Annual Report of the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the Commonwealth of Pennslyvania, Том 1;Том 14,Частина 1

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Сторінка 294 - And provided further^ That nothing in this Act shall be construed as requiring or compelling proprietors or manufacturers of proprietary foods which contain no unwholesome added ingredient to disclose their trade formulas, except in so far as the provisions of this Act may require to secure freedom from adulteration or misbranding.
Сторінка 293 - First. If any substance has been mixed and packed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength.
Сторінка 106 - RESOLVED, That the Conference of State and Provincial Boards of Health of North America views with abhorrence the irretrievable disgrace of the present State Board of Health...
Сторінка 292 - misbranded," as used herein, shall apply to all drugs, or articles of food, or articles which enter into the composition of food, the package or label of which shall bear any statement, design, or device regarding such article, or the ingredients or substances contained therein which shall be false or misleading in any particular, and to any food or drug product which is falsely branded as to the State, Territory...
Сторінка 405 - If any such inspection discloses a violation of any such rule or regulation relating to a permanent source or act of contamination, such officer, board or corporation shall cause a copy of the rule or regulation violated to be served upon the person violating the same, with a notice of such violation.
Сторінка 296 - ... shall be liable to be proceeded against in any district court of the United States within the district where the same is found, and seized for confiscation by a process of libel for condemnation.
Сторінка 294 - Where any matter or ingredient not injurious to health has been added to the food or drug because the same is required for the production or preparation thereof as an article of commerce, in a state fit for carriage or consumption, and not fraudulently to increase the bulk, weight, or measure of the food or drug, or conceal the inferior quality thereof.
Сторінка 291 - Act, is hereby prohibited; and any person who shall ship or deliver for shipment from any State or Territory...
Сторінка 292 - That for the purposes of this act an article shall be deemed to be adulterated: In the case of drugs: First.
Сторінка 289 - If any substance has been mixed and packed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength. Second. If any substance has been substituted wholly or in part for the article.

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