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loaded guns, and the remainder alerť night and dny, and 'led the carrying clubs and other offensive party wherever there was the apweapons. About twelve they fell pearance of resistance or danger ; in with a party of nine of the and he entreated that no one game-keepers, who at first re- would follow him who felt the treated from the formidable force smallest dislike to the service, opposed to them, but almost im- offering, at the same time, to mediately returned with increased provide for such as might meet numbers. They were, however, with any accident on só necessary very inadequately armed, Colonel an enterprise. The neighbouring Berkeley, from motives of human- magistrates and gentlemen seity, not permitting one of them conded the Colonel's efforts, to carry fire-arms when they went which have thus happily been upon the watch, in order to avert crowned with success, the whole the danger of such an awful ex- of the gang being in custody extremitý as that which followed. cept five, and these, it is exThe two parties advanced within pected, will soon be apprehended. about ten yards of each other ; The prisoners were tried at the when, one of the gamekeepers Gloucester Spring assizes, when, calling out, “we have found you after a trial of two days, they at last," a shot was fired by the were all found guilty, but were poachers, and immediately after recommended by the jury to wards a second, which struck mercy, with the exception of J. the unfortunate man, Ingram, Penny and Allen, who were left who instantly fell, and died after for execution. à moinentary struggle. The 20. As the gamekeeper of Ben. gamekeepers, seeing they were jamin Stead, Esq. of Crowfield, so unequal a match, then gave Suffolk, was out, about two in way, and fled, several other shots the morning, he heard persons being fired at them in their re- walking in a small covert, near treat, to the number of six or the hall. He inmediately called seven discharges in the whole, by upon another man, who lived which six of them were severely near, with whom he went into wounded; the poachers, doring the grove, where he found seven the firing, frequently exclaiming, men, and three or four dogs “Glory! glory!” The whole of with them. Four of the party the desperarloes then left the scene sécured the gamekeeper and his of murder in a body, and pro- assistant, leading them about ceeded to a field near the village the plantation, whilst the others of Moreton, wliere they separated; shot till three or four o'clock. prior to which, one of them, re- As the depredators were supplied marking that, if discovered, they with air guns, no alarm was would all be hanged, proposed excited, and the execution which that they should again swear they did among the pheasants was fidelity to cach other, which was very extensive. They repeatedly done by every man kissing his expressed their deterniination not own hand!

to be taken; and, when they had Colonel Berkeley was upon the finished their sport, they tied the

keeper keeper and his friend to two sea in a boat, for the purpose of trees, about a rod apart, After looking out for a smuggling resconsiderable efforts, the keeper sel. The violence of the breakers succeeded in obtaining a knife unfortunately upset the boat, and from his pocket, with which he five of the party were drowned ; effected the liberation of himself the remaining two saved them. and his companion. One of the selves with great difficulty by inen, who recently kept a public clinging to the boat. house in Ipswich, has been taken 22. The first trial by Jury in up, and committed, on suspicion Civil Causes, in Scotland, took of being a party concerned, a re- place at Edinburgh, The Right markable dog, which the poach- Hon. William Adam presided as ers had with them, having been Chief Commissioner, and Lord recognised as belonging to him. Meadow bank and Lord Pitmilly On the Friday morning (Decem- as assistant Judges. The Lord ber 29), a party of ten or twelve Chief Comınissioner, before propoachers, supposed to be of the ceeding in the business before the same gang, comunitted a violent court, made a suitable address, assault upon the keepers in the in which he expatiated on the adgrounds of Sir Philip Broke, at vantages of the trial by jury. Nacton.

The first cause related to a steam 21. Plymouth Dock.-This engine erected for grinding flour morning arrived at Sole's Foun- at Stockbridge, near Edinburgh, tain Hotel, the Austrian Arch- which the neighbours complained dukes John and Lewis, with their of as a nuisance. The jury reseveral suites. A salute was fired turned a verdict, however, “That on the occasion, and every pos- the engine wns useful, and not sible honour shewn to them. offensive." Orders were issued in the dock- Windsor.--This morning agrand yard on the 23d, directing the military spectacle was exhibited officers to be ready to give all in this town. It being known possible facility to the royal visi- that a part of the victors from the tants in their inspection of the battle of Waterloo were expected arsenal. Great part of the Bri- at the foot barracks, great numtish navy lie there, in three divi. bers of the inhabitants left the sions, extended about five miles in town to meet them on the road; length. Thirteen of these ships on foot, on horseback, and in are first rates, and the names of carriages; the Guards amounting nearly the whole of them are as-, to upwards of five hundred, with sociated with some of the proud- laurels in their caps, and with est recollections of England. In their band, were then headed by the afternoon their Royal High-, his Royal Highness the Duke of nessess crossed the water to Mount York, on horseback, as Colonel Edgecumbe, to pay their respects of the First Regiment of Foot to its noble owner.

Guards. The Queen, and PrinThis morning, about seven cesses Augusta, Elizabeth and o'clock, seven Custom-house offi- Mary, took their stations at the cers, at Worthing, proceeded to windows of her Majesty's house


in Park-street. The military &c. Many appropriate toasts were halted when they came opposite given in the course of the evento the house, and gave three ing, and the entertainment went cheers. The Duke of York con- off with the utmost hilarity and ducted the military 'to' the bar- eclat. It was resolved that the racks, and went afterwards on meeting should be in future trienfoot to the castle; they left Paris nial. six weeks yesterday.

Dublin.-The Enniskillen coach Several hundred colliers assem- which left town yesterday evening, bled at Tipton, in Staffordshire, was stopped, by three carts being on Monday week, determined to placed across the road, at halfresist a further drop of sixpence past eleven, by an armed banditti, per day in their wages by their consisting of 14 persons, about charter-masters. On the appear- three miles beyond Dunshaughlin. ance, however, of a military force, The party, stationed behind the they peaceably dispersed, and hedges on each side of the road, their masters have since made a commenced a brisk fire upon the satisfactory arrangement with coach, and wounded both the them. On Friday week a mob of guards, one of them severely in colliers assembled in the vicinity the head. The guards, with great of Dudley, and seizing a Mr. spirit, returned the fire, and disZephaniah Parker, put a rope charged about six or seven shots round his neck, and threatened each, which, it is supposed, had to hang him, unless he acceded some effect. The banditti in the to their demands. A liberal re- end, however, having by a sudden ward has been offered for the ap- rush upon the coach, prevented prehension of the offenders. Se any further resistance, effected veral districts in Cardiganshire their purpose, and the greater have also been disturbed by riots. part of the mails fell into their Two or three of the ring-leaders hands. Four passengers who have been apprehended without were in the coach, were robbed the effusion of blood.

of about 501. but did not receive 25.' Burns the Poet.—The an any other injury. niversary of the birth of this dis- 29. A few days since, the overtinguished ornament of his coun- seers of Ilorncastle summoned try was celebrated at Edinburgh. Daniel Collwood, farrier, better Upwards of one hundred admirers known by the name of Dr. Canof the bard were present. The dlebags, for refusing to support chair was filled by Alex. Boswell, his wife, who had been chargeaEsq. of Auchinleck, supported by ble to the parish of Horncastle the Hon. Wm. Maule, M., P. for several years. The doctor, on Among the persons of rank who being taken before the magistrate, were present, were the Earl of expressed a suspicion that his Leven, the Hon. Captain Gordon, wife had concealed a considerable the Hon. Captain Napier, Mr. hoard ; and on Monday the 29th, Forbes, M.P. &c. &c. And among he, accompanied by the constathose of literary eminence were bles and overseers, proceeded to Walter Scott, Esq. Mr. Jeffrey, search his house ; on their entering which, the doctor's wife plead- inst. four men were discovered ed extreme poverty, and declared at their depredations; three, she had not a single halfpenny ip however, fortunately for them, her possession; but, on a minute made the escape ; but the fourth, search of two boxes, 1331. 95. in in the attempt, failing to stop specie were found, carefully de- when ordered so to do, was posited in several small tin boxes, dangerously wounded by swo of wrapped up in rags and paper, the servants, and now lies at a and consisting of one moidore, public-house at Melton Mowbray, 69 guineas, 31 half-guineas, one with very little hopes of recorery, Spanish dollar, 110 half-crowns, as the shot, which were large, 537 shillings, and 144 sixpences. have entered so deep into his From the habits and miserable back and arm, that the surgeon appearance of this woman, it does has not as yet been enabled to not appear that she has ever con- extract them. verted any part of the wealth to 30. The county of Norfolk, her own comfort !

particularly the neighbourhood of Miss Smith, daughter of Mr. Downhamn, has for a long time George Smith, of Toppesfield, been the baunt of an inımense Essex, about 19 years of age, body of poachers, whose numbeing on a visit to Mr. Thomp- bers, and daring proceedings, so son, of Fryerning, a gun having terrified the people around, that attracted her attention, she took the civil authorities were not very it up, and presented it at the forward to act against such desmaid servant, not supposing it to peradaes. They acted with imbe loaded, but on pulling the punity for many months past, and trigger, it did not go off. In a got so bold as apparently to defy short time after, the maid ser-: The constables, gayneheepers, &c. vant got possession of the gun, In this state of things, T. P. and in her turn pointed the gun Bagg, Esq. T. Dearing, Esq. and at Miss Smith, when the contents, T. Hare, Esy. of Stow Hall, whose a full charge, entered her side, estates were particularly infested, and she survived but a few hours. wrote to the Police office, Queen

A man detected in poaching square, for assistance to take the was lately shot near Melton Mow- depredators into custody. Pace bray. The following are the par- and another oficer were in conticulars of that circumstance:- sequence sent down about a fortRichard Norinun, esq. of Melton, night since; and be successfully having reason to suspect, from organized his plan, getting a man the numerous gangs of poachers to becoine one of a party at their in the neighbourhood, and froin suppers, poachings, &c. After the decrease of his gaine, parti- they had been poaching tolerably cularly pheasants, that they had extensively, which was followed been paying him sonie nocturnal by a hearty feast, l'ace set to visits, caused the wood in the work, and before the morning he neighbourhood of his farm at had secured ten of them, most of Freby to be watched for several whom were found in their beds. nights, and about two o'clock Seeing that resistance was vain, on Thursday morning the 13th although they had been exceed


ingly desperate on preceding oc- after the fire had burst forth, and casions, and were never without shook hands with him while he plenty of weapons near them, was standing in the shrouds, they quietly su prendered, and the whence in a few moments he was whole ten, we re committed for precipitated into the deep-Rever trial.

to rise again! Calcutto, Ja n. 31.-On Sunday The following is a list of the accounts reach ed town stating the officers and passengers, which we loss of the Duchess of Wellington, have reason to believe is quite which was u tally destroyed by correct: fire on Saturi lay evening in San- David Kydd, commander, not ger-roads.

on board ; Car Nimrod, Ist offiThe origin of this sùd accident cer, lost; John Heron, 2d officer, is only a matter of suspicion. saved; H. Volstudt, 3d officer, The fire bur, ót forth about ten lost; David Anderson, passenger, o'clock at night, and burnt with savedl; William Anderson, ditto, such rapidity, that the saltpetre lost; J. B. Macdonalıl, ditto, not cargo explode d in about ten mi- on board; John Kydel, a child, nutes, and the ship, being shat the nephew of the captain, lost; tered and diviided, yunk immedi- T. Ilodges, surgeon, saved. ately It isi painful to relate, Some of the crew belonging to that the pilot, two officers, two the Duchess of Wellington have passengers, a nd many of the crew been apprehended, and are deperished in consequence of the tained on suspicion of having set rapid conflagration, which de- the vessel on fire. In most cases prived them of the ordinary where ships are burnt in this chances of escape. The pilot, river, there has been reason to Mr. Turner, and the first and believe that the Lascars (who rethird mates, were engaged in tak- ceive impress money in advance ing off the kitches, in the hope for several months) have been inof extinguishing the fire, when strumental in their destruction. the flames burst forth with such drçaulful violence, they were compelled to desist, and instantly fled.

FEBRUARY. Mr. Heron, the 2d mate, ran towards the head of the ship, and LOSS OF FRANSPORTS. the pilot with the others towards the poop, on which the pilot was

(From the Waterforil Chronicle of

the 1st of Feb.) seen standing, wlaen the salt petre in the after-part of the vessel “ We have now to state the exploded, and destroyed all within particulars of 2 melancholy and the vortex of its fiery gulph. The afflicting event. The transport fate of Mr. William Anderson, Seahorse, No. 2, Thomas Scott and the distress of his brother, master, sailed from

a port in Mr. David Anderson, both pas- England a few days ago for Iresengers, proceeding to Java, it is land, (for Waterforc. or Cork,) aflicting to contemplate. Mi. with a large detachment of the David Anderson saw his brother 59th regiment on boara', consist

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