New England Medical Monthly, Том 27,Випуск 2

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Сторінка 72 - It is the duty of physicians, who are frequent witnesses of the enormities committed by quackery, and the injury to health and even destruction of life caused by the use of quack medicines, to enlighten the public on these subjects, to expose the injuries sustained by the .unwary from the devices and pretensions of artful empirics and impostors.
Сторінка 47 - The marked analgesic, antispasmodic, balsamic, expectorant, mucus-modifying and inflammation-allaying properties of GLYCO-HEROIN (Smith) explain the curative action of the Preparation in the treatment of Coughs, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Laryngitis, Pulmonary Phthisis, Asthma, Whooping Cough and the various disorders of the breathing passages.
Сторінка 43 - BOVININE Assures Normal Opsonic Index, Full Elimination of Waste. Rich Red Blood. Cell Stimulation and Complete Nutrition. BOVININE. Internally it establishes a normal balance between elimination and nutrition, result being health. BOVININE.
Сторінка 41 - The manufacturers of Listerine are proud of Listerine — because it has proved one of the most successful formulae of modern pharmacy. This measure of success has been largely due to the happy thought of securing a two-fold antiseptic effect in the one preparation...
Сторінка xxii - The Physician of Many Years' Experience Knows that, TO OBTAIN IMMEDIATE RESULTS there is no remedy like Syr. Hypophos. Co., Fellows Many MEDICAL JOURNALS specifically mention this Preparation as being of Sterling worth TRY IT AND PROVE THESE FACTS SPECIAL NOTE.— Fellows
Сторінка xvi - This was combined with hygienic treatment, the patient being given as much fresh air as possible. In a few days the condition was much ameliorated, the cough under fair control, expectoration was freer and easier to raise, and convalescence uneventful. The case was discharged cured and there were no unpleasant sequelae, the patient at present being in perfect health.
Сторінка 46 - ... (Smith) The preparation instantly diminishes cough, augments expulsion of secretions, dispels oppressive sense of suffocation, restores regular, pain-free respiration and subdues inflammation of the air passages. The marked analgesic, antispasmodic, balsamic, expectorant, mucus-modifying...
Сторінка xiv - Tablets and I have taken them regularly all winter and have coughed but very little. I take one tablet every three or four hours, and...
Сторінка 87 - Including the description of a variety of operations for improving the appearance of the face. 136 pages. 73 illustrations. Prepaid, $1.50. Published by the author, 70 State St., Chicago, 111. Dr. Miller declares that "there is today a well-established demand for skillful featural surgeons...
Сторінка 44 - Dr. William A. HammOnd, Surgeon-Gmeral (retired) US Army, formerly Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System in the University of New York, etc., Washington, DC: "I have had considerable experience with BUFFALO LITHIA WATER in the treatment of Bright's Disease.

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