Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia

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Sean Duffy
Taylor & Francis, 1 дек. 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 592
Medieval Ireland presents the culture and society of Ireland from the sixth to the sixteenth century. The Encyclopedia provides an exhaustive portrait of a lively and provocative period while exploring a rich field of study. Most scholarly works on Irish history cover the period either before or after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. Medieval Ireland spans both periods, resolving this artificial dichotomy in a natural manner within a single volume. Coverage of multiple fields of study answers the increasing interdisciplinarity of Irish medieval studies. This comprehensive approach helps readers draw connections between disciplines and topics.
Written by approximately 200 scholarly contributors, the work is an authoritative reference that will appeal to scholars studying Ireland, to medievalists in general, and to anyone interested in Ireland and in the Middle Ages. It will also be useful to people studying such related topics as Anglo-Saxon England, Norman England, or Viking Scandinavia. This one-volume work is part of the Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages series.

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Dr. Sean Duffy,heads the Department of Medieval History at Trinity College, Dublin. A historian, he is also the Chairman of the Friends of Medieval Dublin and a member of the Irish Committee of Historical Sciences. Dr. Duffy has authored several acclaimed books and contributed to many journals. His books have been praised for their clarity and thoroughness.

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