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prayer. In the interval between the two preached from Rom. viñ. 1. The devo. sermons, brother Steadman read part of tional services were conducted by brea letter, which he had just then received, thren Horsey, Price, Dyer, Miall, James, containing some of the dying sentiments Dore, Tilly, Bulgin, Giles, Dyer, Wilcox, of that “man of God," the late Mr. Porter, and Tidman. Fuller, of Kettering, and which produced The church at Weymouth was received a powerful effect upon the audience. into the association, and it was resolved

The numbers wbo attended being so to recommend the case, and also that of large as to render it impossible for all the church at Taunton, to the benevoto get into the meeting-house, brother lence of the public:-To hold the next Dyer addressed those on the outside association at Bath, on the Wednesday from Psalın cx. 3.

and Thursday in Whitsun-week. BréAmong the resolutions, we observe the thren Ryland and Miall to preach; in following:

case of failure, brethren Giles and Kilpin. That the churches at Steeplane, Ship- Brother Edmon'son to draw up the Geneley, and Keighley, be admitted into the ral Letter. association. That “ the Baptist Society State of the churches since the last for promoting the Gospel in Ireland," association : be recommended to the churches in this

INCREASE. association, as highly deserving their support and encouragement.-That it be Baptized 448 Dead

89 recommended to the churches to form an Rec. by Letter 68 Dismissed

.... 62 Auxiliary Society for the counties of Restored 11 | Excluded

..... 56 York and Lancaster, in aid of the “Baptist Missionary Society.”—That the Cir


207 cular Letter for next year be “ On the + Clear Increase, 320. inseparable connection between obedience The total number of members in the to the laws of Christ und the comforts of sixty-eight associated churches, is 6414. the Holy Spirit;" and that brother Gray be requested to draw it up.--That the next association be held at Burslem, Staf. fordshire, on the Wednesday and Thurs

NORFOLK ASSOCIATION, day in Witsun.week. Brethren Stead

HELD AT WORSTEAN, man, Lister, and Stevens to preach; and,

May 30, 1815. in case of failure, brethren Hyde, Har

Several of the associated ministers greaves and Downs. Afternoon.--Met at four. Brother Thompson prayed, bro- Brother Pickers, of Ingham, introduced

of the Norfolk Baptist Association met. ther Gray preached from John,iii. 14, 15, the service by reading and prayer; broand brother Edwards concluded with

ther J. Thomas (a student of Bristol Acaprayer. Brethren Trickett, Mann, Gray, Mills ther Mark Wilks, of Norwich, preached

demy) preached from Jer. viii. 22. Broand Aston engaged in prayer.

from 1 John, iii. 14, and concluded withi State of the churches since the last association.

prayer. In the afternoon, brother Cady

engaged in prayer, and brother SpurINCREASE.

DECREASE, geon, preached from John, xvii. 11. In

the evening, brother Webb preached By Baptism.: 103 By Death 38

from Psalm xlviii. 13, and concluded the Letter 14

Dismission. 6 services of the association. “ How good Restoration 7 Exclusion 27

and how pleasant it is for brethren to

dwell together in unity.” ,124

71 Clear Increase 53.


May 16th, 1815.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 6th On Tuesday Evening, brother Saun.

and 7th of July, 1815. ders, of Froome, preached from Heb. ix. The service was opened by brother 13, 14.

Knott engaging in prayer; and, after Wednesday Evening, brother Page, choosing brother Broady, of Ashford, for of Bristol, preached from Matt. xii. 20. the moderator, the letters fron the dif

Thursday Morning, brother Roberts, ferent churches were read, and were, in of Bristol, preached from John, iv. 25. general, very encouraging, as they gave

Evening, brother Holloway, of Bristol, us a pleasing account of their rest, their

peace, and prosperity. The church at | Mr. Coles, of Bourton on the Water, Lewes, in Sussex, has sent to iinplore an addressed the people from Rom. xv. 29. interest in the prayers of God's people, Mr. Mann, of Moreton, concluded.that he would send them a pastor after Dr. Ryland preached in the evening, his own heart. Our brother Rees from Acts, xxvii. 23, latter part. preached on the all-sufficiency of divine grace, on Tuesday Evening, from 2 Cor. xi. 9;“ My grace is sufficient,”. &c. NEW MEETING, AT POOLE. In the morning of Wednesday, at seven o'clock, after the prayer, our brother

On Thursday, July 6, the foundation. Gates read a circular letter he had drawn longing to the particular baptist deno

was laid for a new meeting house, bean for the use of the churches. At half past mination, at Poole, in Dorsetshire ; on ten, brother Rogers preached "on the which occasion, a large concourse of piecessity of prayer, by the church for the ministers, and Christians for each other," persons of the town, and from the adjafrom 2 Thess. iii. 1. The afternoon was

cent country, assembled. Mr. Durant, taken up in the discussion of a subject, tion in this town, delivered a suitable

the pastor of the independent congregagiven by brother Knott, on " the nature

and animated discourse, founded on and necessity of regeneration.” In the

1 Peter, ii. 5.-The devotional parts of evening, a sermon was preached to the

the service were conducted by Mess. people by Mr. Atwood, “ on the vatural

Bulgin, Shoveller, and Baker. insensibility of the human, miud;" from Loke, vii. 31, 32.. Suitable hymns were

The expediency of this erection arose given out, and several brethren engaged present place to any good purpose. The

from an impossibility of enlarging the in prayer. It is intended to hold the dimensions of that now building, are 50 next association at Sandhurst, the first feet in length, by 36 in width, within Tuesday in June, 1816. State of the churches.—162 added—65 leries, but with due preparation for

the walls; to be built without any galdiminished-increase 97.

them, should they hereafter be deemed

requisite. ORDINATIONS.

LETTER FROM FALMOUTH. MAY 17. Mr. John Packer was or. dained pastor of the church in Neire To the Editor of the Baptist Magasine. street, Brighton. Mr. Harm, of Hors.

SIR, kam, began by prayer and reading the On the evening of the sixth instant holy scriptures. Mr. Shirley, of Seven- as some workmen were removing a rock, oaks, delivered the introductory dis- for the purpose of adding a vestry course, and asked the usual questions. room to the baptist meeting-house at Mr. Uptun, of London, offered up the Falmouth, an immense mass of stone fell ordination prayer. Mr. Chin, of Wal from the adjoining acclivity, buried in worth, delivered an impressive charge ruins a great part of the building, and from 2 Tim. iv. 5; " Do the work of an materially injured the whole; buty evangelist. Mr. Newman, minister at through divine interposition, no persothe chapel, concluded the services of the nal injury.was sustained. Had this event morning with prayer.

occurred either the preceding or followThe church and congregation assem- ing evening, a great number must have bled again in the evening. Mr. White been hurried into eternity, and many began in prayer. Mr. Upton preached tamilies bereaved of their dearest relato the church from 1 Peier, i. 22. Mr. tives. While the goodness of God is Pewtress concluded with prayer. recorded with emotions of unfeigned

praise, and grateful acknowledgments JULY 11. The Rev. Samuel Taylor, expressed to the inhabitants of Falnaouth, late of Bristol Acadeny, was ordained for their very liberal contributions on pastor over the Baptist church at Ship- this trying occasion, this medium is emston upou Stour, in Worcestershire.-ployed tu solicit the pecuniary assistance Mr. Gray, of Chipping Norton, began of those who are interested in the prowith reading and prayer. Mr. Smith, of motion of the cause of Christ. ContriBlockly, introduced the service, re- butions, towards repairing this great ceived Mr. Tavlor's confession of faith, loss, will be thankfully received at Mr. &c. and prayed the ordination prayer, mith's, 47, Houndsditch; and the Rev, with imposition of hands. Dr. Ryland J. Ivimey?s, 20, Harpur-street. gave the charge, from 2 Cur. v. 19, 23. July 15, 1815.

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Baptist Magazine.


MEMOIR OF MR. WILLIAM PORTER, Senior Deacon, for many Years, of the Baptist Church at Thrapston,


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« Though intimately acquaint- hostile to religion, should never ed with the deceased since our have reason to reproach him, union in this Christian society, or the cause of God through I profess not to be able to give him. so full an account of his life, For a considerable time after could be desired; and, from the his removal to this town, he want of a connected history, continued to attend Aldwinkle which I had hoped might have Church, till the propriety, and been found in his papers, the indeed the necessity of erecting defect cannot be supplied. a house for God in this place

At about twenty years of was suggested. This proposal age, he received impressions of met with his cordial concurthe evil, of sin, and the ne- rence, and he not only came cessity of renewing grace, un- forward in

a liberal manner der the ministry of Dr. Hawies: himself, but, by applications in at this early period, there was various parts of the country, discovered much of that Chris- materially assisted the design. tian firmness in religion, blend- This circumstance, in addition ed with a tender concern for the to his long residence in this honour of God, which, in fol-town, introduced him to mi lowing years, rendered his cha- nisters and elders of various racter so truly valuable, and his denominations; and it affords me life so eminently consistent. pleasure to announce, that in the More than once have I heard various circles in which he was him observe, that if he conclud- known, our friend's name was ed the occupations of the day never mentioned but with rerather earlier than common, to spect and honour. In the estiattend an evening lecture, he mation of the ever to be larose proportionably early the mented Andrew Fuller, who next morning, that his most in- was well able to discriminate, timate connections, who were and never hastily indulged per

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sons with his friendship and Darrow the terms of commuconfidence, he occupied a very nion, he abhorred. How many high place; “ lovely and plea- did he daily and faithfully advise, sant in their lives, in their deaths and how inany in distress shared they were not divided.”

in his benevolence! His generoIt was not till several years sity was regulated more by the after this, that he joined the kindness of his heart, and the Baptist church formed at true principle of benevolence, Thrapston, but the general re-than by the property he had spectability of his character, and amassed, or the income he was his conspicuous talents for use regularly receiving. fulness, soon raised him to the Few were more eminent in office of deacon, which he sus- the relation in which he stood tained with that meekness of to a large family. He walked wisdom, moderation, and kind- within his house in a perfect ness, which has maintained the way, and with a perfect heart. union, and greatly promoted the The temporal, but especially prosperity of this church. I the spiritual, concerns of each cannot but acknowledge, that, of his children, engaged his for my personal happiness, and supplications constantly at the general usefulness since I have family altar; morning and everbeen resident in this town, I ing, he instructed, admonished, have been greatly indebted to and reproved all, with parental our invaluable friend.

affection and tendemess. His That he had failings, no one character, in every relation in sooner than himself

would al- which he stood, was unimpeachlow; and no man ever more la- | able as a neighbour, a trades

mented them. He would not man, a master, a husband, and a desire, he does not need indis- parent; and this has occasioncriminate praise; he was too ed so just and general a lamenexcellent to require it; but, con- tation, this rendered him so sidering his character as a whole, much beloved, and so highly it presented no ordinary assem extolled. blage of excellencies; and it is He had advanced nearly to in that view he is presented to the general limit of human life

: general attention. He was ár- for the few past years, he had dently attached to the volume appeared to his family gradua. of inspiration, and opposed every ly declining, and they could not opinion that tended to reduce contemplate the loss of so valuits importance: he was regular able a life, but with the deepest and invariable in his attendance regret

. The week before his on the means of grace on the death, he expressed himself as week-day as well as on the having new pains near the heart

; sabbath. He was distinguished these continued removing and by the most inoffensive manners, returning until they appeared He was the enlightened lover dissolution. The last sabbath, öf liberty; and every thing that he "filled his place, as usual, would divide Christians, and during the whole of the three

services, and at the ordinance, much mercy in seeing his chilthough the closing part of the dren all comfortably settled. ordinance was attended with Referring with his friend to violent pain.

graces which were obscured by On the Monday, I twice call-guilt and unbelief, he repeated, ed on him, and during the last with an emphasis never to be visit spent more than two hours; forgotten, his conversation was interesting, Till God in human flesh I see, though neither of us supposed My thoughts no comfort find-it would be the last interview

But if Immanuel's face appear,, with which we should be fa

My hope, ny joy begins. voured. The same morning, he had written to one of his chil.

While Jews on their own law rely,

And Greeks of wisdom boast, dren at a distance, relating the I love th' incarnate mystery, death of his esteemed friend at And there I fix my trust. Kettering, mentioning his own. He spent most of the morniaffliction, but hoped for its re-ing of that day in reading. In moval, begging the family in the after part of the day, about the most earnest and affection- four o'clock, the pain at his ate manner to contemplate heart violently returned; writh, their own frailty, and fix their ing with pain, his hand upon hopes and desires above; re- his head, he sought for a chair, minding them, that death would being then standing, when he not approach the sooner for would have fallen, but for sup, their contemplation of it, but port being immediately afforded, that it would more fully pre- and, with one sigh, departed. pare them for the event when- The manner of his death, ever it did approach; this was though peculiarly painful to but one of the very many letters his immediate connections, and which he wrote to his children, especially afflictive 'to us, as in all of which, his ardent so- having deprived us of a valualicitude for their spiritual and ble legacy of counsels and of immortal welfare was always prayers, was yet merciful to apparent.

himself, and agreeable to his On the Tuesday morning, own feelings. the day on which he died, he of dying, though not the proswas, as usual, active in his vari- pect of death, appeared to disous concerns : when an esteem- tress him; he often expressed ed friend called to visit him, himself as being fearful of the the conversation was peculiarly pains of death these, in a great interesting and spiritual. Six- measure, he was mercifully and-forty years, said our de- spared from suffering, and was parted friend, I hope I have clothed upon with his house, served the Lord, and I have which is from heaven. never lived a day without His mortal remains were comprayer. Though not apprehen-mitted to their parent earth, in sive of his dissolution, he ex- the Dissenters Burial Ground, pressed himself as having no at Thrapston, on Friday, May ihing particular to'say, he had | 12th, 1815.

The prospect

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