Hau Kiou Choaan: Or, The Pleasing History, Том 3

Передня обкладинка
Thomas Percy
R. and J. Dodsley, 1761

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Сторінка 254 - Lo, children and the fruit of the womb : are an heritage and gift that cometh of the Lord, Like as the arrows in the hand of the giant : even so are the young children. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them : they shall not be ashamed when they speak with their enemies in the gate.
Сторінка 254 - Mr. Merrick observes, that the gate was sometimes the seat of war, as well as the place of judicature. ' Then was war in the gates;' Judges, v. 8. He mentions a remarkable Chinese proverb : " When a son is born into a family, a bow and arrow are hung before the gate.
Сторінка 233 - If you would have a thing kept fecret, never tell it to any one ; and if you would not have a thing known of you, never do it. Whatever you are going to do or fay, think well kill what may DC the conlequcnce of it. They are always felling wit to others who have le:ift or
Сторінка 226 - but ten or twelve years to hope for ; of this •' fmall remnant of life, the inconveniences of " old age will confume a great part; there
Сторінка 227 - The hufband and wife are like the birds * of the field : in the evening they meet in the fame thicket, but feparate in the morning z.
Сторінка 194 - Proverb therefore advifes us to avoid a blaft of Wind as carefully as the Point of an Arrow...
Сторінка 235 - You fee, my childreu, that this bark is fup' ported by the water, which at the fame time ' can overwhelm it : confider that the people ' refemble the water, and the Emperor the
Сторінка 245 - Strive not •with a man that is of an evil tongue, and heap not ivood upon hisf.rc.
Сторінка 212 - Chiaefe moralift) produce me the man, who, " content with a ftraw cottage and a little in•...

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