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ture has been communicated from perly requires. However, as our Berlin ; we only learn, that the inost gracious Prince has called new constitution remained un- his States together, to consult settled at the end of the year, but with them on the economy (the that a promise has been given by German word means the househis Majesty, that it shall make its keeping) of the country, it is to appearance early in the ensuing he hoped, that every body will year.

learn what is necessary, and what A remarkable example of that is too much. We hoped that this spirit of sound sense and plain would be done last year ; but as dealing, which is probably now it was not, and as our burthens making a steadly progress through have since become still greater, Germany, appeared in March, in we beg our Deputies, Ist, To asa memorial presented to the as- certain what part of the large sembled States of the Electorate outstanding sums of money, which of Hesse, from the districts on they say the country of Hesse the river Diemel, and signed by a demands, belongs to the country, hundred of their chief magis- and what part of the public protrates. Its translation runs thus : perty which we already have, be

“ As our gracious Sovereign longs to the country, and what has again called the States toge to the Prince. When this is asther, to deliberate on the dis- certained, we beg them to exatresses of the country, and, if nine, 2d, Whither (that is, into possible, to relieve them, we take what cuffers) the large sums of the liberty urgently to lay before money flow, which we have to our Deputies chosen for the pre- pay annually, and for what pursent Assembly, the following de- poses it is employed. And then, sire :-The taxes which we have 3dly, To seek for ways and means to pay are intolerably heavy. The by which the existing taxes may French times were bad; but the be diminished, and placed on a present, if all the money paid is more moderate footing. And that reckoned together, are still worse; this mild, reasonable rate of taxaand were it not for our own dear tion may not be altered arbitraElector, who is a Hessian as well rily, we beg our deputies, Ithly, as ourselves, the country would To provide that an established not have been silent so long : for constitution may be given to the the money is demanded without country, so that, without the conintermission, and yet there is no sent of the States, nothing may trade, no business ; and when be demanded or imposed, because the money is once out of our it is just and reasonable, that he hands, it never comes back any who is to give, be asked how more. We know that we are much he can give. These are bound to give what is necessary our wishes, aur necessary desire. for the support of the State, and We should not havę spoken, if it we will do it with pleasure ans had been to be borne ; but it is long as it is possible; but the too bad, and it griever us that misfortune is, that we do not our good Prince loses the love of know how much the country pro- the people in the pountry, be


cause he does not forbid evil affirmed, has received clear proofs, counsellor's to approach him; that several of the Princis and therefore we beg our deputies to Counts, formerly states of the speak the truth openly, and not empire, and now his subjects, to dissemble: for we Hessians have not only entered into an mean it honestly both with our union among themselves, and Prince and our country, and wish with other formerly immediate that the ancient order in the states of the empire, but have country, and the ancient love to applied to foreign courts, and atthe Prince, may return. Then tenipted to procure their interwe shall all be helped !"

ference in determining their poThe differences between the litical relations to the state ; they King and the Sta!es of Wurtem- are therefore reminded that such beig, which occupied a consi- conduct can be regarded in no derable place in the political other light than as a crime against transactions of Germany in the the state, to be punished with the last year, were renewed early in utmost severity of the law; and the present, with unabated con- besides the legal proceedings to tention. In April was published which they will expose thema rescript of the King's ministry selves by future criminality, they to the Assembly of the States, on are threatened with the immean address of the latter in Ja- diate sequestration of all estates nuary, relative to the tax-execu- belonging to them in his Majesty's tions (as they are named) issued doininions. This notification apwith his Majesty's approbation. pears to have been sent indiviIt consists of detailed i easoning3 dually by the ninister of the concerning the obligations of pay- home department to the persons ing the taxes imposed, in which concerned. a statement is given of the re- The States of Wurtemberg, perductions made in the expences of sisting in their resolution of rethe state, a large proportion of garding themselves as partakers which is in the military establish- of the national authority, prement. The paper concludes with 'sented to the King, on June 19th, an admonition, that as long as a protest against the levying of the present provisional state of taxes by the Crown, without the things continues, the assembly joint consent of the States. This can only be regarded as a body measure produced on the part of convoked to deliberate upon a the Kiny a rescript, in which he constitution, and that it has no declared, that he should be justiclaiın to co-operate as states of fied in dissolving an assembly the kingdom, which can only be which indulged it-elf in language conferred by a future constitu. contrary to all principles of order ; tion.

but that not to disappoint the exOn April 20th there was pub. pectations of his people respectlished at Stuttgard, a royal mo. ing a constitution, he refrains nition, which is an important do- from taking such a step. He cument respecting the liberties however positively assures the of Germany. The King, it is states, that he will in future at.


tend to no representation which Duchess of Oldenburg, sister to shall not relate to the business of the Emperor Alexander. the constitution.

Shortly after his accession, his The small effect produced by Majesty received an address from this declaration, appeared by three the assembly of the States, exaddresses successively presented pressed in terms of profound reto the King, one of which was a spect and attachment. Alluding remonstrance against an extraor- to the expectation entertained by dinary levy of 900 men, ordered his subjects of future happiness without any plausible reason, and under his sceptre, they say, “ To of which no official notice had your Majesty the country owes been given to the States.

the first step towards a return to This dissention hetween prince its rights, namely, the recognition and people was continued with- of the fundamental laws of the out the prospect of an amicable country, which his late Majesty, termination, when it was con- according to his own declaration, cluded by the death of the King made after having previously conof Wurtemberg on the 30th of sulted with your Majesty." In October. This Sovereign was his answer the King speaks of born in 1754, and married for his conviction, that the object on his first wife, a Princess of Wol- which his people and himself fenbuttle, by whom he has left place their highest happiness, can three children. His second wife only be obtained by a representawas a daughter of the king of tive constitution, adapted to all England, who had no issue. He their various relations. The States was raised to the regal dignity by were prorogued to the following Buonaparte in the beginning of January. 1806, which honour he purchased The first accounts of the new by large contingents for his pa- reign relate to the system of tron's expeditions, and by the reform in the expenditure, which marriage of his daughter to Je- the King is bringing to effect in rome Buonaparte, and of his every part of the administration. eldest son to a princess of Ba The reductions in the armıy comvaria, which last nuptials how. prize those corps which are parever were not consummated. His ticularly devoted to the purposes disorder is said to have been an of regal state, the Royal Horses apoplectic seizure, resulting from guards, and the Hulan bodya very gross habit of budy. In guards. A number of saddle and character he was impetuous and carriage horses in the King's arbitrary; but a lover of justice, stables were also brought to sale ; and versed in several branches of and all the employments at court knowledge. His successor, now were newly organized, with great of the age of 35, greatly distin- savings. Another indication of a guished himself in the two last favourable change in the sovecampaigns against the French, reign authority was given by the and has been generally regarded liberation of state prisoners conas liberal in his political senti- fined in the castle of Asperg. It ments. He bas married the may be hoped, that the succeeding year will afford in Wurtem, and the fourth provides for mainberg the example of a king and taining the value of the simall people co-operating with har- copper coin received as convenmony in establishing a form of tion money. government equally conducive to The idea of the Austrian finanthe maintenance of private liberty ces afforded by this scheme, is and public security.

by no means encouraging; and The court of Vienna was thrown before the end of the year, yointo mourning in April by the vernment found it necessary to death, at Verona, of the second publish, that it was impossible, wife of the Emperor Francis, in the present distressing circumafter a lingering illness. She was stances of the State, to repeal, for born at Milan, and was the 1817, the imposts which were daughter of the late Archduke laid in the preceding year. Ferdinand, and the Archduchess It was not long before the EmBeatrice of Este. She bore a high peror made a proposal for supcharacter for the performance of plying the vacancy in the imperial her public and private duties. bed from the royal family of

The finances of Austria having Bavaria, which was accepted, and long been in a very embarrassed the Princess (the same who had state, there were issued at Vienna before been contracted to a Prince in the beginning of June, four of Wurtemberg) was conducted to imperial patents, by which a new Vienna in November. At the resystem for supporting the public quest of the bride, it is said, the credit was established. By the festivities ordered on occasion of first of these enactments it is the nuptials, were countermanded declared, that in future no paper in consequence of the distresses money having a forced value and of the people. This new alliance circulation shall be created, nor may contribute to strengthen the shall any increase take place in amity between two sovereign the amount of what is already in houses which have been habitually circulation ; and if extraordinary hostile to each other. circumstances should require ex- At the opening of the Gerpenses beyond the ordinary re- manic Diet at Frankfort in this sources of the State, measures year, a speech was delivered by should be taken to cover them by the Austrian minister as its pre.. new expedients, without having sident, which contains matter recourse to forced paper money. worthy of observation. After The second related to the erection dwelling some time upon a geof a national bank, which was neral character of the German the principal engine for convert- nation, and a historical sketch of ing the existing paper money its principal political epochs from into a security of a diferent kind. the time of Rodolph of Hapsburg, By the third, certain revenues of to the recovery of its independthe State are indicated, which are ence in the year 18:5, and its to be paid exclusively in bank new union in the league constinotes, or, for smaller sums, in tuting the Diet of Frankfort, he what is termed convention money; said, “ Germany is not destined to form one dominant power; the proposed guaranty was to but as little is it wished, that its secure to the different branches union should be a mere political of the constitution the peiceable league of defence. Germany is enjoyment of their stipulated suminoned to form a league of rights; and he concluded with states, securing the nationality of proposing, that the Weimar conthe whole. It will be our duty stitutional act should be depoto hold sacred this twofold object; sited in the archives of the Diet. respect for the various races of The envoys of Austria and Pruspeople, and various governments sia complimented the Duke of of Germany, and equal respect Saxe Weimar on this proof of for the great uniting league which his patriotic sentiments; but said, excites and supports our nation- that they must apply for instrueality.” The president, in conclu- tions to their respective courts. sion, took notice of the relation The Netherland envoy for the to the Diet, of that court, the head Grand Duchy of Luxemburg held of which once wore the imperial a different opinion. He said, the

It is solemnly declared, event was satisfactory, as serving (he said) by the express order of for an examp'e of the establishthe Emperor, my master, that ment of such a constitution, withhis Majesty considers himself as out angry discussions or metaphyin all respects an equal membersical parade, and on the simple of the league; that he recognizes principle of suum cuique ; and he in the conferred presidency of the wished it might prove an aldiDiet no real political privilege, tional motive with other princes but merely respects in it the ho- and states to perform a similar nourable distinction of being a duty. Though he might see with conductor of its transactions." pleasure a great state exercise Such is the principle of equality long deliberation on such a topie, fundamental to the new Germanic he could wish that states of less Diet. What will be its real in- extent should act with more cefluence on the internal affairs of lerity. He concluded a speech of the nation, time must prove. some length with proposing a


an appeal to its authority on vote of thanks to the Duke of one important occasion has been Saxe Weimar, and a resolution made public, by an application to assuring his states and country the Diet froin the envoy of Saxe of the guaranty of the Gernian Weimar, submitting to it the new federation. constitution of that state, and de- The conclusion was, that the manding for it the guaranty of Diet resolved, that the fundathe Germanic confederation. This mental law of the constitution of occurrence was rendered inter- Weimar should be deposited in esting in Germany, as being cal. its archives; but that before deculated to sound the disposition ciding on the question of guaof the several powers with re- ranty, they must wait for the spect to representative forms of votes of Brunswick and Nassau. government. The envoy stated The Diet paid a due respect to in a memoir, that the object of their national language by an


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