Memoirs of Lady Hamilton: With Illustrative Anecdotes of Many of Her Most Particular Friends and Distinguished Contemporaries

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Henry Colburn, 1815 - 399 стор.

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Сторінка 21 - And, pinch'd with cold and shrinking from the shower, With heavy heart deplores that luckless hour, When idly first, ambitious of the town, She left her wheel and robes of country brown.
Сторінка 182 - I also leave to the beneficence of my country, my adopted daughter, Horatia Nelson Thompson ; and I desire she will use, in future, the name of Nelson only. These are the only favours I ask of my King and country, at this moment, when I am going to fight their battle.
Сторінка 182 - Take care of my dear Lady Hamilton, Hardy; take care of poor Lady Hamilton. Kiss me, Hardy,
Сторінка 100 - ... truly affecting. I hope some day to have the pleasure of introducing you to Lady Hamilton ; she is one of the very best women in this world ; she is an honour to her sex. Her kindness, with Sir William's, to me, is more than I can express : I am in their house, and I may now tell you, it required all the kindness of my friends to set me up.
Сторінка 174 - Fair laughs the morn, and soft the zephyr blows, While proudly riding o'er the azure realm In gallant trim the gilded vessel goes; Youth on the prow, and Pleasure at the helm; Regardless of the sweeping whirlwind's sway, That, hush'd in grim repose, expects his evening prey.
Сторінка 155 - Have we a nice church at Merton ? We will set an example of goodness to the under-parishioners. I admire the pigs and poultry. Sheep are certainly most beneficial to eat off the grass. Do you get paid for them, and take care that they are kept on the premises all night, for that is the time they do good to the land. They should be folded. Is your...
Сторінка 100 - Hamilton in a moment, and the effect was like a shot ; she fell apparently dead, and is not yet perfectly recovered from severe bruises. Alongside came my honoured friends : the scene in the boat was terribly affecting; up flew her Ladyship, and exclaiming, " O God, is it possible ? " she fell into my arms more dead than alive.
Сторінка 180 - however we may lament your absence, offer your services; they will be accepted, and you will gain a quiet heart by it; you will have a glorious victory, and then you may return here, and be happy." He looked at her with tears in his eyes: "Brave Emma! Good Emma! If there were more Emmas, there would be more Nelsons.
Сторінка 182 - These are the only favours I ask of my king and country, at this moment when I am going to fight their battle. May God bless my king and country, and all those I hold dear! My relations it is needless to mention: they will, of course, be amply provided for.
Сторінка 181 - First, that she obtained the King of Spain's letter, in 1796, to his brother, the King of Naples, acquainting him of his intention to declare war against England ; from which letter the ministry sent out orders to the then Sir John Jervis to strike a stroke, if opportunity offered, against either the arsenals of Spain or her fleets. That neither of these was done is not the fault of Lady Hamilton ; the opportunity might have been offered.

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