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solemn intercession to the sacri- that was burned in the sanctuary, fices he had presented; a proce- The high priest on the day of dure very much resembling this expiation was not allowed to has been observed by our Lord enter the oracle, unless he took a ever since his ascension to heaven, censer full of burning coals, in where, “ Because he continueth order to cover the mercy seat, and ever, he hath an unchangeable to fill the holy place with a cloud priesthood.”

of sweet incense: in a similar We acknowledge that all the manner did our glorious Advocate, labours of our glorious Redeemer as soon as he entered the celestial are peculiarly interesting : we world, fill all its regions with the trace his footsteps with exulta- savour of his intercession. tion, through the dark passages of But though the Advocacy of the grave : we behold him with Jesus Christ is an object of faith, triumph, breaking up the empire and a source of great consolation, of death, and leading captivity yet it is impossible for us to decaptive: but do not let us ima- termine the manner in which it is gine that his mediatorial career performed. Advocacy

Advocacy implies terminated with these circum- pleading and praying, and I do stances; “ He was made a priest not know that these exercises are after the power of an endless life;" at all inconsistent with the present therefore, “When he had purged exalted state of the Redeemer, our sins, he sat down for ever on because he still sustains the office the right hand of God.” All this of Mediator. It is in his glorified implies that Jesus Christ continues state that he is encouraged to ask to sustain the priestly office in for an extensive empire. heaven, and that as he assumed a of me, and I will give thee the body to die for us, so he re-assum- heathen for thine inheritance ;" ed it after he had completed the yet it should be observed, that expiation of sin, to live in more the manner in which he performs glorious forms for us in the upper this office in heaven, is consistent world. “I am he that liveth and with the grandeur to which he is was dead, and behold I am alive raised as the “Head of all prinfor ever more, and have the keys of cipality and power.” In this hell, and of death."

world he.prostrated himself before Now one principal reason of his father, and uttered his griefs the continuance of the priestly with strong cries and tears ; here office in the person of Jesus his soul was exceedingly sorrowChrist, is to advocate the cause ful ; here he prayed more earnestof his people in the presence of ly, and his sweat was as it were “God the Judge of all.” This great drops of blood; but that was his view in rising from the mode of interceding would not dead, in ascending to the court of comport with his present glory: heaven, and in presenting the it is enough for him, in heaven, to blood of the covenant before the plead the efficacy of those cries throne of his father. This part and tears, of those earnest prayers, of the sacred office of our Lord of those great drops of blood, and was pre-figured by the incense to derive from them a claim which

6 Ask

he began to urge in the depths of voice, and accompanying that rehis humiliation, “ Father, I will lation with a full display of those that they whom thou hast given wounds which atoned for their me, may be with me, where I sins ? I am not aware that there am.” While he prayed and bled is any extravagance in this suppoin this world, he bruised the spices sition, but we can determine nowhich he had designed to present thing Now we see through a before God; but when he ascend- glass darkly, soon, introduced by ed to heaven, those spices were our incarnate God, we shall sce kindled by the sacred fire and face to face; now

we know in arose as a cloud of incense before part, then shall we know, even as the throne ; his perfect sacrifice we are known. Let us for the rendered all his petitions effica- present wait with patience, and cious and prevalent with God on till the invisible world shall unfold the behalf of guilty men.

to us « All we desire or wish beSome have doubted whether low," let us be satisfied, let us Jesus Christ intercedes for his rejoice, that " we have an Advopeople in heaven, by offering cate with the Father, Jesus Christ verbal petitions to his father, the righteous." supposing that his appearance at This office, which is so ably the right hand of God, in that body sustained by the Son of God, which suffered the pains of death, gives us a very just and beautiful to be a virtual intercession, and idea of his pity and condescentherefore quite sufficient for all sion.

An advocate supposes a the purposes of advocating our client : but who are the clients

Admitting the efficacy of of Jesus Christ? Those who have this virtual intercession, and ac- been righteously charged by the knowledging that it is enough for justice of heaven, with having us to know that our glorious fore- violated the divine law: those runner appears in the presence of who are self-condemned; those God for us; yet, may we not whom the scriptures denominate imagine that there are some sea- carnal, weak, indigent and ruined: sons of extraordinary devotion in for such and such ovly, did Imthe upper world, in which the manuel become a voluntary Adinnunierable company of angels, vocate.

of angels, vocate. He could not be encouand the spirits of the just made raged to undertake their cause by perfect, assenible more particu- any promise of reward from them, farly to examine and allore the for they had nothing to pay: he abysses of human redemption ; could not entertain hopes of sucand while they encircle the throne ceeding, by supposing that their of the Eternal, and cry with mil. faults would admit of extenuation, lions of voices, “ Holy, holy, for they were associated with agholy is the Lord God," may we gravations too glaring; yet in the not suppose that the Lord Jesus most gracious manner, he engaged Christ, clad in his mediatorial to manage their cause, when no glories, appears as the sublime creature in either heaven or earth Advocate of all his people, relat- would touch it. How can unbeing their sorrows and prayers, and lief itself resist the encouragement fears and hopes, in an audible which this consideration proposes? Vol. VII.



Penitent sinner, afflicted back- Christ the righteous.” Were a slider, disconsolate and misgiving client capable of committing to believer, do not let the sense of the hands of his advocate a fair, your unworthiness prevent you open, and conscientious statefrom coming to Jesus : this is the ment of his innocence, with very feeling with which you should what perfect calmness might he come, be does not undertake any wait the issue of the trial ! Now but desperate causes; those who those for whom Christ pleads can can plead for themselves will make no pretensions to such a never find an Advocate in him.

statement; nor does he found his Jesus Christ is perfectly quali- advocacy on the supposition of fied for this important office." He such a statement; he makes no is able to save to the utterniost, excuses for their sins, he admits seeing he ever liveth to make in- every charge that is brought atercession for us. His views of gainst them, by an injured law, saving were extensive; they did and indignant justice, and yet he not relate to a redemption from is determined to rescue them from bell only; but comprehended the the punishment they deserve. bestowment of the Holy Spirit; But how does he proceed ? He the support of his people under pleads his own righteousness, he their trials, the mortification of refers the law to his constant and their sins, the conquest of death, meritorious obedience, he refers and the enjoyment of eternal divine justice to the sorrows and glory. His ability is equal to his curses, under which he bled and designs, for he has given us his died on Calvary, and shows that Holy Spirit; he has borne his all the perfections of Deity were people through persecutions and illustrated by his wonderful death. death; he has granted them innu- “ We

e have an Advocate with the merable pardons, and has scatter- Father." One Advocate, who posed their enemies with the breath

sesses so much worth, and who has of his mouth : can there be any so much interest in heaven, is suffidoubt then of his perfect fitness cient. Difficult and various as our for the grand employment of his causes are, we want only one Adinterceding for them in heaveu ? vocate; numerous and aggravatIf wben oppressed and afflicted, ed as the charges are, which are if when insulted by men, attacked brought against us, we want only by devils; and overwhelmed with one Advocate; separated as the the indignation of heaven, he still people of God are by time, dispressed onward, and completed tance, and circumstances, they his immense designs; can there want only one Advocate. All be any doubt of his success now? the saved millions in heaven, asNow, when he has all power in cribe their triumphs and glories heaven and in earth, now, when to him only. Thou hast rehe dwells beneath the full beau- deemed us out of every kindred, ings of his Father's face?

and nation, and tongue." An additional encouragement

. We have an Advocate with - is derived from the character of the Father.' Then afflictions shall Cour great Advocate. The Apostle not overwhelm us ; you may arm .John denominates him "Jesus yourselves with poverty and na

in our sup

kedness, with sword and flame ; often but a transient enjoyment, is a
but you shall act in subserviency complaint that echoes through the
to the divine will; your assaults, world. The charm of friendship
calculated as they are to depress is easily broken, and that unani-
us, shall merely afford an oppor- mity of disposition, that principle
tunity for the Redeemer to display of mental attraction, in which it


takes its rise, and on which it deport, and instead of effecting our pends for its continuance, is ever ruin, shall only awaken our admi, in danger of being destroyed. On ration and increase our triumphs. a nearer and longer acquaintance

• We have an Advocate with the with those, to whom a real or fanFather.' Then you shall not sub- cied resemblance of character had due us, Satan; nor you, internal united us, we have been surprised corruptions ; nor you, earthly al- with the discovery of some hidden Jurements; for we shall receive contrariety of feeling or of temper strength from our exalted Advo- that has ended in a sudden and cate to oppose you: by the blood continued separation. of the Lamb we shall overcome Those connections are generalyou. The Lamb will inspire in !y the most lasting that are formed our souls an increasing aversion to in early life, when the mind is you; and feeble as you may deem more susceptible of friendly emous, contemptible as we may be in tions, as well as more amiable in your eyes, these trembling hands, itself, than at any later period. In iuvigorated by Omnipotence, shall youth and childhood the disposiput you to flight, and your morti- tions of the mind are very similar fication will be proportioned to in every person, and it is then that the arrogance and cruelty with our characters most naturally aswhich you assail us.

similate, each imbibing, in some F

S. S. measure, the distinguishing quali

ties of his companion. The soci

ety, also, of those who have been FRIENDSHIP.

our friends, from early life, whe

ther they were adults, or of our It is a mark of the tender mer- own age, is peculiarly delightful. cy” of our heavenly Father, that the The sight of our former play-mates, sweetest and most refined plea- school-fellows, and juvenile assosures are open to the enjoyment ciates, of our brethren and sisters, of all. Of this nature are the or, even of our parents, and aged pleasures of friendship, in which relatives, awakens within us the every one has an opportunity of remembrance of all the pleasurasharing. There is no one whose ble feelings of youth, and enables habits, feelings, dispositions, or us, sometimes, almost to realize opinions, are of so singular a cast for a while, the joys of that inthat he cannot find a kindred spi- teresting stage of existence. The rit-an individual possessing qua- sensations of that period are so lities, and espousing sentiments, different from those of later life, more or less in unison with his that to a thoughtful mind, it seems

as if they had inhabited a different Nevertheless, that friendship is world, that has passed away, leav


ing vo memento of its pleasures, trust of its continuance. Not but a few of its former inhabit- withstanding we are daily witnessants, to whom they are in general ing in others the warmest friendfondly attached, as being those ship degenerating into the most imwho have dwelt with them in that placable hatred, still we cherish a fairer region; and who can listen belief that ours will be exempted with sympathy to their tale of from a similar fate. Could the other times. We look back upon wicked foresee the deadly enmity these days with the same regret as that shall subsist between them in Adam must have felt on recalling the other world, they would not to his memorý the scenes of the be friends in this. Garden of Eden, whence he had How highly, therefore, should been banished; and experience a we prize the Gospel, which has delight in the society of our early brought life and immortality to friends, akin to the pleasure he light, and opened a prospect of inust have enjoyed in the company interminable friendship beyond the of Eve, the partner of his joys dur- grave. Were believers properly ing his residence in that happy mindful of this, many of those litplace.

tle animosities and contentions Worldly friendships, however, that now prevail amongst them, at the longest, will last only for would die away and be forgotten, the span of this life. It is a me On the other hand, how cheerless Jancholy truth that many of those is the creed that teaches there is whom we here look upon as united no hereafter; and leaves us no hy the closest ties of affection and hope when our friends are taken esteem, are journeying to a place, from us, (a season when we feel in which they shall be friends no with most sensibility the workings longer-where, during the lapse of of affection,) of ever meeting them eternity, neither a friendly word again : and what a tendency to nor a look of tenderness shall pass damp the ardour of attachment, from the one to the other, to light has the consideration that, in a up their gloomy countenances, or short time, our friend shall beto infuse a drop of comfort into come a thing of as little account their disconsolate and wretched as the dust of the ground. spirits ; but where they shall for Goodmans Fields. P.H. ever heap curses on each other's head. When we think of an impenitent sinner stretched on the RELIGION IS LOVE.. bed of death, and ou the point of bidding his friends a last farewell, Extract of a Letter from the late one cannot at the same time help Rev. S. Pearce, of Birmingham, imagining, with what irreconcilea- to a friend who had lately been ble aversion he shall regard these settled in a new charge. companions in iniquity on opening “ In vain should I attempt to his eyes in the world of spirits. tell you the joy which filled both

Real friendship is always begun my Sarah's heart and mine, when in a persuasion that it will last, we found your present situation so nor is our attachment ever sincere suited to your wishes. I envy no if åt be accompanied with any dis- ome. I wish to regard that situa

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