, who light and heartfelt comfort to joined during the action of yester- every individual happy enough to day, and commanded.

be employed in it. I may, I hope, (Signed) W. KELLY. be permitted, under such impres

sions, to offer my sincere conReturn of Killed and Wounded in gratulations to their Lordships on

the 1st or Col. Kelly's Brigade, the complete success which atin the action on the Heights of tended the gallant efforts of his Hurryhurpore, on the 1st of Majesty's fleet in their attack March, 1916.

upon Algiers of yesterday; and the Camp, near Hurryhurpore, happy result produced from it on

March 2, 1816. this day by the signature of peace. Total killed-4 privates of 24th Thus has a provoked war of Foot, 4 sepoys.

two days' existence been attended Total wounded-brevet ma- by a complete victory, and closed jor, 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 1 by a renewed peace for England jemalar, 1 sergeant, 22 privates and her Ally, the King of the of the 21th Foot, 2 naicks, 16 Netherlands, on condi: juns dicsepoy's, 2 pioneers, 2 gun lascars. tated by the firmness and wisdom (Signed) GEO. CASSMENT, of his Majesty's Government, and Major of Brigade. commanded by the vigour of their


My thanks are justly due for ADMIRALTY OFFICE, SEPT. 15. the honour and confidence His

Majesty's Ministers have been Captain Brisbane, of his Ma- pleased to repose on my zeal, on jesty's ship Queen Charlotte, ar- this highly important occasion. rived at this office last night with The means were by then made the following dispatches from Ad- adequate to my own wishe , and miral Lord Exmouth, G. C. B. the rapidity of their measures addressed to John Wilson Croker, speak for themselves. Not more Esq.

than one hundred days since I

left Algiers with the British fleet, Queen Charlotte, Algiers-Day, unsuspicious and ignorant of the Aug. 28.

atrocities which had been comSir, -In all the vicissitudes of initted at Bona; that fleet, on its a long life of public service, no arrival in England, was necessarily circumstance has ever produced disbanded, and another, with on my mind such impressions of proportionate resources, created




and equipped; and, although im- of the Mole : from this I was appeded in its progress by calms prehensive that my intention of and adverse winds, has poured making that point my principal the vengeance of an insulted na object of attack had been distion, in chastising the cruelties of covered to the Dey by the same a ferocious Government, wit means he had heard of the expepromptitude beyond example, and dition. This intelligence was, on highly honourable to the national the following night, greatly con. character, eager to resent oppres-firmed by the Prometheus, which sion or cruelty, whenever prac- I had dispatched to Algiers some tised upon those under their pro- time before, to endeavour to get tection.

away the Consul. Capt. DashWould to God that in the at- wood had with difficulty succeeded tainment of this object I had not in bringing away, disguised in deeply to lament the severe loss midshipman's uniform, his wife of so many gallant officers and and daughter, leaving a boat to men; they have profusely bled in bring off their infant child, coming a contest which has been pecu- down in a basket with the surliarly marked by proofs of such geon, who thought he had comdevoted heroism as would rouse posed it, but it unhappily cried every noble feeling, did I dare in the gate-way, and in conseindulge in relating them.

quence the surgeon, 3 midshipTheir Lordships will already men, in all 18 persons, have been informed, by his Ma- seized and confined as slaves in jesty's sloop Jasper, of my pro- the usual dungeons. The child ceedings up to the 14th instant, was sent off next morning by the on which day I broke ground Dey, and as a solitary instance of from Gibraltar, after a vexatious his humanity, it ought to be redetention, by a foul wind of four corded by me. days.

Capt. Dashwood further conThe fleet, complete in all its firmed, that about 40,000 men points, with the addition of five had been brought down from the gun-boats, fitted at Gibraltar, de- interior, and all the Janissaries parted in the highest spirits, and called in from distant garrisons, with the most favourable prospect and that they were indefatigably of reaching the port of their desti- employed in their batteries, gunnation in three days; but an ad- boats, &c. and every where verse wind destroyed the e pec- strengthening the sea-defences. tation of an early arrival, which The Dey informed Captain was the more anxiously looked Dashwood he knew perfectly well for by myself, in consequence of the armament was destined for hearing, the day I sailed from Algiers, and asked him if it was Gibraltar, that a large army had true ; he replied, if he had such been assembled, and that very information he knew as much as considerable additional works he did, and probably from the were throwing up, not only on same source the public prints. both flanks of the city, but also The ships were all in port, and immediately about the entrance between 40 and 50 gun and moi


tar-boats ready, with several more affirmative, the Queen Charlotte in forward repair. The Dey had bore up, followed up by the fleet, closely confined the Consul, and for their appointeil stations ; the refused either to give him up or flag, leading in the prescribed promise his personal safety; nor order, was anchored in the enwould he hear a word respecting trance of the Mole, at about fifty the officers and men seized in the yards' distance. At this moment boats of the Prometheus.

not a gun had been fired, and I From the continuance of ad- began to suspect a full compliance verse winds and calms, the land with the terms which had been so to the westward of Algiers was many hours in their i.ands; at not made before the 26th, and this period of profound silence, a the next morning, at day-break, shot was fired at us from the the fieet was advanced in sight of Mole, and two at the ships to the the city, though not so near as I northward then following; this had intended. As the ships were was promptly returned by the becalmed, I embraced this oppor. Queen Charlotte, who was then tunity of dispatching a boat, under lashing to the mainmast of a brig, cover of the Severn, with a tag fast to the shore in the mouth of of truce, and the demands I had the Mole, and which had to make in the name of his Royal steered for, as the guide to our Highness the Prince Regent, on position. the Dey of Algiers (of which the Thus commenced a fire as aniaccompanying are copies); direct- mated and well supported as, ing the Officer to wait two or I believe, was ever witnessed, three hours for the Dey's answer, from a quarter before three until at which time, if no reply was nine, without intermission, and sent, he was to return to the Aag- which did not cease altogether un. ship: he was met near the Mole til half past eleven. by the Captain of the port, who, The ships iminediately followon being told the answer was ex- ing me were admirably and coolly pected in one hour, replied, that taking their stations, with a preit was impossible. The Officer cision even beyond my most santhen said he would wait two or guine hope ; and never did the three hours; he then observed, British flag receive, on any occiltwo hours was quite sufficient. sion, more zealous and honourable

The Heet at this time, by the support. To look further on the springing up of the sea-breeze, line than immediately round me had reached the bay, and were was perfectly impossible, but so preparing the boats and flotilla for well-grounded was my confidence service, until near two o'clock, in the gallant officers I had the when, observing my officer was honour to command, that my returning with the signal flying mind was left perfectly free to atthat no answer had been received, tend to other objects, and I knew after a delay of upwards of three them in their stations only by the hours, I instantly made the signal destructive effect of their fire upon to know if the ships were all ready, the walls and batteries to which which being answered in the they were opposed.


I had about this time the satis.' There were awful moments faction of seeing Vice-Admiral during the conflict, which I canVan Capellen's flag in the station I not now attempt to describe, had a-signed to hiin, and soon casioned by firing the ships so near after, at intervals, the remainder us, and I had long resisted the of his frigates, keeping up a well- eager entreaties of several around supported fire on the flanking bat- me, to make the attempt upon the teries he bad offered to cover us outer frigate, distant about 100 from, as it had not been in my yards, which at length 1 gave power, for want of room, to bring into, and Major Gossett, by my him in the front of the Mule. side, who had been eager to land

About sunset I received a mes- his corps of miners, pressed me sage from Rear-Adiniral Milne, most anxiously for permission to conveying to me the severe loss accompany Lieutenant Richards the Impregnable was sustaining, in this ship's barge. The frigate having then 150 killed and wound- was instantly boarded, and in ten eil, and requesting I would, if pos- minutes in a perfect blaze ; a galsible, send him a frigate to divert lant young midshipman, in rocket some of the fire he was under. boat No. 8, although forbidden,

The Glasgow, near me, imme- was led by his ardent spirit to foldiately weighed, but the wind had low in support of the barge, in been driven away by the can- which he was desperately woundnonade, and she was obliged to ed, his brother officer killed, and anchor again, having obtained nine of his crew. The barge, by rather a better position than be- rowing more rapidly, had suffered fore.

less, and lost but two. I had at this time sent orders The enemy's batteries around to the explosion vessel, under the my division were about ten o'clock charge of Lieut. Flening and Mr. silenced, and in a state of perfect Parker, by Captain Reade of the ruin and dilap dation ; and the engineers, to bring her into the fire of the ships was reserved as Mole; but the Rear-Admiral have much as possible, to save powder, ing thought she would do him and reply to a few guns now and essential service if exploded under then bearing upon us, although the battery in his frout, I sent or- a fort on the upper angle of the ders to this ressel to that effect, city, on which our guns could not which were executed. I desired be brought to bear, continued to also the Rear-Admiral might be annoy the ships by shot and shells informed, that many of the ships during the whole time. being now in flames, and certain Providence at this interval gave of the destruction of the whole, I to my anxious wishes the usual considered I had executed the land wind, common in this bay, most important part of my in- and my expectations were comstructions, and should make every pleted. We were all hands empreparation for withdrawing the played warping and towing off, ships, and desired he would do and, by the help of the light air, so as soon as possible with his the whole were under sail, and division,

came to anchor out of reach of


shells about two in the morning, hope, that the humble and devoted after twelve hours incessant la services of myself and the officers bour.

and men of every description I The flotilla of mortar, gun, and have the honour to command, rocket boats, under the direction will be received by his Royal of their respective artillery officers, Highness the Prince Regent with shared, to the full extent of their his accustomed grace. The appower, in the honours of this day, probation of our service, by our and performed good service; it Sovereign, and the good opinion was by their fire all the ships in of our country, will, I venture to the port (with the exception of aflirm, be received by us all with the outer frigate) were in flames, the highest satisfaction. which extended rapidly over the If I attempted to name to their whole arsenal, store-louses, and Lordships the numerous officers gun-boats, exhibiting a spectacle who, in such a conflict, have been of awful grandeur and interest no at different periods more conspipen can describe.

cuous than their companions, i The sloops of war which had should do injustice to many; and been appropriated to aid and as- I trust there is no officer in the sist the ships of the line, and pre- fleet I have the honour to compare for their retreat, per formed mand who will doubt the grateful not only that duty well, but eme feelings I shall ever cherish for braced every opportunity of firing their unbounded and unlimited through the intervals, and were support. Not an officer nor man constantly in motion.

confined his exertions within the The shells from the bombs were precise limits of their own duty; admirably well thrown by the all were eager to attempt services royal marine artillery; and though which I found more difficult to thrown directly across and over restrain than excite; and no where us, not an accident that I know of was this feeling more conspicuous occurred to any ship.

than in my own captain, and those The whole was conducted in officers immediately about my perperfect silence, and such a thing son. My gratitude and thanks are as a cheer I never heard in any part due to all under my command, as of the line ; and that the guns well as to Vice-Adiniral Capellen, were well worked and directed, and the officers of the squadron of will be seen for many years 10 his Majesty the King of the Nethercome, and remembered by these lands; and I trust they will be barbarians for ever.

lieve that the recollection of their The conducting this ship to her services will never cease but with station by the masters of the fleet my life. In no instance have I and ship excited the praise of all. ever seen more energy and zeal : The former has been my compa- from the youngest midshipman nion in arms for more than 20 to the highest rank, all seemed years.

animated by one soul, and of Having thus detailed, although which I shall with delight bear tesbut imperfectly, the progress of timony to their Lordships, whenthis short service, I venture to ever that testimony can be useful.

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