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100 Account of Damien.--Letters to Admiral Byng. Feb. ciergerie. The process against him was Martial at Portsmouth, at the Time of begun at Versailles, and many persons (it is bis Trial. presumed by his evidence, diawn from him by his tortures) have been sent to the Bar. Aux delices pres de Geneve, Jan. 3, 1757. tile and other prisons. He was brought from

SIR, Versailles to Paris on the 18th of Jan. at

'HO' I am almost unknown to you, three in the morning, in a coach, under a Itrong guard, orders being previously issued, that no person thould itand on the road,

the copy of the better which I have just or look out at a door or window to see

received from the marshal duke of Richhim pass, on pain of being fired at by

lieu : Honour, humanity, and equity, orthe guards, who had orders for that pur

der me to convey it into your hands. This pote. On his arrival, he was carried to

noble and unexpected teitimony from one the Conciergerie, where he is guarded

of the most candid, as well as the most and watched with the utmost attention,

generous of my countrymen, makes me several detachments of the French guards prefume your judges will do you the fame doing duty alternately there, and some of justice. the fubaltern officers of that corps being

I am with respect, Sir, &c.

VOLTAIRE. continually prefent with him. An iron bed was prepared in this prison for him,

To the Hon. J. Byng, Esq; constructed in such a manner, that it might serve alternately as a bed, and an elbow

very legs and arms, and the middle of his body, with strong chains. On his being

I have seen or heard of him, does him alked, whether he did not expect all honour. After having done all that man kinds of tortures for the execrable act he could reasonably expect from him, he undertook; he made answer, that he had ought not to be cenfured for suffering a sufficiently thought of it; but what pained

defeat. When two commanders contend him most was the boiling oil poured into for victory, tho’ both are equally men of the incifions made in his arms and legs. honour, yet one must necessarily be worstIt is said, that he has endeavoured to de ed, and there is nothing against Mr. stroy himself, but is deprived of all means Byng but his being worsted, for his whole of doing it. The next day after his be

conduct was that of an able seaman, and ing brought to Paris, the peers of France is justly worthy of admiration. The went to the parliament, to allilt in the pro- strength of the two fleets was at least equal; cess against him. The torture by fire the English had 13 ships, and we 12, which he was put to, produced such ul- much better equipped, and much cleaner. cers in one of his legs, as to threaten a Fortune that prelides over all battles, and mortification. By the last advices from especially those that are fought at sea, was Paris we have accounts, that he attempted

more favourable to us than to our adverto bite off his tongue, on which they had faries, by sending our balls into their Ihips drawn out all his teeth. His brother is with greater execution. I am persuaded, dead in the Baltile. Under all his tor- and it is the generally received opinion, tures, of different kinds, he has supported that if the English had obstinately conhimself with amazing courage and reso- tinued the engagement, their whole fleet lution, and fuems to be possessed by a

would have been destroyed. mixture of libertinisin and fanaticism, In short, there can be no higher act of which actuate him, by turns, to strange injustice than what is now attempted a-, extravagancies of language and geiture. gainst admiral Byng, and all men of hoHis punishment, sa all probability, will nour, and all gentlemen of the army, are be feverely exemplary, and, if we may particularly interested in the event. credit our latest accounts, very speedy,

RICHLIEU. after which no doubt, we shall be able to

I received this letter from marshal duke gratify our readers curiosity, with a fuller de Richlieu, the 1st of January, 1757, in account of every thing relating to this

witness of which I have signed my nante, desperate wretch.


MARRIAGES and Birtus. franslation of the Letter from the Marshal

Duke de Richlieu, with Voltaire's Letter Jan. 27. 10 Almiral Byng, in which it was ina

, elojed, borb which were sent to the Court- married to Miss Anne Norton.


Jan. 27. GEORGE Knowles, of

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Oliver Coghill, Esq; to Miss Anne the county of Roscommon, in Ireland, Hucks, of Bloomsbury.

aged 138 years.

He worked at lath31. Mr. Woolley, to Miss Judith Clive, making till within six weeks of his death. fifter to the brave col. Clive, governor of 5. Right Hon. Horatio Walpole, lord St. David's fort, the East Indies. Walpole, of Woolterton, in Norfolk, a

Feb. 3. Right Hon. lord visc. Gage, to teller of the Exchequer, auditor general Miss Gideon, second daughter of Samp- of the plantations, a lord of the privy fon Gideon, of Belvidere, in Kent, Esq; council, and F. R. S. brother to the late

Geo. Crafter, Esq; to Miss Sharpe, of Sir Robert Walpole, earl of Orford. He Lincoln's-Inn Fields, with a fortune of is succeeded, in title and citate, by his 30,000l.

eldest son, Horatio, now lord Walpole. 17. Andrew Pope, of Bristol, Esq; to 6. John Effingham, an old soldier, Miss Coningham.

near Penryn, in Cornwall, aged 104. Hewar Exburgh, of Emneth, in Nor- 9. Clement Dorrington, of Devonshire, folk, E14; to Miss Haseldin.

Eία; 18. Richard Charlton, Esq; to Miss 10. Hon. capt. William Montague, Radcliffe.

brother to the earl of Sandwich. 22. Montague Grover, Esq; to Miss 11. Mr. Robert Mohun, an eminent Moody.

linen-draper in Cheapside, and a commonJan. 31. Lady Charlotte Maddan, was council man of the ward of Farringdon delivered of a daughter.

within. Lady of Henry Compton, Efq; of a son. 12. Rev. Dr. John Clarke, dean of

Feb. 4. Countess of Dartmouth, of a Sarum, and prebendary of Norwich ; fon.


brother to the late celebrated Dr. 9. Lady of Arthur Onslow, jun. Esq; Samuel Clarke, of St. James's Weftminof a fon.

ster, aged 70. 14. Lady of Edward Deering, Esq; of Rev. Dr. Reeve, archdeacon of Hunta fon.

ingdon. 17. Lady Cranstoun, of a son.

13. Mr. Richard Clements, an eini. 18. The lady of the primate of Ire- nent bookseller at Oxford. land, of a daughter.

Matthew Bacon, of the Temple, Eld;

counsellor at law. DEATHS.

14. Thomas Bettesworth, of the InnerKeith, at Temple, Esq; Bonny-near Edin- James Wallis, of Great Ormond-street, burgh, who was preceptor to the late eart Efq; mareschal, and his brother, the famous Joseph Musgrave, of Great Ruffelveldt-marshal James Keith.

treet, Bloomsbury, Efq; Isabel Darling, of Newcastle upon Tyne, Major general Edward Richbell, coloaged 111, who has left a daughter aged 88. nel of a regiment of foot.

The learned Mr. Thomas Ruddiman, 16. Dr. Schaw, an eminent physician, of Edinburgh.

of Great Ruffel-ftreet, Bloomsbury. 28. The wife of capt. Rodney, a Charles French, Esq; at Port-Royal, daughter of the late Hon. Cha. Compton. in Jamaica.

James Potter, of Warwickshire, Esq; Dr. Theophilus Metcalfe, an eminent at Bath.

physician at Oxford. William Anderson, of Tetbury, in Charles Fanshaw, Esq; a halfpay rearGloucestershire, Esq;

admiral. 29. John Stokes, of Eye, in Suffolk, John Fenwick, of Burrow-hall, in Efq; aged above 100 years.

Lancashire, Esq; Hon. Mr. Arundel, only son and heir 20. Thomas Beckford, Efq; uncle to of lord Arundel, of Wardour.

the alderman. Capt. Edw. Spragge, of Greenwich, The lady of Sir Lodowick Grant, Bart. grandson of the brave admiral, Sir Edw. Peter Deschamp, of Mark-lane, Efq; Spragge, killed in the latt Dutch war. 21. The relict of the late governor

31. Mr. John Hildyard, an eminent Matthew. bookseller at York.

23. George Payne, of New PaliceTho. Barrett, of Lee, in Kent, Efq; yard, Efq;

Feb. 1. John Bromfield, of Gerrard- At Paris, Jan. 9. Mr. Bernard le street, Efq; aged 80.

Bouges de Fontenelle, dean of the French John Polhill, Efq; fon of Charles Polo academy, aged 99 years, 11 months, and hill, E1q; a commiffioner of the Excise. 12 days. He was fellow of the Royal 4. William Sharpley, of Knockall, in


Jan. 20. REKOM. Robert Keithiaiat

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PROMOTIONS, BANKRUPTS, &c. Feb. Society of London, and of the Royal exempt and capt. Samuel Pocock, brig. Academy at Berlin, and justly celebrated and lieut. Rupert Clarke, sub-brig. and for his elegant writings.

cornet.--Herbert's dragoon guards. Tho

mas Brudenell, lieut. Edward Brudenell, ECCLESIASTICAL PreferMENTS.

- Hawley's dragoons. Sir W. EV. Mr. Jonathan Yeates, was pre- Mansell, Bart. cornet.-Campbell's dra

sented to the vicarage and parith goons. John Cambell, cornet. -Howard's church of Boulderby, in Bucks.--Samuel foot. John Barford, capt.-York's foot. Knight, M. A. to the rectory of Stan- Robert Edmeston, lieut. Charles Mortiwick, in Northamptonshire.-David Wil- mer, enlign.-Skelton's foot. John Van. liams, M. A. to the rectory of Ofernon, riel, enfign.-Cornwallis's foot. in Glamorganshire.--Hon. Mr. Sherrard, Cleland, lieut. - Wedder burn, John to a canonry of Salisbury.-Mr. Cumber- Tate, ensigns. Anstruther's foot. Wil. land, to the vicarage of Fulliam.-Mr. liam Kerr, enlign.-Loudoun's foot. ThoSamuel Rolt, jun. to the rectory of Crox- mas Dundass, enfign.-Lord Cha. Hay's towe, in Lincolnihire.—Mr. Tho. Dyer, foot. Charles Harvey, capt. John Gore, to the vicarage of Adsome, in Norfolk. capt. lieut.--Stuart's foot. John Meillon, John Rogers, B. A. to the vicarage and John M Minn, Synge Wareham, enfigns. parish church of Binscome, in Notting- William Stephenson. quar. master. Thohamshire.- John Davidson, B. A. to the mas Gilbert, adj.-Independent company rectory of Windley, in Lincolnshire.- at Sheerness.

M'Glashon, lieut. Thomas Dickins, M. A. to the vicarage -Lord Robert Manners's foot. Gervas of Halstone, in Warwickshire. — Charles Remington, major.–Promotions in the Musgrave, M. A. was elected provoft of second troop of horse-guards, commanded Oriel college, Oxford, in the room of by lord Cadogan, occasioned by the religDr. Hodges, deceased. - Mr. Oram, to nation of lieut. col. Henry Gore, viz. the rectory of Northwold, in Norfolk.- Benjamin Carpenter, lieut. col. Francis Dr. Green, to the deanery of Salisbury. Demaratte, cornet and first major. LewisMr. Lawson, to the living of Throwley, Charles Montolieu, guidon and second in Kent.--Mr. Bostock, to a canonry of

major. Richard Bowles, exempt and Windsor.—Mr. Lyttleton, to the vicarage capt. Samuel Pocock, brig. and lieut. of Yelton, in Devonshire.

Rupert Clarke, sub-brig. and cornet. A dispensation passed the seals, to ena- Stephen Comyn, Efq; appointed steward ble John Pitman, M. A. to hold the rec- to the dean and chapter's court of St. tory of Poltimore, with the rectory of Paul's, in the room of the Hon. John Ellington, in Devonshire. . To enable Talbot, deceased.

- William Cochrane, William Delves, M. A. to hold the vi- Efq; judge advocate for Scotland. carage of Frank, with the rectory of

Walden, in Sussex.

TSAAC Whitelock, ofCable-ftrect, Middlesex, falcman.

Joseph Joyce, of Denmark street, gold chain maker.
PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. William Lake, of Newcastle upon Tyne, attorney.

Wiljain Hepworth, of Brentwood, innholder.

James Watson, of Witling-tree!, merchant. T. James's, Feb. 11. The king has

Robert Scoit, of Twickenham, furgeon.

James Callenon, of Birining han, chapruan. appointed Thomas Pownall, Esq; John Battison, of St. Bride's, hatter. (lieutenant-governor of the province of

Henry Aldwin, jun, and James Ouvry, jun. of the

Tower liberty, weavers.
New-Jersey) to be governor of his ma- Jof. Boyden, of Ferier-lane, ftationer.

Richarafon Gale, of Fenchurch-Atreet, victualler. jesty's province of the Massachusets Bay

Thomas Bingley, of Chcfer, grocer. in New-England, in the room of William Wn. Sharp, of St. Luke', Middlef-x, ftable-keeper.

Thomas Butler, of Clerkenwell, cortec-man. Shirley, Elq;

Roger Price and John Bates, of Westminster, linen. Whitehall, Feb. 15. His majesty has diaper. been pleased to constitute and appoint col.

COURSE of EXCHANGE. Sir Rich. Lyttelton, knight of the Bath, lieut. col. Alexander Dury, col. Francis

LONDON, Saturday, Feb. 26, 1757. Leighton, col. Hedworth Lambton, col.

Ainsterdam lord Robert Manners, col. John Mostyn,

Ditto at Sight

3 col. Edward Pole, col. John Waldegrave.


5 col. Peregrine Thomas Hopfon, and col.


No Price. Edward Cornwallis

, to be majors general Hainburgh of his majesty's forces.

Paris i Day's Date

Ditto, 2 Ufance
From the rest of the PAPERS.

Bourdeaux, ditto

30 Other prom, tions in the army. Second Cadiz troop of horse-guards, Richard Bowles,



36 5



36 3

30 3-16ths.
30 3-16ths.


37 7-8ths.

37 7-8ths. 37 7-11ths. 47 1-8th,

55. 5d. 1-8th.

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The Monthly Catalogue for Jan. and Feb. 1757. 103 Madrid

count of the Lives and Works of the moft Bilboa

valuable Authors of Italy. By G. BarLeghorn

retti, pr. 6s. Millar. Naples

No Price.

18. The Centinel. No 1, pr. 2d. CooGenoa

46 5-8ths. per. (See p. 79.) Venice


19. Twelve Plates of English Coins, Lisbon

and 'Observations thereon, pr. 6s. Withy: Porto

55. 4d. 1-qr.

20. Some particular Remarks upon the Dublin

7 3-qrs.

Affair of the Hanoverian Soldier. By E.
Lancer, Esq; pr. 6d. Cooper.

21. Party Spirit, pr. 6d. Cooper. The MONTHLY CATALOGUE, 22. The Proteft, pr. is. Corbett.

for January and February, 1757. 23. A political Paper called the ConstiDIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. tution, No 1, pr. 6d. Birt.

24. An Essay on the Nature and Use of of the Body was first inserted in the Militia, pr. 6d. Sandby. the publick Creeds. By the late Dr. 25. A political Treatise on national Sykes, pr. is. Millar.

Humour, pr. 6d. Withy. 2. A Paraphrase and Notes upon the 26. An Alarm to the People of EngEpistle to the Hebrews. By the late Dr.

land, pr. is:

Scott. Sykes. Knapton.

27. A Discourse on the Establishinent 3. A Discourse concerning the govern- of a national and conititutional Force in ing Providence of God. By Henry Steb- England, pr. is. Grithths. bing, D. D. pr. 68. Davis.

28. A Letter to a Member of Parlia4. A Supplement to the first and second ment, for the Amendment of the Laws Volumes of a View of the Deittical Wri- against Forestallers, Ingrossers and Reters. By J. Leland, D. D. pr. 5s. Dod. graters, pr. 60. Longman.

5. Remarks on Dr. Warburton's Ac- 29. Propofals for carrying on the wat count of the Sentiments of the early Jews with Vigour, pr. is.

Cooper. concerning the Soul, pr. is.' Cooper. 30. The Trial and Execution of Ra

6. A Reply to St. Peter's Christian vaillac, pr. is. Owen. (See p. 5.) Apology, as set forth by Dr. Patten. By 31. The Equipoise ; or Constitution R. Heathcote, M. A. pr. 28. Payne. balanced, pr. 6d. Woodfall.

7. A Directory for the due Improve- 32. Considerations on the Revenues of ment of the Fait, pr. 64. Griffiths. Ireland, pr. 1s. Cooper.

8. Form of Prayer for the General Fast, 33. The Prussian System and Proceedpr. 6d. Balket.

ings stated, pr. is. 6d. Hooper. 9. The Second Volume of Dr. Lard- 34. Bower and Tillemont compared, ner's Supplement to his Credibility of the pr. 15. 6d. Cooper. Gospel History, pr. 55. Noon.

35. Mr. Bower's Answer to a new PHYSIC and SURGERY.

Charge brought against him, pr. 60. 10. A Dissertation on the malignant, Sandby. ulcerous fore Throat. By J. Huxham, 36. A new English Dictionary. By J. M. D. pr. is. Hinton.

Buchanan, pr. 55. Millar. 11. An Account of a particular Kind 37. A Remonftrance against Lord Boof Rupture frequentiy attendant on new lingbroke's Philofophy. By G. Anderborn Children. "By Percivall Pott, pr. 15.

fon, pr. 55. Hitch. Hitch and Hawes.

38. A Letter from a Merchant to the 12. A Letter to a Friend on the Subject Rt Hon. W—P- Scott. of Inoculation. By D. Cox, M. D. pr. 39. A Letter to Lord A-, pr. is. Meadows.


40. The irretrievable Abyss : Ad13. Wit's Magazine, No 1, 2, 3, 4, dresled to both Houses of Parliament, pr. pr. 3d. Reason.

6d. Owen. 14. Thoughts on the pernicious Con- 41. Two very singular Addresses to the sequences of borrowing Money, pr. 6d. People of England, pr. 6d. Scott. Waugh.

42. The Trial of Admiral Byng, pr. 15. A friendly Attempt to remove some Reason. Mistakes in the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's Ser- 43. Minutes of Admiral Byng's Trial, mons, pr. 6d. Keith.

H. Owen. 16. Confiderations on the several Ad- 44. Admiral Byng's genuine Defence, dresses to his Majesty, pr. 64. Cooper.

pr. 6d. Baldwin. 17. The Italian Library ; or an Ac





pr. is.

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pr. 35. Noble.

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pr. is.

104 The Monthly Catalogue for Jan, and Feb. 1757.

45. The Trial of the Hon. Admiral 70. The History of the Royal Society. Byng, pr. gs. Lacy.

By T. Birch, D. D. Vols. III. and Iý. 46. The Trial of the Hon. Admiral 4to. Millar. (See p. 77.) John Byng, as taken by Mr. Charles 71. A new Translation of Salluft. By Fearne, Judge Advocate of the Fleet, pr. W. Rose, A, M. pr. 38. Browne. 6s. Manby. (See p. 51.)

Law. 47. Some Queries on the Council of 72. Modern Reports. By Danby PickWar, held at Gibraltar, May 4, last, pr. ering, Esq; , Vols. Folio, pr. 61. 6s. 6d. Baldwin.

Waller, &c. 48. A Scheme for a constitutional Mi- ENTERTAINMENT and POETRY. litia, pr. 6d. Pote.

73. Oriental Eclogues, pr. is. Payne. 49. An Enquiry concerning a national 74. The History of Miss Katty NMilitia. Cooper.

50. Instructions for playing on the Gui- 75. Duplessis's Memoirs ; or Variety of tar, pr. 55.

Adventures. In 2 Vols. pr. 6s. Reeve. 51. The History of the Voyages of 76. The Evening's Walk : A Poem Scarmentado : A Satire, by Voltaire, pr. proper for the present Times, pr. 4d. Lewis. 6d. Vailliant. (See p. 82.)

77. A Collection of select and remark52. The Rhapsodist, No 1, pr. 2d. able Epitaphs. By J. Hackett. In 2

53. The Fait : An occasional Paper, Vols. 12mo. pr. 6s. Osborne. (See p. 95.) pr. 2d. Wilkie.

78. A visionary Interview at the Shrine 54. Les vrais Principes de la Langue of Shakespear. By H. Howard, pr. 6d. Angloise. Par V. J. Peyton, pr. 35. 6d. Withy. Nourfe.

79. The Age of Dulness : A Satire, 55. The second Part of Mr. Bower's

Answer, pr. 6d. Sandby.

80. The Art of Conversation, pr. 35.
56. Bower vindicated, pr. 6d. Doughty. Withy.
57. Four Differtations. By David Hume,

81. The Revolutions of Modesty ; to Efq; pr. 38. Millar.

which is added, the Reign of Pleasure, pr. 58. A Letter to Bourchier Cleeve, Esq; 25. Cooper. concerning his Calculations of Taxes, pr. 82. Mr. Pope's universal Prayer ; in T. Payne.

Latin and English. By T. Sayer, M. A. 59. A Letter to a Member of Parlia

Owen. ment on the Importance of our American 83. Orlando Furioso. By Ariosto, Colonies, pr. 60. Scott.

With a Translation into English by W. 60. Propofals for uniting the American Huggins, Efq; 2 Vols. 4to. pr. il. 11s. 6d. Colonies, pr. 15. Wilkie.

in Sheets. Rivington and Fletcher. 61. A State of the Case, and Narra- 84. Mr. Hervey's Contemplations on tive of the late Risings of the Weavers in the Night, done into blank Verse, pr. Gloucesterthire, pr. is. Griffiths.

is. 6d. Rivington and Fletcher. 62. Northern Revolutions, pr. 25. 85. The Mule in moral Humour, pr. Cooper.

63. Considerations on the present Dear- 86. The bubbled Knights ; or success. ncss of Corn, pr. 6d. Bizet.

ful Contrivances. 2 Vols. pr. 63. Noble. 64. A Lift of Lent Preachers, pr. 2d. 87. The Reprisal ; or the Tars of old Whifton.

England, a Comedy of two Acts, pr. 1$. 65. Lord Bolingbroke on the Power of

Baldwin. the Prince and the Freedom of the Peo- 88. Elegies ; with an Ode to the Ti. ple, pr. is. Scott.

ber. By William Whitehead, Efq; pr. is. 66. The naked Truth ; or the Case of Dodsley. (See p. 92.) Henry Govers, pr. 25.

89. A Collection of pretty Poems, for 67: Four Pieces : Being a full Reply Children fix Feet high, pr. is. Newberiy: of the Emprefs-Queen to the King of 90. The World. Vols. IV. V. and VÍ. Prusia, pr. 2s. Owen.

in 12mo. Dodíley, HISTORY

91. An Epistle from Voltaire to the 68. Mr. Hume’s History of Great- King of Prussia : French and English, Britain. Vol. II. 4to. pr. 145. in Boards. pr. 6d. Dodfley. (See p. 93.) Millar.

92. The Author, a Comedy of two

Vailliant. 69. The first Volume of Tindal's Ra- Ads. By Mr. Foote, pr. is. pin, 8vo. in Boards, pr. gs. Baldwin. (See p. 56.)

In the list of Sheriffs, p. 96. reail, Glouc. William Mills, Efq; Linc. Charles Gore, Efq; Anglejea, Owen Pritchard, Esq;

(Foreign Affairs, the Remainder of tbe Catalogue of Books, and the Stocks, in our next.]

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pr. is.

35. Noble.

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