Manual of technical analysis, founded upon the Handbuch der technisch-chemischen Untersuchungen of P.A. Bolley by B.H. Paul

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Сторінка 27 - INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE BIBLE: containing Proofs of the Authenticity and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; a Summary of the History of the Jews ; an Account of the Jewish Sects ; and a brief Statement of the Contents of the several Books of the Old and New Testaments. By GEORGE TOMLINE, DDFRS New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. 6d. cloth. TOOKE.-THE HISTORY OF PRICES : With reference to the Causes of their principal Variations, from the year 1792 to the year 1838, inclusive.
Сторінка 13 - HOOKER'S JOURNAL OF BOTANY, containing Figures and Descriptions of such Plants as recommend themselves by their novelty, rarity, or history, or by the uses to which they are applied in the Arts, in Medicine, and in Domestic Economy; together with occasional Botanical Notices and Information, and occasional Portraits and Memoirs of eminent Botanists.
Сторінка 17 - Essays : On Decision of Character ; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Himself; on the epithet Romantic ; on the aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical Religion.
Сторінка 16 - Bearings, Crests, and Mottoes, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, including the late Grants by the College of Arms. With an Introduction to Heraldry, and a Dictionary of Terms.
Сторінка 16 - Robson, and others ; besides many thousand names which have never appeared in any previous Work. This volume, in fact, in a small compass, but without abridgment, contains more than four ordinary quartos. BURNS' WORKS, WITH LIFE BY ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, AND NOTES BY SIR WALTER SCOTT, CAMPBELL, WORDSWORTH, LOCKHART, &c.
Сторінка 29 - WILSON'S (JAMES PROFESSOR OF FRENCH IN ST. GREGORY'S COLLEGE) FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DICTIONARY, containing full Explanations, Definitions, Synonyms, Idioms, Proverbs, Terms of Art and Science, and Rules of Pronunciation in each Language. Compiled from the Dictionaries of the Academy, BOWYER, CHaMBAUD, GARNER, LAVEAUX, DES CARKIERES and FAIN, JOHNSON and WALKER.
Сторінка 20 - Life of the Duke of Wellington, 'm our opinion, has no rival among similar publications of the day. .... We pronounce it free from flattery and bombast, succinct and masterly The type and mechanical execution are admirable ; the plans of battles and sieges numerous, ample, and useful; the portraits of the Duke and his warrior contemporaries many and faithful; the battle pictures animated and brilliant; and the vignettes of costumes and manners worthy of the military genius of Horace Vernet himself.
Сторінка 15 - ZOOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATIONS: OR, ORIGINAL FIGURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF NEW, RARE, OR INTERESTING ANIMALS, selected chiefly from the Classes of Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchology, 6 vols.
Сторінка 7 - Author appears to us to have neglected no sources of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as regards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. The Graphical Illustrations are such as become a work of this character upon such a subject; at, of course, a lavish cost.
Сторінка 1 - CATALOGUE OF NEW BOOKS AND REMAINDERS, IN 100 PAGES, MAY BE HAD GRATIS. V* All the Hooks advertised in the present Catalogue are neatly boarded in cloth, or bound.

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