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Was held, May the 16th and 17th,

April 26, 1815, Mr. W. Payne was

ordained over the Baptist Church at Tue loss of the churches, by death, Coggeshall

, Essex. Mr. Shuttleworth, this year, bas heen very considerable, commenced with reading and prayer. Mr. and there has been no actual increase : Garrington, of Burnham, asked the questhe accounts, in several instances, how- tions. Mr. Pritchard, of London, gave ever, are very. isatisfactory, and the pros- the charge from 2 Kings, xvii: 28. Mr. pects highly encouraging.

Wear, of Ipswich, addressed the church, On Wednesday morning, the service from Phil. ii. 16. Mr. Fielding, Indewas introduced by Brother J. H. Hinton, pendent Minister of Coggeshall

, con

cluded in prayer. with prayer and reading; and the general prayer was üffered by Brother Gray. Brother Cooke preached from Acts, viii. 8.

On April 26, 1815,, Mr. Thomas Glad« There was great joy in that city." | wish was ordained Pastor of the Paquicular The second sermon was preached by Bro. Baptist Church, at Matfield Green, near ther Hinton, from Rev. i. 18. I am alive for evermore!" with immediate Brenchley, Kent. Mr. Martell, of Burreference to the recent and deeply la- wash, con menced the service of the day. mented death of the Rev. A. Fuller. The Mr. Stanger, of Bessels Green, offered most lively, and powerful emotions were Minister from Titus, ii. 1. Mr. Rogers,

the Ordination Prayer, and addressed the excited, through the whole assembly, by of Eynsford, preached to the people, from this solemn and affecting event. In the evening, Brother Philips en in the afternoon, from Luke, xiv. 17.

Psalm cxviii. 25. Mr. Martell preached gaged in prayer, and Brother Kershaw preached from Psalm li: 18. « Do good And Mr. Rogers again in the evening, in thy good pleasure unto Zion; build from Numb. xiii. 27. thou the walls of Jerusalem.” Brother White concluded the public services of

NEW MEETINGS OPENED. the Association.

To a very numerous company, assem hled, at dinner, it was stated, that 671.

Oct. 26, 1814, a new Meeting Houska had been distributed, from the Association fund, for the assistance of distressed church formed, consisting of eighteen

was opened, at Deal, in Kent, and a churches and ministers; and that, up- inembers, who had formerly been under wards of 60l. had been contributed by the the pastoral care of the Rev. John Giles, churches, for similar purposes, during the of Eythorn, at the distance of seven ensuing year.

miles. The separation was most amnicably The continued and increased support of conducted by all parties. Dr. Rippon, the Baptist Magazine was also warmly of London, 'preached in the morning, recommended, as calculated to promote from Psalm xc. 16, 17, and the Rev. Mr. the interests of Evangelical truth, and to Young, of Margate, in the evening, front afford important and seasonable relief to Gen. xix. 19. The brethren, Attwood, of widows belonging to the denoinination.

Folkstone; Giles, of Eythorn ; Atkinson, Under an impression of the very affect- of Margate; Mather, of Dover; and ing loss which the Baptist Missionary Cramp, of St. Peter's, engaged in the Society has sustained, by the removal of

other services. its invaluable Secretary, it was unani- The station at Deal, is important, and mously resolved, That, at a double lecture, the prospect encouraging. The expenses to be held in the Autumn, at Bourton-on- incurred by the erection of the buildthe Water, there shall be established, ing, amount to 8001. of which 2001. have for the churches of the Association, and been defrayed. For the residue, an apthe neighbouring district, an AUXILIARY peal will be made, and we hope successMISSIONABY SOCIETY.

fully, to a liberal public.

On Wednesday, April 19, a new Bap, ASSOCIATED CHURCHES

tist Meeting House, erected between ISLE OF ELY AND ITS VICINITY. Spencer Street and Upper Ashby Street, April 19, the majority of the ministers | verfordwest, but, on becoming a Student and messe: gers of the Particular Baptist in the Academical Institution, at Ste:pney, churches, in the County of Bedford, as he united with the Church in Alie Street, sembled at the Rev. Mr. Freeman's Meet- | London. ing House, Cotton End, for the purpose A more particular account of this useful of forming their churches into an Associa- | young minister may be expected in a tion. Sermons were preached on the oc- future number of this Magazine. casion by the Rev.G. Keely and the Rev. T. Waké. I

Goswell Street Road, was opened ; on The First Half-yearly Meeting was which occasion, Sermons were preached held át Soham, May 2, 1815. The ser- by Messrs. Chin, Freer, and Shenston: vices were remarkably well attended; and The devotional parts of the service were the effects of Christian union very appa- conducted by Messrs. Keen, Barnett, and




The next'annual meeting is to Lately at Berlin, New-England, Dea- , be held at Little Staughton, in April next, con Stephen Bailey, aged 61. . He has left, when a collection is to be made for the by will, one hundred dollars to the EvanBaptist Mission.

gelical Foreign Missionary Society, at Bris.

tol, New-England. The Kent and Sussex Baptist Association will be held at Mr. Knott's Meeting House, Chatham, on 'Toesday and' Wednesday, the 6th and 7th of June, 1815.




ON TIE DEÁTÍ OF THE May 1. The Rev. James Wraith, of

REV. ANDREW FULLER, Hampstead, in his eighty-first year; who « finished his course with joy. His Fu

OF KETTERING, neral Sermon was preached to a crowded audience, by the Rev. J. Snelgar, from (Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society) Luke, ii. 29, 30. The Discourse, with

MAY 7, 1815. extracts from a memoir, written by himself, will, by particular request, be printed.

Simeon of old the temple sought,

And in his arms the Saviour caught : , Lately, at Coseley, aged sixty-three, the ..,Lord," I have seen thy, grace," Rev. Joshua' Bissell, who had' laboured | The saint exclaim'd, with rapture fird, many years in bis Master's vineyard,'in As from the altar he retird.;that neighbourhood, with much acceptance Then left the world in peace. » and success. He retired to rest as usual, so Fuiler snnk.—How keen the blow, and rose the next morning with his accustomed cheerfulness. Soon after he arose, Say, mourning Church, whose soriows flow, be was afflicted with a paralytic seizure, Around your Pastor dead > which terimiñatėd his mortal'existence in' Friends, who enjoy'd his counsel, say a few days. His Funeral Sermon was What friendship, counsel, torn away, preached from Psalm xxxiv. 19. '“ Many With his pure spirit fled. are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.” Mour, India,mourn! your friend 's no more!

Let Ganges weep o'er ev'ry shore,

And niake your sorrows known : On Tuesday, the 9th of May, died, Yet not despair-- your Champion's GUD suddenly, Mr. William Porter, the 'long For ever lives.-Adore his rod, and esteemed friend of the late Rev.: A.

And bow before his throne. Fuller, and the senior Deacon of the Ask, and he 'll other friends inspire, Baptist Church at Thrapston. The neigh. To track his chariot of fire, bourhood in general, and the Baptist And catch his falling vest : Church in particular, will long deplore Then in the Prophet's footsteps tread, the afflictive bereavement. Mr. Ragsdell 'has promised us some

Abroad redeeming love to spread, particulars of the life and death of this

Till all your sons are blest. excellent man.

Muse ! take thy lyre-thy strains renew,

Forget the sad—the joyful view,Mr. John Rees, late Pastor of the Bap- The SPIRIT in the'skies : tist Church at New Mill, near Tring, Weep, yet rejoice, for glory shines Hertfordshire, died on Friday the 5th of Around the grave where he reclines, May, aged' twenty-four years. He was And angels watch the prize. originally a member of the church in Ha


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MR. ANDREW FULLER, was but has resided for many years born February 6th, 1754 at at Kettering. She survives to Wicken, a village in Cambridge- lament his loss, "but hopes to shire, seven miles from Ely, and dwell for ever with him in a about the same distance from better world. She had in all Newmarket; in which village three children; two of whom his paternal ancestors had re-are still living; viz. Mr. Robert sided from time immemorial. Fuller, a farmer at Işleham;

His father, Robert Fuller, born in 1747; and Mr. John was a farmer : he removed in Fuller, a fariner at Little Bent1758 from Wicken to Milden- ley, in Essex, born in 1748. hall; in 1761, to Soham ; in They are deacons of Baptist 1773, to Bottisham, until which Churches.* time, his son Andrew assisted Mr. Andrew Fuller received him in his business; and, in an English education at the 1780, to Isleham; places at no free-school at Soham. An great distance from each other; opinion prevailed in the town, in each of which he rented a that he was more learned than small farm, and at the last of his master. Though this might which he died, in January 1781, not be true, it contributed, in no aged 58.

small degree, to the respect with His mother, Philippa, daugh- which he was treated by the ter of Mr. Andrew Gunton, a inhabitants. farmer at Soham, is a member As this brief sketch will be of the Baptist Church there, I followed by memoirs of his life,

* Mr. John Fuller had a son named Joseph, who was a student at Bristol, having been called to the ministry out of his uncle's church at Kettering, of which he was a member. He was a youth of the most gentle manners, and promising talents. He died of a consumption when about twenty years of age, after having made a remarkable proficiency in literature, VOL. VII.

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