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Kali, and engages never to have A particular account of the any concern with those countries, military operations at Hurryhuror the inhabitants tiereof. pore will be founil in the Supple

VI. The Rajah of Nepaul en- ment of the London Gazette, gages never to molest or disturb August 10th. the Rajah of Siccem in the pos- The Nepaulese fulfilled all the session of his territories; but conditions of their treaty, the agrees, if any differences shall last of which was the cession of arise between the State of Nepaul the fort of Nagnec, which took and the Rajah of Siccem, or the place on April 13th. subjects of either, thint such dif- In the Bombay Gazettes for ferences shall be referred to the February were published relaarbitration of the British Go. tions of proceedings in the provernment, by whose award the 'vince of Cuich, on the northRajah of Nepaul engages to western coast of the Peninsula. abidle.

A force under the command of VII. The Rajah of Nepaul Col. East had entered that prohereby engages never to take or

vince, and captured the fortress retain in his service any British of Anjar, not far from the casubject, nor the subject of any pital of Cutch. A teaty of alliEuropeanor American State, was in consequence conwithout the consent of the British cluded with the state of Cutch; Government.

and a detachment of Col. East's VIII. In order to secure and army had been marcheil under improve the relations of amity the command of Lieutenant-col. and peace hereby established be- Barclay, to Wagur, for the purtween the two states, it is agreed pose of reducing that uncivilized that accredited ministers froin district to the authority of the each shall reside at the Court of Rao of Cutch, its legitimate sothe other.

vereign, and of destroying all the IX. This treaty, consisting of fastnesses of the banditti, whose nine articles, shall be ratified by depreciations have been so dethe Rajah of Nepaul within tif- structive to the neighbouring terteen days from this date, and the ritories. ratification shall be delivered tu A sanguinary tumult occurred Lieut.-colonel Bradshaw, who en- in the month of April at the city gages

to obtain and deliver to the of Bareilly in Rohilcurd. It Rajab the ratification of the Go- arose from the popular discontent vernor-general within twenty excited in that and the neighdavs, or sooner if practicable. bouriny towins by the introduc

Done at Segowiey on the 2d tion of what is called the Chookeday of December, 1815.

daree establishment, and contriL.S.

Paris BRADSHAW, butions for which the people of

Lieut. Cul. P. A. Bareilly had for some time reL.S. GOOROO GUJRAJ

fused to pay.

On the 16th, as MISS 2R,

Mr. Dumbleton, the chief of the L.S.

CHUNDER SECKUR' place, was riding in the city, the
OPADEEAH. mob made an attack upon him,


Rod Seal of the
Rajah of Nepaul.

and killed two of his horsemen. approach of more troops, comSending for a piirty of the pro- menced hostilities, by kiling vincial battalion for his protec- young Mr Leycester, who was tion, several of the assailants walking unarmed between their were killed anıl wounded, among outposts and Capt Cunningham's the latter of whom was the mufti. station. A general engagement Some of the leading mussulunans, ensued, in wlich (apt. Boswith a number of the lower class, cawen's small party drawn up in then quitted their houses, and as- a square was surrounded by a sembled at the Misjid in the orl whole army; and a desperate tow!!, thus gising the quarrel the charge being made by a body of appearance of a religious dispute. Puthans sworil in hin), they Capt. Boscawe! with two coin, broke in, anii were near carrying panies and two six-pounders was one of the guns, but were at sent to disperse them, and at length driven off with great night took his station close to the slaughter. A severe conflict was insurgents; in the morning, how- maintained in other quarters for ever, he found his fori e su infe- a considerable time, which finally rior, that he did not venture to concluded in expelling the insurmove from his position, and it gents from their posts in the old was thought a:lvisable to send town, who gave ground in all an express for a detachment of directions, and retreated to the Capt. Cunningham's horse sta- new city. The loss was severe tioned at Moo: adabad. The num- on both sides, but much the bers of the insurgents continued greatest on that of the aggressors. to augment, and on the 18th A force was afterwards assembled they were joined by several thou- in the district of Bareilly suffisani's of matchlock and sword- cient to keep it in awe; and men from Rampoor, Pillibeet, tranquillity, if not good-will, was and the Nawab's provinces. Other restored. expresses were therefore dis- No further intelligence of impatched for a battalion of the 13th portance re-pecting the affairs of reginnent, and for more troops British India has been transmitted, froin Futtighur. The rioters had at least by authority, in the prenow planted four green standards sent year; and it may be pre(the mossulman colour) and sumed that the dominion of the pusted strong picquets close to Company over its vast territories Capt. Boscawen's party, which is at this time so firmly established, they threatened to aitack. Capt. that it has no cause of apprenenCunningham, who had arrivedl sion from the machinations of its with about 450 men of his corps, open or secret enemies. The had been obliged to take a posi- native powers, appear to be too tion about half a uile in front of much at variance with one anoCapt. Boscawen's right flank, the ther to join in any dangerous wide plain between them being league aga'nst strangers. Tho entirely occupied by the insur- city of Jypoor in Agra has long gents. On the morning of the been subjected to the assaults of 21st, the latter apprised of the the Nawab Uncer Klun, which

it had resisted as far as the latest irregular religion, particularly inaccounts, in the close of June; jurious to the manners and hearts but it was still threatened, and of men. He says, 'that in the the Rajah had made application 15th year (five years ago) 2,000 to the British Government for as- families recanted, and since upsistance. This circumstance may wards of 200 families." He rein the event involve the Company cently apprehended 72 persons, in fresh hostilities.

and seized 53 books. It is, howIt may not be inproper to add, ever, distinctly statel, that in the though only from private infor- books seized there were not found motion received from Madras,' any expressions that could be that an irruption of Pindaree construed into an opposition to horse from the Mahratta terri- government. He closes his retory borst, in the spring, upon port by saying, that he suspects the Gantoor Circar, one of the there is some European among most prosperous of the Company's the mountains of Sze chven, possessions on the coast of woro- though he has not been able to mandel, and after desolating it in apprehend bim. the most savage manner, earried His Majesty begins his reply, off a prodigious booty, without by noticing the blind o'stinacy of being brought to action by any men ; that though their persons British force, in the whole of be involved in the net of the law, their rapid career from one side when once a notion of ascending of the peninsula to the other and to Heaven takes possession of back again.

the mind, they are regardless of In our eastern narrative of the death. last year we inserted an article The two leaders who would from Rome, reporting a great not recant, Chooyung and Tungprogress made by the Catholic gaen, are ordered to be strangled Missionaries in China, in propa- immediately: 38 others, who also gating the Christian religion refused to recant, are ordered to through that empire ; at the same be sent to Tartary as slaves ; time expressing our doubt of the among these are several women, permanency of such conversions and an old man of 60. Women under a despotic government. and oll men are in many cases This apprehension has been too , allowed to redeem themselves by well verified by the intelligence paying a fine; but in this case it conveyed in the following extract is directed that they shall not be of a letter dated Canton Jan. 1, allowed to do so. Further, the 1816.

obstinate old man and a few “ In June last there was others, who seemed more culpapersecution carried on against ble than the rest, are to be conthe Roman Catholics of Sze- demned to wear, for ever, a heavy chuen. The Viceroy of that pro- wooden collar.” vince begins his report by saying,

This information is confirmed that the religion of the West, de- by an article in the “ Austrian nominated the religion of the Observer," which states, from Lord of Heaven, is a depraved or the last accounts of the Missiona

ries at Pekin, that the persecu- the European anil Christian name. tion of the Christian converts is The Bishop Coadjutor has been continuing with great fury And compelled to fly, and I believe at Rome itself has been published has taken refuge in Tonquin. inore particular intelligence to Three native priests, and a numthe sanie purpose in the following ber of the faithful of both sexes, extract of a letter from the pro- have finished their mortal career vince of Su Tcheu. in China, by a glorious martyrdom. There dated the 25th Sept. 1815 : is still, in almost all the prisons,

“Religion is preached in China a numerous body of generous conby Missionaries of different corps fessors, who suffer for the cause ; and different nations; the Chief and 1, who have not yet merited the of the French Missions in the grace of shedding my blood, am province of Su Tcheu, where I charged with the spiritual and am ai present, has made, within temporal cares of this Mission, some months, thirty native priests which before the perserution numand four European. Not long bered 60,000 Christians. ago persecution deprived us of

(Signed) the Vicar Apostolic, sacrificed to J. E. Escodeca BOISSONADE, the rage of the Clovernor of this Missionary Bishop. province, an enemy equally to


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