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the garb of principles really foreign which readers of the pamphlet can to it. Where this distortion of appreciate for themselves. supervision is practised, it would Supper over, there was seem that Catholic boys must be creation till about 8.30, at which supposed to come to school so de- hour we marched to the chapel for graded and brutalised, so far in- night prayers, the

night prayers, the passage from the ferior in rectitude and purity to playroom to the chapel being sentheir Protestant fellows, that they tinelled as usual. The last sentinel must be treated as meditating the was the Spiritual Father, who was worst kind of evil at every hour of posted outside the chapel door. He the day, and, we must add, of the said the prayers, which lasted about night. Where this system is in a quarter of an hour. From the vogue, boys are literally at all chapel we proceeded to the dormi. hours and in all places un tory, which in its several divisions der the eye of a master, jaded was under the custody of the three down by

Prefects. About fifteen minutes petual monotony of his duties.' was allowed for undressing, and That master despite himself, is then the gas was turned out, and a warder and not a companion. the day ended. We could not, as He is on duty to detect and said above, wash before going to punish, not to encourage and give bed. There help.”

niences for washing in the dormi“We were not expected to walk tory. The dormitories consisted of about in couples in conversation. If a number of rooms, each holding, talking in couples was at all per- say, eight or ten beds, and opening sisted in, the parties were liable to into one another. The beds were arbitrary separation on the part of divided by wooden partitions, with the Prefects. There is a special curtains in front forming small fear of ‘particular friendships' in cubicles. The rule of silence was the schools of which I am speak- enforced in the dormitory with a ing. This fear amounts almost to jealousy of strictness which could a superstition, and is of obvious not be exceeded. On no account foreign origin.

whatever could one boy communi“No boy was allowed to lay his cate with another.” band on a companion. I do not When the gas was out, the mean to engage in a fight, but to Prefects remained on guard till wrestle or to play. The fear of presumably the boys were asleep. romping' was hardly less in- Then two of them retired, but, by tense than the fear of particular turns, each one maintained the friendships.' Any kind of demon- watch throughout the night, armed stration of affection was regarded with a dark lantern. Often have I with marked suspicion, with the awoke at night and found myself inevitable result of putting a pre- in full light of this lantern. It had mium on adventure in this respect. a strange effect, the person who Stonyhurst boys would not have held it was invisible. The light liked to be seen shaking hands with stopped a moment, and then flashed one another. To walk arm-in-arm along noiselessly. Once or twice would not have been permitted. In the bearer of the light, seeing me all these matters we

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awake, has come into my cubicle rounded by a close atmosphere of and spoken a word to me, and I suspicion.'

have discovered him to be the PreWe forbear to quote another pas- fect.sage from page 31, for reasons And now let us compare this

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with Mr. Petre's own account of the and the priestly masters and preProtestant system :

fects are simply thwarting them “ The life of a Protestant public (which seems to be Mr. Petre's school is for a boy eminently one own opinion); or else the “means of individuality and of freedom. of grace,” even when most freely The principles urged upon him in used, require the incessant presence childhood are left much to their of functionaries who are something own growth, barring the support between mouchards and prison of a broad and distinct 'genius warders. The inference either loci,' a strongly-outlined tradition. way is hardly complimentary to Added to this, he is not subjected the Catholic faith. But, as socioloto a minute personal discipline, gists, we are mainly concerned to a mechanical system of surveillance, observe, that this is the kind of thing or the enforced company of minds Mr. Matthew Arnold wants to unsympathetic with his

place under the wing of the State, 'Bounds' are large; the choice of and this is the kind of thing which occupation over and above the the O'Conor Don, the Home regular school work is wide ; oppor- Rulers, and Sir Charles Dilke want tunities for reading and foræsthetic to endow with funds confiscated cultivation, for leisure, for selec- from the third university in the tion of companions, are numerous Empire. And such a policy is to and largely under the control of be called Liberal ! each individual. A boy's virtue No! The Liberal party has not is in his own hands, and so far as been wrong in refusing to lend can be expected without the grace itself to any schemes for giving of the sacraments, we feel bound state recognition to such systems to say that in the average instance as these. If, as Mr. Arnold puts the result on this latter head is it, Liberals have hitherto deferred ultimately satisfactory. If it were to the prejudices of middle class not so, we Englishmen should not Puritanism, then, and in so far as be so famous as upright gentlemen, it is so, they have given a wrong as lovers of truth, of justice, of reason for their conduct. But moral purity.”

their conduct has been right; and Surely here is an instructive it has only been impolitic in so far contrast.

as a wrong reason has been given. The wonder is that young men Irish Catholic Liberals (there are brought up under the Stonyhurst not many of them, as has been system have any moral stamina at already pointed out) might all. And, as Mr. Petre naïvely naturally be alienated by conduct admits, the boys who are under showing hatred and contempt of this system of something more their religion. But when a devout than convict discipline are remark- and loyal son of the Church, like able for their pious use of con- Mr. Petre, describes Catholic edu. fession and other means of cation, as he does, can Catholics grace.” The net result is:

either blame Liberals for refusing to lend the“ means of grace" are sufficient, State support to such a system ?

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