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to the Embassies and Correspondence of The perpetual Intercession of Christ a their respective Governments with Foreign Source of Consolation to the Church, una Potentates, on Ecclesiastical and other der the Loss of useful Ministers. By Joweighty Affairs. In which, many Things sepb Ivimey. A Sermon, occasioned by which had escaped previous Writers and the Death of the Rev. Andrew Fuller. Historians, are brought to light, in Regard

Reflections on the Fall of a great Man; to the Causes of the Reformation; and the Tempers, Practices, Successes, and Rev. Andrew Fuller. By W. Newman.

a Sermon, occasioned by the Death of the Reverses of the two Cardinals, l'olsey and Pole, and other Prelates and great Christian Triumph : Dissertations on Nen of both parties, under the three Christian Baptism, &e. By the late Rer. Reigns. With the Cruelues and Severi- Micaiah Towgood. A new Edition, reties which accompanied the Restoration commended by several Ministers. of the Pope's Authority and the Papal Essay on Scripture Baptism. By John Religion in this Kingdom, and the Suffer-Gill, D. D. With an Address to the Imings of the Reformed, during the five Years partial Enquirer after 'Truth. Intended as of Mary's Government. In Seven Vols. I an Antidote to the Dissertations on ChrisWith a large Appendix containing original tian Baptism, by the Rev. Micaiah Tow. Papers, Records, &c. &c. By John good; lately reprinted, and recommended Strype, M. A."

by Eleven Pædobaptist Ministers. A New Edition is nearly ready, in Octavo and Quarto. The paging of the

Lectures on Ecclesiastical History; to Folio Edition, from which it is printed, which is added, an Essay on Christian is preserved in the Margins, and a full | Temperance and Self-denial. By the late Index is added at the End.

George Campbell, D. D. Principal of Ma.

With some This Work will be soon after followed rischal College, Aberdeen. by “Annals of the Reformation and estab- Account of the Life and Writings of the lishment of Religion, and other various Author, by the Rev. George Skene Keith, Occurrences in the Church of England, Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire. 2 Vols. 8vo. during the first Twelve Years of Queen Christian Triumph: a Sermon, occa. Elizabeth's happy Reign. Wherein Ac- sioned by the Decease of the Rev. James count is given of the Restoring of Religiou Wraith, who died 1st of May, in his from its Corruptions introduced under Eighty-first Year. Delivered at the ProQueen Mary; of blling tbe Sees with Protestant Dissenting Meeting-house, in tęstant Bishops; of the famous Synod Hampstead, 15th of May, 1815, by the assembled in the Year MDLXII; of the Rev. Jacob Snelgar. Workings and Endeavours of the Papists;

A serious Address to the Clergy of the and of the first Appearances of the Dis- United Kingdom, on the Duties of the sepsions from the Established Church. pastoral Office, in a Visitation Sermon, Compiled faithfully out of Papers of preached

at the Parish Church of St. Paul

, State, Authentic Records, Public Regis- Covent Garden, on the 19th of May, ters, Private Letters, and other Original 1815, before the Archdeacon of MiddleManuscripts. Together with an Appen, sex, and his Clergy. By the Rev. W. dix, or Repository, containing the most Gurney, A. M. Rector of St. Clement Important of them. By John Strype, Danes, Strand; Minister of the Free ChaM. A.”

pel, West Street, St. Giles's ; and Sunday Afternoon Lecturer f St. Mildred and St.

Mary Colechurch, in the Poultry. Books recently Published.

In 2 vols. 8vo. A Defence of the Refore A Pamphlet of Dr. Gill's, written in mation, in answer to a book entitled Just reply to the Argument for Infant Bap- Prejudices against the Calvinists : writtet tism, from Apostolic Tradition, by the in French by the Reverend and Learned Rev. Micaiah Towgood. N.ß. In the Monsieur Claude, Minister of the renew Edition of the Tracts of Mr. Tow formed Church at Charenton; and faith. good, lately published, and recommended fully translated into English, By T. B. by eleven Pædobaptist Ministers, no no- M.A. to which is prefixed, a Sketch of the tâce whatever is taken of Dr. Gill having Author's Life, including some Observations written an answer to Mr. Towgood! on the Spirit of Popery; also appropriate A second Edition of a Guide to the

indexes. By John Townsend. Reading and Study of the Holy Scriptures,

Periodical Accounts of The Baptist by the late celebrated Professsor, Franck: Mission, No. 28. translated from the Latin, and augmented The Questión, How may a true Bee with critical notes, life, &c. by W. Jaques, | liever rise superior to the Fear of Death? Private Teacher, &c. &c.

A Sermon, by Joseph Jenkins, D. D.

Missionary Retrospect, and foreign Jntelligence.


BAPTIST MISSION. In it are four large tanks of water, per

haps some of them 150 feet square. The

principal one is opposite the garden gate, Mr. Lawson to Mr. Dyer, Dec.5, 1814. and we descend into it by a wide flight of The great work of God is gradually go

steps. It is overshadowed by some noble ing on in these heathen lands. The word trees, and these, when in bloom, make a has been sown in thousands of directions.

most delightful appearance. It is here Why should we not expect a rich harvest?

we baptize. The brethren have, in times There have been already gathered in some

past, baptized in the Ganges, but they sel

dom do it now. For, in this year, four handfuls of first-fruits. The venerable Kreeshno is now at Goamalty, the place while bathing, not far from our house. We

men have been carried away by alligators, once occupied by our departed brother Mardon. "Sebukram is a most valuable have lately been called to preach to a few man and steady Christian. You would soldiers at Barrackpore. They are very be refreshed at our Lord's table with our

attentive and seem to be thirsting for the poor native converts. There is in them word of life. naturally a great appearance of devotion, and to see them in our place of worship, all dressed exactly alike in clean white from our brethren in the island of Java,

Recent accounts have been received garments, according to the Bengallee cos

from which it appears, that a wider field tume; and to hear them singing in their own tongue the praises of the Redeemer

, several villages around Batavia, where bro

for exertion had opened before them. In is a scene altogether new and animating. ther Robinson had preached, considerable Sometimes they sing an English tune, attention was excited, till, in the month of (such as Helmsley) with their own words, October last, his labours were suspended which has a curious effect. But their hymns sound much better with their own

by a very serious attack of fever. Mr. There is a something melancholy

Trowt was taken very ill, also, about the in all their airs. They are equally plain

same time, with the same disorder. For a tive with our minor keys, but nothing re

season it seemed doubtful whether either sembling them. Their airs allow neither would survive. But, we rejoice to add, of bass or treble; if either be added, the that when the letters came away, (5th Jan.) effect is destroyed, and it no longer sounds they were both in a convalescent state,

Much like Bengallee tones. They make hymns though very weak and feeble. frequently, and set them to music, that is, friendly attention, and the best medical they affix their sounds according to their assistance had been rendered them during

their sickness. taste and ability, and airs thus composed are always remembered, though never written. There is much vivacity in the prayers of some of them. They are sel-| Extract of a Letter, from Mr. Jabez dom at a loss to express themselves. Our Carey, at Amborma, to his father elder brethren seem yet to be strong and Dr. Carey. hearty, and as they grow older, their work

June 11, 1814. seems to widen. "Dr. Carey thinks very My ever affectionate Father, little of attacking and conquering a new language. He is indefatigable. He is as After being one whole month again on remarkable in his recreations, as in his the sea, we are at last safely arrived at work. No person can be more passionate our destined spot. Many mercies we have ly fond of Natural History than he. As received since we left you, which loudly á botanist, he is profound. His aviary demand our most hearty thanks. On the contains many birds never described or 4th of March, we left our kind brother named till he possessed them. He has a and sister Robinson, and, on the 6th, sailed pretty good collection of minerals and from Batavia for Ambuyna, where we are shells, and understands the general' ar- rived on the 6th of this month. Our caprangement of the whole, according to the tain often doubted of our ever gaining our system of Linnæus. Oar botanical gar- port, and had resolved at last to try one den is a large one; attached to the house. week more, and if he did not then succeed

to return to Batavia; we were put on an settlement at Bashia being consumed by allowance of water. Five or six days' fire, by which a loss of £600 will be sose strong wind, however, through mercy, tained. The promising settlement of brought us nigh to Amboyna, and the land Canoffee has also been destroyed by the breezes, from the different islands we wretched slave dealers, provoked that the passed, brought us eventualy to Amboyna. hope of their gains are gone, by the aboA particular account of our voyage would lition of that accursed traffic. be rather tedious than amusing to you. The following Extract of a Letter On the day we arrived here I wrote to fron Mr. Wenzel, dated Sierra Leone, Mr. Martin according to your directions. Nov. 10th, 1814, will give our Readers Two gentlemen came on board, and offer-some Particulars of this sad Event. ed us accommodations; we bowever did In the morning of Sept. 29, as I was on not accept of any until I had seen Mr. the point of beginning school, about twenty Martin. The next murning I received a men from Mongè Backe met in my piazza. letter from Mr. Martin, in answer to mine, They all bad cutlasses, and one man had saying he would be glad to see me between a cat or whip. Two men were actually eleven and twelve o'clock, at the govern-commissioned from the headman: the ment house, where I waited upon him ac- others were voluntary messengers. One cordingly, when he delivered over the of the commissioned men brought me charge of the schools to me, which are, as greetings from Mongè Backe, and ordered far as I have been yet able to find out, me not to cut any more sticks in the bush forty-two in number, and laid ny plan of (woods) for making fence. I was making operations before me. He recoipmended a new fence round the settlement, and to me to take accomodations with Mr. R. inclose a proper place for a churchyard : of whom he gave a very high character, and this was doing with the consent of and promised to send official directions to the headmen. I willingly agreed, beall those who have the care of the islands cause I had cut sufficient for the fence, round ahout, to send in their state of the and had nearls finished it. They told me, schools to him, and when that was done, that I should not enlarge the place for the he would let me know. He would also settlement, but make the fence as it had inform me soon what government would been before. To this also I agreed. I allow me. Since the 12th of April, I have was asked why I had cultivated so much a person to teach me. He is a very clever ground, and planted so much produce. man, son of the officiating Malay minister We had said that we came hither to inhere. He understands English pretty struct children : we did not come, there. well, and Malay, in both the Roman and fore, to cultivate ground. Now," said Arabic characters. I have obtained more they, " we are come to destroy your pro. from him than I could have learnt in a duce.” When this word was pronounced, year otherwise. The Malay bible is said | all the people, like furies, fell upon the to be very correct. Our expenses have trees, plants, and fence, and cut all things as yet hardly been any thing, we have in pieces, and took the fruits away with had so many to help us.

I believe we them. My wife cried : all the children may soon manage to live cheaper than cried ; and I stood exposed to their cruel. brother Robinson. Servants and washer- ties. All wished me to oppose them, zneu's wages amount to a great deal. Nir. in order that they might find a pretext Martin wishes very much that a press may for beating me, as they had determined in be sent round; but if such a thing be their heart. But, the Lord be praised ! done, one or two persons must be sent he gave me grace and wisdom to act in with it lo carry it on. It would also be patience and resignation to his holy will. well to send a binder. Mr. Martin will be I prayed to him for bis grace, when I saw glad to contribute to defray the expenses, what the people were about to do, and I and will pay the salaries of those employed. said not a single word. I am astonished to see how firmly attached After these cruelties had been comthe native Christians are to religious ob- mitted, they had still in mind to harrass servances. They go regularly to church, me; for they said, my grumettas must and behave very becomingly there. They clear a place to build a devil's house also take great care of their bibles, and upon, and that, I must give them two never dream of selling them. How great goats for sacrifices. This, of course, I a pity it is that they have had no one to refused. A house for worshippin, the instruct them.

true God had been erected; and a house,

for the devil should not be suffered. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.

They declared, however, that they would

come and build. They went off, at length Tuis society has experienced heary with their spoil, uttering fierce thrcays afflictions in Africa. In addition to the against me.

Mr.Wenzel again writes from Canoffee, Warren Association, held at the first December 7th, 1814,

Baptist Meeting-house, in ProviWhen I arrived at home, from Sierra

dence, Rhode Island, Sept. 13th and Leone, I heard, with the deepest grief,

14th, 1814. that, during my absence, Mongè Backe's MR. WILLIAM GAMMELL delivered the people had built a devil's house for me, introductory discourse from John, xxi. 17, with the constrained assistance of my after which were collected, for the widows own people; not indeed within the com- of deceased ministers, upwards of fifty pass of the settlement, but at a small dollars. There are, in this association, distance. After the house was finished, forty churches, containing 4108 members. the people seized a goat of mine, and 233 had been added, by baptism, during sacrificed it to the devil, afterwards feast the past year, as were also two more ing on her.

churches. They received letters of correspondence, by messengers present, containing the minutes of seventeen other as

sociations. AMERICA.

We were pleased to find the missionary spirit prevailing among our American bre

thren. One of their resolutions is as fol. We have lately received some circular lows : letters, from the Rev. Dr. Staughton, of “ That this association will take a col. Philadelphia, which contain pleasing evi. lection, at every annual meeting, and also dence of the continued prosperity of the recommend to the several churches, of churches of the Baptist denomination in which it is composed, to make annual colthat country. As the late unhappy war

lections, as they shall think most expebetween England and America has merci- vient, to be communicated to the Baptist fully terminated, we may expect, from Board for Foreign missions." this highly-respected correspondent, and others of our American brethren, much valuable information from that part of the New Jersey Baptist Association, held world, which will prove gratifying to our

at Two Mills, Sept. 20th and 21st, readers.


LETTERS were read from twenty-one

churches. These are composed of 1887 Philadelphia Baptist Association, held members; fifty-four had been baptized the

at Lower Dublin, Pennsylvania, preceding year. Sermons were preached October 4th and 5th, 1814.

by Mr. Smalley from Luke, xvi. 2, and Turs Association consists of thirty-four Dr. Staughton from Acts, iv. 12. churches, in all of which there are 2597

The following extracts, from the mic members. 160 persons had been baptized nutes, will be read with interest :

“ This association has heard, with plea. during the preceding year. A sermon was preached by Mr Swinney, from Jude, 3d

sure, of the change of sentiment in brother verse. Communications from fifteen other Rice, and Judson and wife, relative to associations were received by representa- this denomination. As these worthy per

Christian baptism, and of their union with tives, who were present. We extract the following from the minutes: “By brother

sons are still desirous of pursuing their Dodge, a heart-animating narration was

missionary career, this association, feeling

the obligation of the American Baptists given, of the rise and flourishing condition of a blessed revival of religion in Wilming

to give them support, recommends to the ton, in Delaware, and particularly in the churches, in this connection, to aid the church, in which he serves in the Lord efforts of the Foreign Mission Society, reJesus. Brother Rogers, and brother Shurt-cently formed in this state, with the view leff cheered our bosoms with an account

of sending the gospel among the heathen. of an astonishing work of God in Coventry churches, to promote the views of the

" It is earnestly recommended to the and Warwick, Rhode Island, particularly in our own denomination. The subjects of New Jersey Domestic Mission Society, this work of grace, are, for the most part, by collections and subscriptions.” young persons, in some of whom the spirit of prayer, and the powers of holy exhortation, have delighted and surprized great Extract from a Newspaper, printed at numbers of pious spectators. With which

Boston, Massachusetts,) April 21st, coinmunications, the association was njuch

1815. gratified, and offered up a song of praise.” The following sums were collected

Dol. Cent.



far missionary purposes, on the late thanks- | the loss of their friends and relations, slain giving day:

in the late unnatural war, we rejoice to

see them come forward in New England, Charlestown, 3 Dr. Morse's

123 30 and emulate the glorious example of the meeting-house

parent country. May such, hereafter, be Dorchester, Mr. Goodman's do. 133

the only emulation between the two naMilton, Mr. Giles' do. 60

PHILELEUTHERUS. Dedham, Mr. Bates' do. 37 Medfield,

20 Medway,

Mr. Wright's do. 19 47 Needham, Mr. Noyes'. do. 20 Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Dr.

Millar, one of the Professors in the 412 83

Theological Seminary, Princeton,

New Jersey, to a Clergyman in $ We have not yet learned the amount

Charlestown. of collections in other societies of this

“ It has pleased God to visit our col. The above sum, which is equivalent to lege, in mercy. The whole number of about £100 sterling, only, being collected pupils is about 105; of these, about thirtywithin a few miles of Boston, and on a five to forty, it is hoped, have lately beparticular occasion, though it be small, yet come real Christians, besides those who it is not unworthy the consideration of a were before hopefully pious. Fifteen or pious believer. It proves, that the ex- twenty more are still very serious and inample which England (so much to her ho- quiring, and almost all manifest a degree nour) has set, in the institution of mission of respect for religion, which has never ary societies, has not been wholly lost on been seen here since the days of Davies our transatlantic brethren. Even when and Finley. The number of pupils in the the din of arms has scarcely ceased to. Theological Seminary is eighty-five, and grate their ears, and when the tears are our prospects are good.”—Philadelphia scarcely wiped away, which were shed for Mercantile Advertiser, April 12th.


Domestic Religious Jntelligence.

ANNUAL MEETING mately connected with the best interests

of mankind, as general education must LANCASTERIAN ASSOCIATION: be universally adopted, before that know

ledge, which the language of prophecy In addition to the gratifying meetings declares, shall be profusely disseminated of the present season; we have to re

through an enlightened world, and thus port, that, the West London Lancaste- the commencement of that era, when rian Association, held their annual meet

“the knowledge of the Lord shall cover ing on the 21st of June, at the Freema- the earth as the waters cover the sea.", sons' Tavern. The meeting was numerously and respectably attended, and considering the loss they sustained by the

YORKSHIRE AND LANCASHIRE absence of their distinguished chairman

ASSOCIATION, Sir James Mackintosh, was highly in

HELD AT BRAMLEY, teresting, and the appeals to the auditory

May 17th and 18th, 1815. from Earl Stanhope, the Hon. Grey Bennett, Major Torrens, the Rev. Dr. Lind- WeDNESDAY, May 17th, Met at two say, the Rev. Mr. Tracey, and others, o'clock, afternoon, brother Steadman appeared to make a deepimpression. We prayed, brother Littlewood was chosen sincerely regret, that the cause of Uni- moderator. Evening.-Met at six, broversal Education, which has received ther Hyde prayed, and preached from the high patronage of our venerable, | 1 Peter, i. 9. and beloved, but now aflicted, Sovereign, Thursday forenoon. Met at ten, which is still continued by his illustrious brother Fisher preached from Psalm sons, should not receive the universal cxxi. 7, and brother Stevens from Psalm patronage and support of every' class of xxi. 5. Brother Mc. Farlane read the the community ; for it is certainly inti- Circular Letter, and concladed with

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