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1757: GAME ASSOCIATION exposed. 47 and the rice soft and fit for use. Observe no breast but what is susceptible of reto stir the rice while boiling, pretty often, sentment; if so, an injured people, whose otherwise it will be apt to stick to the rights are monopolized, and whose probottom of the pot.

perties are engrossed, will not fail of When the rice is thus boiled, it is put giving themselves all the satisfaction in on a dish, served to table, and used by their power ; they will, we may depend the British inhabitants in America, the A upon it, embrace every opportunity of Chinese, and people in many parts of destroying what they cannot enjoy ; and I Alia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Holland, much question, if more birds do not fall Germany, &c. who eat it instead of bread a sacrifice, and are crushed in the eggwith their meat, and commonly mix it state, by that means, than would be luf. with the sauce or gravy ; others eat it ficient to supply the whole nation, were with milk, as bread; others with butter, they permitted, as formerly, to fire their put in when warm ;--it makes a good B guns in support of themselves and famiingredient in mutton, or other broths, lies, as well as to destroy an enemy. and in soups will answer the purpose of Every one would then be careful to prevermicelli.

serve all sorts of game, till they came to Another excellent dish of rice, which their maturity, and not, as is now pracis brought to the best tables in France, tised, destroy every thing they come near. Germany, and Holland, &c. is made thus: -I have used my utmost endeavours to Put two quarts of new milk into an iron C procure a perfect and authentick list of pot, and three ounces of clean washed these associators for the preservation of the rice ; set the pot on a now fire, stirring game, all over England, but met with difit frequently with a long wooden spoon, ficulties unsurmountable : Neither money, to prevent its sticking to the pot, and be- nor interest, availed me aught ; every ing burnt; it must boil at least two hours, measure proved altogether fruitless; and I when it will eat as rich as cream, and can attribute my bad success to nothing will fit light on the stomach. After it is D else, than the cunning and fubtilty of these boiled, some chuse to put in fugar, diabolical agents, whose names and deeds pounded cinnamon, or butter, to their are so properly adapted to the infernal liking ; but it is very rich without them. regions, that they confequently keep them

Such as chuse to have a good, plain, felves in oblivion, hid from all mankind, cheap, baked rice pudding, called, in despised and looked upon with contempt America, a Poor Man's Pudding, may by every one. Altho' my attempts have observe this rule : Spread two or three I been baffied, and my schemes have not ounces of butter on the inside of an proved sufficient to produce the black caearthen pudding-pan, or pewter soup-clish; talogue entire ; nevertheless I have met sprinkle four ounces of clean-washed rice with some few, which I shall here present over the butter ; then put in one ounce of such sugar as you please, coarse or fine ; a little falt, and three pints of milk :

List of the ASSOCIATORS. Bake it an hour longer, until it is firm, F Duke of Dilatores. Marquis of Gunor is called well-baked. Some chuse to nery. Earl of Clinchall. Lord visc. put slices of bread cut thin upon the

top, Hotspur. Lord visc. Devilsmate. which, when baked, serve as

a cruit. Simple Hairbrains, Bart. Sir Greedy ParThose who do not regard the expence,

tridge, Bart. Sir Gaudy Pheasant, Bart. put a little cinnamon, or nutmeg in it. Sir Rightful Privilege, Bart. Sir Gilbert

Some people have a notion that the use Pensioner, Bart. Sir Simon Faithless, Bart. of rice hurts the eyes ; but this is only a G Sir Ramble Moregame, Bart. Sir Sampvulgar error, for the contrary is well son Stutter, Knt. Sir T. Tinsey, Knt. known, as it is the common food in Sir Walter Wagtail, Knt. Sir William many parts of the world, and the inhabi, Flash, Knt. Sir Graceless Greedy, Knt. tants have their fight as well there as any Sir Lifeless Looby, Knt. Sir Simon Pride, where else.

Knt. Sir Thomas Placeman, Knt. The

Hon. gen. Thickpate. Lieut. gen. FearFrom a Pamphlet callod, An Alarm to the H all. Maj. gen. Fribble. Brig. gen. LaPeople of England, &c. on the uncon

dyman. The Hon. col. Stoutless. Lieut. ftitutional Affociation for the Preserva, col. Swaggerblade. Major Lashback. tion of the Game, &c. (See our last The Hon. capt. Debauchee. William vol. p. 276, 389.)

Ringleader. R. Gloomy. Dismal SpecHE associators will find as good tacle. Thomas Skinflint. H. Tunbelly,

sport granting the act repealed, as Esqrs. &c. &c. &c. they can meet with at present. There is

PRICES (The Catalogue of Books in our next.]

you with,


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Prices of STOCKS for each Day in JANUARY, BILLS of MORTALITY, &c.
BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea 3 and {p: 3p.Cent. S. $. An.13P: Cent. Ind. Bonds|B.Cir. Pol Wind at Weather Bills of Mortality from
STOCK. STOCK, STOCK. Annu.oid Ann.new C. B. AD. B. Annu.

1751. Ind. Ann.
præm. 11. s. d.


London. Dec, 21. to Jan. 25. 117 136 90 88 89 $ 87 3 87 zl. 68


N. W. milling 118

Males 6493 136

90 99 88

Chrift, 88 90

21. 68

S. W.


Femal. 6543 136 99 90

88 89

88 88

21, 6s

2 5 OW. N. W. rain

Males 1238 4 118



21. 6s

2 5 o W. S. W.


Femal, 1252
99 90 88


21, 6s 7 6 9. W. frost Died under 2 Years old 780

w. by N. frost Between 2 and 5 7 119

99 90 88 90 88 88 21. 68 2 7 6N, N. w. thaw

5 and 10 – 91 118 99 90

90 88
21. 63 2 -10 6 N. N. W. (now

10 and 20- 71
2 12 6 N. thaw

20 and 30 174

el. 8s 2 12 6 E. snow rain

go and 40 242 90 89 1

88 88 21. 105 2 12 6 s. by E. cloudy

40 and 50 21

100 90 89

88 88 2 15 o N. by E. rain

· 249 13 Sunday

N. E, cloudy



88 88

7 6 E,


70 and so


100 1

S. W. rain wind

80 and 90

56 16

90 92

OW. N. W. windy

go and 100 -



6 S. S. W. cloudy 18


6: N. W. rain


21. 1o8 3 7 6 N. E. fair
20 Sunday

Within the Walls
N. E. fair


Without the Walls 622


21. Jos 3 10 o S.W.by W. fair

In Mid. and Surry 1173

21. HIS

3 7 61 w. by N. fine

City & Sub, Weft. 518

21. JIS

3 10 o W. S. W. windy 24

100 91 91

21. IIS 3 10
S. W. wind rain


21. 118 3 10
S. W. fair
Weekly Dec. 28

root 91 १०

21. IIS 3 12


Jan. 4 $22
27 Sunday

W. fine



91 90 I

21. ITS 3 12 6 S, S. W. fine


559 29

100 % 91

21. jos 3 12 61 S. wind rain



Wheaten Peck Loaf 29. 8d.
Mark-lane Exchange. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Birmingham.
1448.to51s.odg 151. 15s load 15l. 1os load

131. 19s load 151. oos load

141. ios load 605 to 66 qu 565 to 58 qu9s 6d bubbel

8s od bushel Barley225 to 28s od. 255 to 28 qr 195 to 26 qr 24.5 to 27 qr

205 to 32 ar 198 to 27 gr

295 to 32

45 6d to os od Oats 175 to 203 6d. 178 to 21 od 18s to 22 168 to 185

175 to 22 ood 16 to 1960 185 to 20

18s to 20 28 6d to 3$ 25 6d to os od Beans 238 to 265 od, | 268 60 34 od 1298 to 32 205 to 298

248 to 35 ood

248 to 32 305 to 40 308 to 42 35 to 4940 65 8d to os od


21. gs
21. 93
21. 103
zl. jos 3
21. jos 3 7



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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For FEBRU A RY, 1757.

To be continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Contain ing (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the same Price.) I. Trial of the Hon. Admiral John Byng. vent of Haut-Villers, and Ode to the II. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po- Tiber, by William Whitehead, Efq;

litical CLUB, &c. continued : Contain- True and false Nobility ; Prologue to ing the SPEECHES of C. Numilius and the Author ; Voltaire to the King of Sp. Ligustinus, on the Bill for the bet- Prussia, French and English ; one Turn ter Encouragement of Seamen.

more ; the Conciliation, to Philomuse; III. Siege of Fort St. Philip, concluded. for our Country, an Ode ; Marriage, IV. History of New Jersey.

a Dialogue ; a Whim ; Grizle and V. Account of Pensilvania.

Gripus ; uncommon Epitaphs, a new VI. Surprizing Case of Count de Thun. Song, set to Mulick, a Country Dance, VII. Address to the Heads and Fellows &c. &c. &c. of Colleges.

XXII. The MONTHLY CHRONOVIII. Varieties in Flowers, how to produce. LOGER: List of Sheriffs ; Account of IX. Voltaire's Essay on the Jews.

Capt. Death ; Court-Martial at PlyX. Battle between the Powers of Truth mouth ; Admiral Weit fails ; Bounty and Faldhood.

to Seamen continued ; Acts passed and XI. Hints on the Brewery and Distillery. King's Message ; Survey of Dover HarXII. Allum, in Bread, pernicious. bour; Cambridge Prize Subjects; Fires, XIII. Voyages of Scarmentado.

Storms and Floods ; Sunderland SubXIV. Lord Orrery vindicated.

fcription ; Whales stranded ; Advices XV. New Duty on Tea and Salt proposed. froin America, &c. &c. &c. XVI. Proposal for the Repeal of the XXIII. Account of Damien the Alafin. Game Laws.

XXIV. Letters from Richlieu and Voltaire. XVII. Receipts and Payments of the XXV. Marriages and Births ; Deatlis; Foundling-Hofpital.

Promotions ; Barkrupts. XVIII. Account of that Hospital. XXVI. Course of Exchange. XIX. Of Trade and civil Liberty. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XX. Ships taken on both sides.

XXVIII. Catalogue of Books. XXI. POETRY: Elegy at the Con- | XXIX. Monthly bill of Mortality. With a beautiful Quarto Print, exhibiting a fine and lively View of the FOUNDLING-HOSPITAL, and the adjacent Country, curioully engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Rofe in Pater. Nofter-Row; of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound or

Stitch'd, or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.


C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
ABHR Amino pohanke mial of_the New. duty on tea and falt proposed ibid.

Hon. admiral John Byng 51-56 Proposal for the repeal of the game laws 87

Resolutions of the court-martial 52, 53, 54

State of the receipts and payments of the

Their sentence and representation 55



-- Memorial of the adıniral to his majesty ib. Account of the hospital

Warrant for the execution of the sentence ib. The charity rendered a general one ibid.
JOURNAL of the proceedings and De- A list of the capital paintings in the ho-
BATES in the Political CLUB, &c. {pital




References to the plate


SPEECH of L. Numisius, in the debate Extract from Mr. Hazeland's prize pam-
on the bill for the better encouragement phlet


of seamen

57-59 List of tips taken on both sides 90

SPEECH of Sp. Ligustinus in reply 59-63 Poetry. A new song, let to musick 95
Account of the Hege of fort St. Philip A new country dance



63–71 Elegy at the convent of Haut Villers


Dismal situation of the garrison 67 Ode to the Tiber


Ruinous condition of the fort

68 True and falle nobility


The fort stormed, but bravely defended 69 Prologue to the Author

List of the killed and wounded at the liege Voltaire au roi de Prulle



The same in English


Abstract of the ammunition expended in One turn more


the liege

71 The Conciliation to Philomuse ibid.

Hiltory of New Jersey

ibid. For our country, an ode


Exports and imports of that province 72 Marriage, a dialogue


History of Pensilvania


A whim


Wife regulation

ibid. Grizle and Gripus


Surprizing case of count de Thun
74 Uncommon epitaphs


Rise of his disorder


Method of cure


List of theriffs for 1757 96, 104

Strange phenomenon thence arising ibid. Account of the brave capt. Death 96

Conjectures thereon

ibid. Captain of the Sheerness tried


Effects of the cure destroyed 76 Admiral West fails


Address to the heads and fellows of col. Benefactions to the Marine Society ibid.

ibid. Gen. court of the South-Sea company ib.

Extract from a charge of bishop Sprat ?? Bounty to seamen prolonged ibid.

How to produce variety in flowers ibid. Court of coinmon-council


An essay on the Jews. By M. Voltaire 78

Acts passed


Guebri, Banians and Jews, not extin- King's message


guished by dispersion

ibid. Orders to clerks of publick offices ibid.

History of the Jewish conquests 79 Survey of Dover harbour

The Centinel, No IV.


Cambridge prize subjects


Envy, malice, aniinolity, whence arising 80 Fires

96, 97, 98
An interesting vition

ibid. Floods and storms

Engagement between the rival powers of Generous subscription at Sunderland ibid.

Truth and Fallood

8: Whale on shore at Aberdeen


Hints on the brewery and distillery ibid. Spanish hoftilities at Honduras ibid.

Pernicions quality of allum in bread 82 Advices from America


Apoplectical perions how reitored ibid. Account of Damien the assassin ibid.
Voyages of Scarmentado

Letters from Richlieu and Voltaire to Byng

Severe satire on perfecution ibid.

Misfortunes of


Scaimentado 84 Monthly bill of mortality


Realoning of the Negroes

ibid. Marriages and birthis

Marriage of Scarmentado, and its conse- Deaths



ibid, Ecclefiaftical preferments

A vindication of a passage of lori Orrery 85 Promotions civil and military ibid.

And the passage rescued from the intidels Bankrupts


ibid. Course of Exchange


Thoughts on true and false nobility 86 Catalogue of book's

103, 104
The mathematical pieces from Bridgwater, the lines entitled Absence, and many other

ingenious productions, in proje and verse, will be deferred no longer than our next, when

Mr. Stephens's favour shall be duly regarded. We bope to be exculed by our contributors for

shus delaying their pieces, wbich, on account of the many necefjury things that could not be

deferred, we have been obliged to do, tho we have, ihis month, given eight pages mora

than our ujial quantity.


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and as it was impossible for him to digeft Alfrait of the TRIAL of the Hon. Ad

and discuss the minutes in the short space miral JOHN BYNG, at a Court-Martial

of time since the close of the evidence, assembled on Board bis Majesty's Ship St.

he should rely entirely upon the candour George, in Portsmouth Harbour, Dec.

of the court, and give no farther trouble 28, 1756.

than to examine his secretary. AccordPRESENT,

A ingly he was examined, and then the
Tho. Smith, Esq; vice-admiral of the red, court began to read the evidence, as also
Fr. Holburne, Esq; rear-adm. of the red, the prisoner's defence, which was con.
Hany Norris, Efq; rear-adm. of the white, tmued the two following days, when the
Tho. Brodrick, Eig; rear-adm. of the blue. court was shut up, as it continued to be

Captains. Cha. Holmes, Wm. Boys, until the 26th inclusive, during which
John Simcoe, John Bentley, Peter Denis, time the following resolutions were agreed
Francis Geary, John Moore, James B to, viz.
Douglas, Hon. Augustus Keppel.

1. Unanimously. It does not appear, 20 DMIRAL Byng being That any unnecessary delay was made by

brought in, and the au- adm. Byng, in the proceedings of the

dience admitted, there squadron under his command, from the
A were read, the order from time of their failing from St. Helens, on

the Admiralty board for April 6, to the time of their arrival off
the trial, as also his ip- C Minorca on the 19th of May.

structions, his letters, and 2. Unanimously. It appears, That
several other papers, which it might be upon the fleet's getting light of Minorca,
necesary to refer to in the trial; and then on the morning of May 19, the admiral
was read a paper delivered by him to ad- detached three frigates (the Phænix, Chef-
miral Smith, the president, detiring leave tertield, and Dolphin) a-head, with or's
to have a person to take the minutes of ders to capt. Hervey of the Phænix, to
the proceedings in short-hand ; and also D endeavour to land a letter, from the ad-
that he might have lieut. Edward Clarke miral, to lieut. gen. Blakeney, and to
to aslift him in regulating his minutes ; make observations of what batteries or
the former of which was granted, but the forts the enemy might be possessed of along
latier could not, because Mr. Clarke was the shore.
to be examined as a witness by the judge 3. Unanimously. It appears, That

those frigates were got a-head of the feet The court then adjourned till next E and in more, and the Phoenix close to the morning, nine o'clock, when the exami. Lair of Mahon, and were endeavouring nation of the witnesses began, which was to execute those orders till they were called continued de die in diem, Sundays ex- off, between 11 and 12 o'clock, by signal cepted, until the 18th of January, when from the admiral, upon discovery of the admiral Byng delivered in his defence, in French fleet in the south eat quarter. writing, which was read, and that day 4. Unanimously. It appears, That the his captain was re-examined : Next day F fleet stood towards the enemy the remainthe admiral delivered in a paper, in writ- ing part of the day, with calms and ing, whereby he declared,' that as the little winds, until they tacked in the court had left him very little that seemed cvening. necessary to explain farther by witnesses ;

February, 1757


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