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rernment; proposes to subinit cheapness with those imported the question of territory to nego. from Europe or India. ciation; and denies any know- American manufacturers (says the ledge of the existence of such report) expect to nieet with all the troops as those stated in Kentucky. embarrassments which a jealous With respect to the exclusion of and monopolizing policy can sugthe revolutionary flag, he affirms, gest-and they have good reason that the governinent of the United for their apprehensions. The States has by a general rule au- foreign manufacturers and merthorized the admission into its chants will employ all the powers ports of all flags except those of of ingenuity and art to prevent pirates, and therefore is not dis. the American establishments from posed to prohibit the reception of taking root, and by the allowance the flag of the colonies, which of bounties and drawbacks they have established independent will be furnished with additional states.

means for carrying on the conThe Spanish minister had af- test.” It is further stated, that terı ards an interview with the the balance due for British maPresident, the result of which is nufactures is more than 17 milsaid to have been so little satis- lions of dollars, a suin greater factory, that he left Washington, than the value of all the exports declaring a resolution not to from the United States to foreign return.

countries. The decline of the American In conclusion, the committee manufactures since the peace had propose the following resolution : restored the commercial commu- " That from and after the 30th nication with Great Britain, caused of June next, in lieu of the memorials to be presen ed to the duties now authorised by law, House of Representatives from there be levied on cotton goods the persons concerned in the imported into the United States cotton fabrics, which were re- from any foreign country whatferred to a coinmittee. In Feb

- per centum valorem, be. ruary they gave in their report, ing not less than which was prolix and rhetorical, square yard." but contained some facts and ob- In the summer, the American servations deserving of notice. government issued an official The increase of the cotton ma- notice, that no private bank paper nufactory of the United States would be taken after Feb. 20th within a few years is very strik- 1817, in payment for duties, ing. The namber of bales ma- taxes, &c. due to government, nufactured in 1800 is stated at unless such bank was prepared to no more than 500. in 1810 it pay its notes in cash when rehad risen to 10,000; and in 1915. quired, and unle-s it took the to 90,000 This rapid advance treasury notes at par. Mr. Dallas, was obviously occasioned by the secretary of the treasury, in a want of competition; for the circular document of office duted goods here fabricated could not July 22d, addressed the state contend at an open market in' banks for the purpose of facilicating the execution of the reso- ble on demand in the legal curlution passed to resume cash pay. rency, and not otherwise. ments, the objection to which Some of the earlier American payments, he says, rest chietiy papers speak of bickerings on the with the banks of the middle Canadian lakes between the ves. states. A notice is then given by sels of the two powers ;- which the treasury, for the consideration will be very liable to arise in of the state banks, recommend. tracts of divided sovereignty, and ing as a preliminary measure, which have so lately been the that all small notes under five theatre of severe contest. There dollars should not be taken after does not, however, appear any October 1st, unless the bank is present danger of serious differsuing it should pay the amount ences from this source. At the when required. Several banks other extremity of the territory sent deputies to Philadelphia, in of the United States, where they order to consult on the present came in contact by land and sea state of the currency; and it is with the Transatlantic dominion said in the New York paper, that of Spain, the hazard of national the delegates from the banks of quarrel is much more urgent, New York, Philadelphia, Balti- especially on the undetermined more, and Virginia, agreed on limits of maritime possession : resuming payments in specie, on and an act of hostility in the July 1st, 1817

evel' --.

cents per branches

Gulf of Mexico practised by a A notice issued froin the Trea- Spanish sq uadron upon an Amesury department on Sept. 12th,

rican vessel, excited much indig. mentions, that the payment of nation in the United States tosmall sunis in coin on October 1st, wards the close of the year. But has been generally declined by instead of entering upon the duthe state barks; and as

bious details of this and other rangement for supplying the peo- circumstancias related in the public ple with it requisite medium to papers, we shall have recourse to pay their duties and taxes inde- the Presiden t's speech for a conpendently of those banks cannot cluding view of the general state conveniently be made until the of this republic. bank of the United States shall On Decem ber 3d, the President be in operation, no further mea- transmitted message to both sures will be taken with a view Houses of Congress, of which to the collection of the revenue in the following: were the most imcoin on the above day. In pur- portant particulars. It began suance, however, of a resolution with advertir ig to the peculiarity of Congress on April 29th, notice of the seasor is, which had threatis given, that from the 27th of ened some di stricts with scarcity; February 1817, all debts or sums but upon the whole, the aggreof money becoming due to the gate resources were said to be United States must be paid in the more than : sufficient for the aglegal currency, or treasury notes, gregate wants. It was then reor notes of the bank of the United gretted th: ita de pression had States, or in notes of banks paya- been exper jenced loy particular

an ar


branches of manufacture, and by United States had given the a portion of the navigation of the strongest assurances that no hoscountry. The first, was imputed tile order could have emanated to an excess of imported mer- from his government.

Differchapdize, and it was hinted, that ences existing between the Dey the native manufacturing esta- of Algiers and the government of blishments ought not to be suf- the United States were then nofered to sink too low. , The de ticed, the result of which was as cline in navigation was yet unknown; but reliance was cribed to the operation of the expressed upon their fleet in the British navigation laws. The Mediterranean, to protect their late convention of London had commerce if treated with hostility equalized the laws of the two by the Algerines. countries with regard to the in- The Indian tribes within the tercourse between the American limits of the United States were ports and the British ports in said to be disposed to remain in Europe ; but the British govern- peace. From several of them ment had enforced its regulations, purchases of land had been made, prohibiting a trade between its favourable to the security of the colonies and the United States in frontier settlements; and in some American vessels, whilst it per- instances, where the titles of the mitted a trade carried on in Brie native tribes were dubious, their tish vessels, thus favouring its claims had been extinguished by own navigation at the expense of double purchase, rather than enthe American. The reasonable- tering into contests, and employness of the rule of reciprocity in ing force against a feeble people. one branch of commercial inter- Among the objects of national course, as well as in the other, improvement recommended to the had been urged upon the British consideration of Congress were cabinet, but it had declined en- the re-organization of the militia tering into any negociation on upon a more effectual plan, the the subject.

establishing of an uniformity of The president then stated, in weights and measures, the foundgeneral, that the United States ing of an university within the remained in amity with foreign government territory, and a repowers. An occurrence, how. visal of the criminal code. ever, had lately taken place in With respect to the finances of the Gulf of Mexico, which, if the state, it was mentioned as a sanctioned by the Spanish go- subject of great gratification to vernment, might make an excep- find that even in the short period tion as to tbat power,

A public since the return of peace, the rearmed vessel had been attacked venue had far exceeded all the by an overpowering force under current demands upon the trena Spanish commander; and the sury, and that it will afford an Ainerican flag, with the oflicers ainple fund for the early extinand crew, had been insulted in a guishment of the public debt. manner calling for prompt repa- Some particulars were entered ration. This had been demanded; into relative to this topic; and the and the Spanish minister in the ordinary annual expenses of go



vernment in every department The President concluded his were estimated at less than 20 message with self-congratulation millions of dollars, while the per

on the condition of that country, manent revenue arising from the his public services in which he existing sources stated at was soon to quit; and certainly, about 25 millions.

The mea

at the present period, it would sures taken for regulating the not be easy to name the ruler of currency were alluded tv, in any other considerable state, who which the Bank of the United could offer a prospect so cheerStates would be an important ing, of difficulties overcome, and auxiliary.

the means of future prosperity.



Spanish America. --Carthagena.-Caraccu.-- Isle of Margarita.Buenos

Ayres.--Its Army defeated in Peru.Its Fleet under Brown in the Pacific.Its Declaration of Independence.Bolivar.— Army from Brazil takes possession of Montevideo.Merico.-Venezuela.- British West India Islands.-Jamaica.-Insurrection in Barbadoes.-— Alarm in the other Colonies.- Proceedings in St. Vincent, Demarara, Barbadoes' General Assembly, Dominica, Jamaica.

THE condition of Spanish Ame- enemy's gun-boats, made for Aux

ever; and whilst the weakness were arrested on the entrance of of the mother country prevents the Spaniards, and marched into any vigorous efforts for recover- the interior. Morillo afterwards ing its authority over its revolted undertook an expedition against colonies, their intestine divisions Santa Fe, the capital of New and want of concert have disabled Granada, which was evacuated by them from adopting measures the insurgents without resistance, which could establish their inde- and all that part of the province pendence upon a firm footing. In was restored to the royal authothe meantime the war, preserving rity. That General then declared its character of ferocity, has in a state of blockade, all the dwindled into petty and desultory ports from Santa Martha to the actions, the relations of which river Atrato, except the two ports are obscured by all the contradic- of Santa Martha and Portobello. A tions and exaggerations of narra- proclamation published at the tives appearing through the me- Caraccas by the captain-general dium of party. A few facts, how- Moxo relative to the blockade of ever, may be collected, which the island of Margarita, affords will afford an idea of the general a striking instance of the ferostate of affairs in this part of the cious spirit with which this war world.

was waged. Every Spanish vessel Carthagena, which had long encountered in carrying men, been under sieges by the royalist arms, ammunition, and naval General Morillo, was at length stores, to the insurgents in Marreduced to such distress by famine, garita shall be confiscated, the that it was evacuated on Decem- master and other principals hung ber 6th, 1815, by the garrison, up at the yard arm, and of the who, after spiking the guns, em- sailors, if not found so culpable barked in thirteen vessels, and as the others, one out of five to forcing their way through the undergo the same fate : the same


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