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N our Preface to last Year's MAGAZINT, we foretold what Source of Materials would be furnished us for the ensuing Year, by the then Crisis of Affairs in Europe, and the ticklish Situation of this Country, and froni

the many exact Accounts we have given of foreign and domestick Affairs, every Reader, we belicve, has found this Prophecy compleatly fulfilled. We wish we could have finished this Year with the Terms of a safe, honourable, and glorious Peace ; for our FRONTISPIECE to this Year's MAGAZINE, will shew that we are far from delighting in War. This we might probably have been enabled to do, if the surprizing and glorious Victories of the King of Prussia, had been duly feconded by the warlike Exploits of this Nation ; and this they would have been, if our military Force, by Sea and Land, had been as vigorously exerted by those who were trusted with the Execution, as the Measures for that Purpose have of late been wisely planned by those who had the Direction.

The P R E F A CE. But as Matters now stand, we can hardly expect, that our Enemies will sue for Peace, before the Trial of another Campaign ; and whilst we have such an invincible Navy upon the Ocean, this Ifand may resolutely adhere to the Maxim of the Old ROMANS, never to sue for Peace, but to grant it to a suppliant Enemy, who offers ample Satisfaction for all part Injuries, and full Security against

any future.

THEREFORE, in our MAGAZINE for the ensuing Year, we hope, our Readers will find not only more Materials, but much more satisfactory Materials, than they have found in the past. And as we have great Reason to thank them for the Indulgence they have hitherto fewn us, we Mall endeavour to deserve a Continuance of that Indulgence in Time to come.



ing at the Approach of WAR. EACE is represented crowned with Olives, and

holding a Cornucopia in one Hand, and in the other an Olive Branch; the Boy with the Bundle of Arrows tied together, signifies Concord ; and the Figure behind, with the Lyre, signifies polite Learning; all which are flying away at the Approach of the God of War, who is advancing with his Sword drawn, and trampling on Instruments of Agriculture. The Furies follow, treading on Heaps of Dead; and in the Distance is a Town on Fire.


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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For JANUARY, 1757

To be continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.)

Containing (Greater l'izriety, ard more in Quantity', tbn any Monthly

Book of the fame Price. )

I. Character of the Rt. Hon. William Pitt. taph for William Coyfe ; to Mr. T.
11. Journal of che Siege of Fort St. Philip. B. B. Lord Westmorland's Hermitage ;
III. Sentence and Execution of Ravaillac. to the imart Author of a Word to an

IV. Cheap Rice-Food for poor People. Authur; to a Lady who adopted a

V. Deicription of CAERNARVANSHIRE. stolen Poem; Answer to the Turn-

VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po. Cot; Answer to a Riddle; Cibber's

litical Chus, &c. continued : Contain New Year's Ode ; Satire on Women,

ing the SPF ECHES of C. Decimius, and in Greek, Latin, and Englia ; Epi-

L. Trebonius Alper, in the Debate on frums; a martial Song, set to Musick,

the Bill for the better Ericouragement a: a new Minuet, &c. &c.

of Seamen, &c.


VII. Journal of the Siege of Oswego. CER: Adm. Byng tried and sentenced;

VIII. History and Climate of New York. Proclamation for Seamen; arrival of Sir

IX. State and Power of the Pope.

Edw. Hawke; Sessions at the Old-Bai.

X. of Reguating and Forestalling, lcy; Fires; Acts paffed ; new Regi-
XI. Account of La Cala Santa.

ments raited ; Earthquake at Norwich;

XII. Misfortune of Mr. Fitz-Adam. Captures from the French; general
XII. Remarks on Macbeth.

Court of the British Fishery; Births

XIV. Character of Eumolpus.

and Burials at Amsterdam; Spanish

XV. Antient Satire on Women.

Convention ; Advice from America, &c.

XVI. The Word Cherubim explained. XXIV. Marriages ard Births; Deaths

XVII. Digeftive Organs of the Cuckou. Promotions ; Bankrupts.

XVIII. Revenues and Forces of Germany. XXV. Alterations in the Parliament,

XLX. Political Remarks thereon. XXVI. Course of Exchange.

XX. Life of Matthew Prior, Esq; XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

XXI. Campaign in Bohemia.

XXVII. Catalogue of Books.

XXII. Poetry: The Lover's Conflict; ! XXIX. Stocks ; Wind, Weather.

Hor. Ode xv. Book. i. translated; Epi- : XXX. Monthly Bill of Mortality.

With a new and accurate MAP of the County of CAERNARVAN, and fine


PRIOR, Efq; the celebrated Poet, beautifully engraved on Copper.


LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin,

at the Rose in Pater-Nolter. Row;

Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound or

Sutch'd, or any single Month to compleat Sets.


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6, 40


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C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S. VHARACTER of the Rt. Hon. Wil- Explanation of Cherubim

liam Pitt

Oblervations upon

the organs

of digestion Journal of the siege of Fort St. Philip 4 in the cuckoo

30 Execution of Ravaillac

5, 6

Account of the revenues and forces of
A cheap food for the poor

the german empire

Description of Caernarvanshire
8 Remarks arising therefrom


Life of Matthew Prior, Esq;

ibid. DEBATES in the Political Clue, &c. His death and character

32 continued

9-14 Account of the campaign of 1756, by the SPEECH of C. Decimius in the debate king of P

ibid. on the bill for the better encouragement Motions of the Prussian armies

33 of the seamen

Action of Lowofitz

34 Complaints of presled men groundless 10 Saxon ariny made prisoners

35 SPEECH of L. Trebonius Alper in fa- POETRY. The British Bucks, set to muvour of the bill


36 Modern

of making reprizals
The lovers conflict

ibid. Why we have been cajoled by the French A new minuet

37 ibid. Hor, ode xv, book i, translated ibid. Reasons in support of the bill 13 Epitaph for William Coyfe ibid. Numbers of feamen loit by ill usage ibid. To Mr. T. B. B.

ibid. Which makes them averse to the service 14 Lord Weftmorland's hermitage 38 Journal of the fiege of Oswego ibid. To the fiart author of word to an allAccidents which contributed to its being thor taken


To a lady who adopted a stolen poem 40 Fort Ontario evacuated ibid. Answer to the turn-cont

ibid. Col. Mercer, the governor killed 16 Answer to a riddle

ibid. The fort surrenders

ibid. Epigrams Capitulation

Cibher's New-Year's ode

7 Importance of Oswego

ibid. Satire on women, in Greek, Latin, and Spirited behaviour of the New-Yorkilts English


41 Disputes at New York

18 Admiral Byng tried and sentenced ibid. Affair of John Peter Zenger ibid. Encouragement to seamen

ibid. Soil and climate of that colony 19

Admiral Hawke arrives

ibid. of the power, state, and government of Sestions at the Old-Bailey

ibid. ibid.

Fires His revenues

A&ts passed

41 Account of the consistory ibid. New regiments raised

ibid. The pope's forces

Earthquake at Norwich

42 Accouni of the cardinals ibid. Captures from the French

ibid. One promoted by George I.

ibid. General court of the British fishery 41 Account of the Cala Santa at Naples 22 Births and burials at Amiterdam Its noble endowments ibid. Spanish convention

ibid. And bankruptcy ibid. Advice from America

ibid. The concluding WORLD 23 Marriages and births

Sad account of Mr. Fitz-Adam ibid. Deaths
And his last commands

Ecclefiaftical preferments

ibid. Remarks on Macbeth

ibid. Promotions civil and military ibid. Mistakes of annotators


Alterations in the list of parliament 44 Remarks on remarks ibid. Bankrupts

ibid. A disputed passage explained 26 Course of Exchange

ibid. Illustrations thereof 27 FOREIGN AFFAIRS

45 Character of Eumolpus ibid. Of forestalling and regrating

46 Antient satire on women 28 Prices of stocks

48 Excellent advice to parents ibid. Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. We shall give a genuine account of admiral Byng's trial, as soon as we can get minutes that may be depended upon. The great number of pieces in profe and verse that we have received from our kind correspondents, pall be inserted in their due time. The Requital was not received, and Philomuse will soon have a letter from us. The lift of hips taken on both ides, will be resumed in February.

About the Middle of January was Published,
N APPENDIX to the LONDON MAGAZINE for 1756, with a
Beautiful FRONTISPIECE, a general Title curiously engraved, com-

DEXES, and several other Things, neceffary to be bound up with the Volume,

the pope

ibid. 42





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