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Multum in Parbo.?
Painted for Rbsaldurināt the Rofe im Faller Nederlivar


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N our Preface to last Year's MAGAZINE, we foretold what Source of Materials would be furnished us for the ensuing Year, by the then Crisis of Affairs in Europe, and the ticklish Situation of this Country ; and from

the many exact Accounts we have given of foreign and domestick Affairs, every Reader, we believe, has found this Prophecy compleatly fulfilled. We wish we could have finished this Year with the Terms of a safe, honourable, and glorious Peace ; for our FRONTISPIECE to this Year's MAGAZINE, will shew that we are far from delighting in War. This we might probably have been enabled to do, if the surprizing and glorious Victories of the King of Prussia, had been duly seconded by the warlike Exploits of this Nation ; and this they would have been, if our military Force, by Sea and Land, had been as vigorously exerted by those who were trusted with the Execution, as the Measures for that Purpose have of late been wisely planned by those who had the Direction.



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Multum in Parbo. Panied for R.baldwinat iho Rofi in Pater Nostertion.

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