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Сторінка 425 - Daring the reigns of King Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, it was...
Сторінка 119 - It is not smooth and even like the greatest part of the latter ; but is finely variegated by an infinite number of those beautiful little mountains that have been formed by the different eruptions of JEtna.
Сторінка 420 - Congreve's four comedies, two are concluded by a marriage in a mask, by a deception, which perhaps never happened, and which, whether likely or not, he did not invent. So careless was this great poet of future fame, that though he retired to ease and plenty, while he was yet little declined into the vale of years...
Сторінка 118 - Strombolo, and Volcano, with their smoking summits, appear under your feet; and you look down on the whole of Sicily as on a map; and can trace every river through all its windings, from its source to its mouth. The view is absolutely boundless on every side; nor is there any one object within the circle of vision to interrupt it, so that the sight is every where lost in the immensity...
Сторінка 420 - ... are read without any other reason than the desire of pleasure, and are therefore praised only as pleasure is obtained; yet, thus unassisted by interest or passion, they have passed through variations of taste and changes of manners, and, as they devolved from one generation to another, have received new honours at every transmission.
Сторінка 502 - So moves the sumpter-mule, in harness'd pride, That bears the treasure which he cannot taste. For him let venal bards disgrace the bay, And hireling minstrels wake the tinkling string ; Her sensual snares let faithless Pleasure...
Сторінка 119 - All these have now acquired a wonderful degree of fertility, except a very few that are but newly formed ; that is, within...
Сторінка 420 - ... profit. When his plays had been acted his hope was at an end; he solicited no addition of honour from the reader.
Сторінка 473 - ... fiery and irregular in all his motions. His name was Genius. He darted like an eagle up the mountain, and left his companions gazing after him with envy and admiration : but his progress was unequal, and interrupted by a thousand caprices. When Pleasure warbled in the valley, he mingled in her train.
Сторінка 113 - The evils of this life appear like rocks and precipices, rugged and barren at a distance ; but at our nearer approach we find little fruitful spots, and refreshing springs, mixed with the harshness and deformities of nature.

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