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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1843, by Thomas H. GALLAUDET, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of the Southern District of New-York.

Right of publishing transferred to the American Tract Society.

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Page. CHAP. 1.-Samuel is sent to anoint David, and ex

ecutes his commission. An evil spirit troubles

7 CHAP. 2.-David, being sent for by Saul, visits him,

plays before him on the harp, (so that the evil
spirit leaves him,) and returns home,

13 CHAP. 3.—Goliath challenges the Israelites. David offers to meet him in single combat,

18 Chap. 4.-David meets Goliath, and kills him,

25 Chap. 5.–Friendship between Jonathan and David.

Saul becomes jealous of David, and lays a plan
to have him killed, but fails,

33 CHAP. 6.-David becomes the husband of Michal,

Saul's daughter. Jonathan pleads with Saul in
behalf of David, and succeeds,

41 Chap. 7.-Saul endeavors to kill David, but he escapes.

David's wife saves him by a stratagem. He flees
to Samuel at Ramah,

47 CAAP. 8.-Jonathan comforts David. They renew

their covenant of friendship. Jonathan's plan to
ascertain how Saul feels towards David,

54 CHAP. 9.–Saul, enraged at Jonathan, endeavors to

kill him. Jonathan lets David know the enmity
of Saul towards him. David goes to Nob,

61 CAAP. 10.-David goes to Gath, and afterwards to the cave of Adullam,

68 Chap. 11.-David provides for the safety of his pa

rents. He goes to the forest of Hareth. Saul or.
ders Ahimelech and the other priests to be put to



CAAP. 12.-Doeg slays the priests, except Abiathar,

who escapes. David succors Keliah. Jonathan

and David renew their covenant. Saul leaves

the pursuit of David, to resist the Philistines, 81

CHAP. 13.—David spares Saul's life, who returns

home. Samuel dies. Nabal's condition and cha-



Chap. 14.-David determines to punish Nabal, but is

appeased by his wife Abigail. Nabal dies sud-



Chap. 15.—David marries Abigail, and also Ahi-

noam. David again spares Saul's life, who bless-

es David, and returns home. David flees to Gath,

and dwells there some time,


Chap. 16.-David and his men dwell at Ziklag. He

destroys the Geshurites and Amalekites. The

Philistines prepare to attack the Israelites. Saul

assembles his forces to meet them, and inquires

of the woman at En-dor who has a familiar spirit, 111

CHAP. 17.—David returns to Ziklag, and finds it laid

waste. He pursues the Amalekites, and is victo-



CHAP. 18.–Saul and his army are defeated. He kills

himself. The men of Jabesh-Gilead remove the

bodies of Saul and his sons from Beth-shan, and

bury the bones at Jabesh,


CAAP. 19.-David's funeral song for Saul and Jona-

than. He goes to Hebron,

CHAP. 20.-David is anointed king over Judah. Ab-

ner anoints Ish-bosheth king over Israel. Asahel

is killed by Abner,


Chap. 21.-Abner offers his services to David, and

makes a league with him. Joab slays Abner, 149

CHAP. 22.-David orders a general mourning for

Abner. He causes the murderers of Ish-bosheth

to be put to death,



CHAP. 23.-David is anointed king over all Israel. He

takes the strong hold of Zion from the Jebusiles.

He defeats the Philistines,


Chap. 24.-David brings the ark to Jerusalem, 172

CAAP. 25.-David offers sacrifices and peace offer.

ings. He reproves Michal. Nathan informs him

that not he, but Solomon, should build the temple, 178

CHAP. 26.-David subdues his enemies, and dedicates

the spoils to God. He garrisons Edom, and reigns

over all Israel. He is kind to Mephibosheth. He

again is victorious over his enemies,


CHAP. 27.--David's conduct in the case of Bath-sheba

and Uriah,


CRAP. 28.—The prophet Nathan reproves David for

his sins. The child of Bath-sheba dies. David

takes Rabbah,


CHAP. 29.-Amnon grossly injures Tamar, and is put

to death by the orders of Absalom, who flees to

Geshur. After three years, Joab prevails upon

David to recall him,


CHAP. 30.-David is reconciled to Absalom. The re-

bellion of the latter. David flees from Jerusalem.

He sends Zadok and Abiathar back with the ark, 214

CBAP. 31.-David sends Hushai back to Jerusalem.

Ziba obtains his favor. Shimei curses him. Ab-

salom's gross sin,

CAAP. 32.-Hushai's counsel prevails over that of

Ahithophel. David goes to Mahanaim. Absa-

lom's forces are defeated by those of David.

Absalom is caught in the boughs of an ak, 231

CAAP. 33.-Absalom is slain by Joab. The lamen-

tation of David over him,


Chap. 34.-Joab reproves David, who shows himself

to the people, and they are encouraged. The

tribes take counsel to bring David back to Jeru-

salem. On his return he is met by Shimei, Ziba,

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