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of machinery, called gig-mills, to was so extreme, and the sea breakthe use of which the coinmittee ing so furiously over the pier objects. The persecuted man head, that a match could not be having given information to the kept lighted to explođe the mortar magistrates, all the members of with; fortunately lieut. Woodger the committee, with their books had with liim tubes primed with and papers, were taken into cus. a mixture of hyperoxymuriate of tody, and an extensive correspon- potass and sugar-candy; also, a dente and combination have been bottle of sulphuric acid, which, discovered.

on his applying a small quantity As the servant of Mrs. Shuttle- of the latter to the former ingreworth was driving a gig with his dients, produced the instantamistress in it, down Parliament- neous ignition consequent on street, Nottingham, the drums in their coming in contact, otherattendance near the mess-house wise, it is probable the mortar began to roll, which so alarmed could not have been fired, and the horse that he flew with great the crew would therefore have rapidity, and the inan turning the been lost. horse from his course to prevent A German Gazette contains the his running over a woman, ren- following article :-" We are indered him more furious ; the ve- formed, that the Jesuits are lear. hicle was overturned, and the ing Rome by dozens, and by hunlady and man dashed with great dreds, to repair to the different violence against it newly built colleges l'e-opened for them in house : the man was slightly in- Spain, Naples, Sicily, Parma, &r. jured, but Mrs. S. died on the Wed. There have lately departed 300 nesday following, at her house in for the first of these dominions. Lenton-terrace.

As this order has been suppressed Cork, Jan. 8.--We regret much about fifty years, viz. in Portugal that we are obliged to state the ia 1759; in Spain, 1767; in Naloss of the government packet ples and Parma, in 1768, the Greyhound, captain Rich, on her members of this order must either passage from this city to Britoi, be endowed with an extraordinary with passengers. She was lost on longevity, or they must have rethe Culver Sands on the 29th ult. cruited in secret, in order for us and all on board have perished. to be able to comprehend how, on Amongst the passengers, we re- a sudden, so great a number of gret to say, were many of our Jesuits appear." fellow-citizens, and their con- 11. Mr. Macdonald, younger, nexions.

of Rhue, and three servants, hav. 10. The recent success that ing set out from Arisaig, for attended discharging guns with- Knoydart, by sea, their boat sudout the application of fire, has denly struck on a hidden rock, in proved how important the method a hard gale, and was placed on might on service, either at sea her beam ends. In this perilous or in the field. When the Leipsic situation, Mr. Macdonald and his brig was wrecked on the bar at men clung to the gun-wale, but Yarmouth, the force of the wind perceiving that they could not all, without imminent danger, remain to hang together during any length in this situation, he left the wreck, of time. On Wednesday, as Peand getting hold of the boat's ter Dixon, Esq. was proceeding dars, by which he supported him- from Carlisle, with two of his self, he swam ashore, after being sons and the female branches of two hours in the water. Scàrcely the family, to Warwick, to visit had he left it, when the boat was the 'extensive manufacturing conseen by persons on shore to sink, cern carried on in that place, unand the three servants were un- der the firm of Peter Dixon and fortunately lost.


Sons; the carriage, in which 12. Owing to the melting of were seated Mr. Dixon, sèn. and the snow on the surrounding the young ladies, had only passed mountains, Strabane (Ireland) the erection in question a few was visited by the greatest and minutes, and one of the young most destructive flood which has gentlemen, who was following been witnessed there for nearly on horseback, had scarcely cleartwenty years. Fortunately it tooked the extremity of the bridge, place in the day time, otherwise when one half of the structure hundreds of lives must have been suddenly tumbled into à mass of lost in the lower part of the town. ruins, leaving, on the opposite As it was, numbers were rescued bank, the other young gentlewith difficulty by boats brought man, on the very instant of his from Lifford, there being none at getting upon it ! Indeed, so very the time on the canal. The wa- instantaneous was its ruin, that ters approached nearly to the the two Messrs. Dixons had no market-house in the centre of the other notice of the peril they altown, completely inundating the most miraculously escaped, than entire space between that and the tremendous crash by which Lifford; some houses and cattle it was accompanied. — (Carlisle were carried away, and the goods Journal.) of the poorer classes, by whom 18. This being the day apthe lower parts of the town were pointed for General Thanksgiving chiefly occupied, were much in- to Divine Providence on the rejurerl.

establishment of Peace in Europe, 13. For some time past the a particular form of Prayer, prebridge over the Petterill at Bot- pared, as usual, by the highest cherby, a village in the near vici- ecclesiastical authority, was read nity of Carlisle, had been in a in all the churches throughout very insufficient state ; and this the kingdom. The day was secondition of the bridge was rèn lected likewise in London, very dered still more insecure by the appropriately, for the ceremony late flood, the effects of which of lodging the eagles taken from were extremely visible, as it ap- the enemy at the battle of Waterpeared almost to have separated loo, in the Chapel Royal, Whitelongitudinally into two parts, the hall. Undoubtedly it accorded walls and arches on each side well with the solemnity of the considerably declining from the occasion, and added, not a little, perpendicular, so that it was to the interest of the scene, to deemed impossible for the bridge behold the spectacle of depositing in a Christian Temple the tokens the “Grenadiers' March," and of victory, and dedicating to the proceeded round the square in God of Battles, the memorials of ordinary time. The several ranks a triumph, the splendour of were opened three deep, and they which throws into shade every were received by the guard of the former example of military re- day with ordered arms, and

The ceremony was con- standing at ease. The trophies ducted with perfect order; and were carried by serjeants of the associated us it was with the du- first and third regiments, and on ties of religious worship, the reaching the colours of the grenamemory of the contest in which dier regiment, were lowered to the trophies were won, and the the ground, while the former, sight of the brave veterans who with “Lincelles, Coruna, Barossa, had survived its carnage, the in- and Waterloo,'' emblazoned in fluence it produced was not of an gold, majestically waved ; and ordinary nature, but rather ap- the troops, with the spectators, proached to a sentiment of sub- instantaneously gave three loud limity. A brigade of the Guards huzzas with the most enthusiastic formed on the Parade in St. feeling. The detachment still James's Park at nine o'clock, of continued to proceed with the which one company, consisting trophies, and on reaching the of a captain, three subalterns, centre of the parade, facing the two serjeants, and 84 privates, Horse Guards, wheeled on their all of whom were at Waterloo, right, and marched to Whitehall were appointed an escort to the Chapel. The remainder of the eagles, and took post opposite troops were wheeled backwards to Melbourn House. A detach- on their left, and marched in rement of Royal Artillery was view order before the Duke of also on the ground, and the York, the relief to their several two bands attended in their stute duties, and the remainder to clothing. Soon after ten the Duke chapel, with the form of prayer of York arrived at the Horse to be used in their hands. Guards in his private chariot, and The men were dressed in new proceeded on to the parade, ac- clothing, with caps on a new companied by Sir Harry Calvert, principle, and, as we are informthe Adjutant General, Sir Henry ed, far superior in comfort to the Torrens, Secretary to his Royal Highness, and a very large as- The serjeants with the eagles semblage of distinguished officers, entered the body of the chapel as decorated with the several insig- soon as the first lesson was rend nia they have been invested with. by Archdeacon Owen, the Chap. The usual duty of the day pro- lain General. Their Royal Highceeded, and after the trooping of nesses the Dukes of York and the colours had taken place, the Gloucester were in the royal pew, detachment that had been selected and the chapel was extremely were escorted to the Tilt Yard by crowded. The escort entered by the two bands, and received the the two doors, in equal divisions, Eagles; the detachment then ad- the band playing, and marching vanced arms, the bands playing up to the steps of the communion




table, when they bled off to the little suspecting that some opiate right and left. As soon as the had been infused in it. They band had ceased, the two ser- partook of it, and shortly after jeants bearing the eagles, ap- retired to bed, where they slept proached the altar, and fixed upon soundly till half past ten on the it their consecrated banners. After following morning, when their the Litany a voluntary was played younger sister, who lived in a by the band ; and at the conclu- neighbouring house, went and sion of the Communion Service, awakened them. They were which was read by the chaplains much surprised on knowing the of the chapel, the Rev. Mr. Jones time to which they had slept ; and the Rev. Mr. Howlett, the and still more so, on coming 100th Psalm was sung by the down stairs and finding that their whole congregation. An excel- shop till had been robbed of lent Sermon was then preached money to the amount of 71., and by the Bishop of London, from a variety of articles, in ribbons, the following text:-Psalm 20, wearing apparel, &c. stolen, to verses 7, 8:

the value, together, of nearly 301. “Some trust in chariots and some in The vile perpetrator had abscondhorses: but we will remember the name of ed at an early hour, leaving the the Lord our God. “ They are brought down and fallen : of her have yet been discovered.

doors partly opened, and no traces but we are risen and stand upright.”'

She is a native of Exeter. And after the customary bless- 20. An inquest was held being, the band played " God save fore William Joyner, Esq. Corothe King," the whole congrega- ner, at New Park Farm, Berkeley, tion standing. There was pre- on the body of William Ingram, sent a considerable number of who was killed by some poachers, persons of fashion and of elis- in a wood belonging to Colonel tinction in public life; among Berkeley, on the morning of the others, the Royal Dukes, the 9th inst. From the evidence of Earl of Liverpool, Admiral Sir Mark Cullimore, game-keeper, Alexander Cochrane, and several and Thomas Clark, park-keeper, other naval and military officers, it appeared, that the manors of with many elegant and distira- Lords Ducie, Miss Langley, and guished females. Times,

Colonel Berkeley, having of late A most artful act of robbery been very much infested by poachwas committed on the premises ers, the respective proprietors had of the Misses Radnidge, two very employed a number of persons young respectable females, who to perambulate the estates, in have lately commenced business order to preserve the game, but in Argyle-street, Bath. Their always without fire-arıs. On servant girl brought them some Thursday night last, these persons beer for supper on the above met to the number of 30, and evening, which they both observ- afterwards divided themselves ined was not so palatable as they to three parties; the first conhad been accustomed to have, sisting of eleven men, were those


employed by Miss Langley; the discovering the villains and bringsecond party consisting of ten, ing them to ji istice. The woundand the third containing nine ed' men are all considered out of men, were in the service of danger. Lord Ducie and Colonel Berkeley. Further particulars.--On Feh. Some time after they had separat- Ist were cor anitted to Gloucester ed, the attention of the last-men- gaol, John Penny, late of the tioned body was attracted by the parish of Hưill, in Gloucestershire, report of two gims, when they charged or, the oaths of Johm immediately made for the spot King and c «thers; with the wilful whence the sound seemed to pro- murder of one Wm. Inigram, in ceed. As they approached it, a the night of the 18th ult. within shot was fired at them, without a certain lose situate in the said any previous notice, but did no parish of Hill; and John Allen, injury: but on coming nearer, Wm. Penny, Thomas Collins, another discharge took place, Daniel Long, John Reeves, John which unfortunately killerł the Burley, James Jenkins, Thomas deceased on the instant, a portion Morgan, James Roach, and Wm. of the charge having penetrated Greenaway, all fate of the said the heart. Immediately after- parish of Hill, severally charged wards, a succession of shots were with having feloniously been prefired, which seyerely wounded sent at the said murder. Greenthe following persons: -Barge away and Burley were afterwards and Davies in the head and admitted King's evidence. The eves; Raymond Hensburgh, John whole of the prisoners are young King, and

Berry, in the men of decent appearance. legs ; and another, whose name, The crimes imputed to the we believe, is Pinnell, in the above prisoners are substantiated thigh. The noise of the firing by the confession of two of their soon bronght up the second party, associates, who have been admitor perhaps more murder might ted evidence for the crown. It have been committed, and, in a appeared that these desperate malittle time, Miss Langley's men rauders assembled at the house of likewise arrived, wheu they com- Joliri Allen, one of the prisoners, menced a pursuit, but although on the evening of the 18th ult. they got a sight of the villains, with the avowed intention of dewho were sixteen or eighteen in stroying game on the adjoining number, they could not get suffi- majors, but prepared for a more ciently near to secure any one of diabolical purpose"; in proof of them. The deceased had been in which it need only be stated, that the service of Colonel Berkeley the whole gang, amounting in upwards of five years. The Jury mumber to sixteen, had their faces returned a verdict of Wilful blacked at liis house, and were murder against some persons Un- separately sworn not to betray known. Vickery, from Bow- each other before they sallied street, arrived at Colonel Berke- forth, about eleven o'clock at ley's on Monday night, to assist in night, eight of them armed with


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