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sabbath reader, who pressed me hard made him instrumental of performing to stay with him that evening. I told a wonderful change in their minds. him I would take lodgings in the Some of their neighbours sneer, and town, as I was not perfectly recover- others will not speak to them : noted; so I brought him with me to have withsianding, there are many cleaving some conversation. As we passed to them, and came far to have serious through the parlour at the inn, to go conversation with them. I spent two into a private room, there was a large days with them, and in all my life, I company of priests, methodists, and never spent two happier days. There protestants of the establishment, tak- is also a young lad, about three miles. ing a glass moderately. As I was from this, who has been brought to. passing, one took me by the skirt, a the knowledge of the truth; who cani methodist, and insisted I would sit neither read nor write English, but down. I complied, and was hardly who will point out or correct any seated, when I was attacked on the passage of scripture, quicker than I false translation of the scriptures into can with a book in my hand. He is a English. Before he had finished, a gazing stock and derision to old and methodist dashed across the table, young, yet as immoveable as a mounelection in my face. I told him to tain. So marvellous are thy works, Jet me get extricated out of the one O Lord! I invited him to come and first, and be assured I would not for- stay at my house till be could learn get his question. I then took out my English; and the joy and gratitude Irish Testameut, and began to read of the young creature was beyond exand speak from different passages un pression. til after twelve o'clock. After the B. H. told me there was a man of first onset, the greatest respect and my name about twelve miles distant, attention was paid, though the house who was an ornament in society, and became thronged. I mostly spoke, who, he knew would wide forty miles and always read, in Irish. The woman to get acquainted with me. I sent of the house was hard of hearing; this person word I would call at his she stood all the time behind me, house the following week, and accordwith her head over my shoulder, and' ingly took a circuit on the north side would take nothing next day for my of the mountain, by the sea coast, and lodging. A catholic observed, that if in three days got to his house ; where the people of the town had known, a we had a pleasant meeting to us both. large congregation would have assem- He far exceeded the account I had bled, even if the priest had stood to heard of him. He lives in a wild . prevent them. F. told me the next mountain. The first night, a number morning, that after what he had heard of the neighbours assembled, and we last night, he never would enter the read and conversed to a late hour. chapel door again.

The next day, I spent instructing him From thence I went to the resi- to read Irish, which he will soon be dence of B. H.'s father and mother. master of; and shewing him the way They are about 90 years of age. The of God more perfectly, which being mother never read a word of English done with mildness, he most gladly in her life ; but, with uplifted hands heard. The third day, he sent to the and eyes, would refer to fundamental whole country round to come to his passages of scripture, as well as the house in the evening, to hear the Irish ablesť divine in the kingdom. The Testament read; and though it was old man is possessed of good natural by the side of a mountain, we were as parts, and is a good scholar; and has thronged as we could stand together. been cxceedingly zealous of estab- I read and spoke for three hours; and lishing his own righteousness; and (to then they began to ask questions, esuse his own words) thought himself to pecially in regard to popery: which

gone so far as to perform works I painted in the blackest colours, of supererogation, the history of which shewing the fulness and freeness of the would surprize you. Besides this gospel plan of salvation. An old man aged couple, there are two brothers of addressed me very respectfully, sayB.H., his wife, and two daughters, ing, “ Ye that know this, why do ye and son-in-law, to whom the Lord has come and instruct us ?" “ The reason

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is,” said I, “your priest will not let was opened. Mr. Griffin preached in you hear the truth.” “ Do you come,” in the morning from Psalm xxvii. 4. said he, “ and as often as you come, Mr. Hughes in the afternoon, from we will not be hindered by him ; we Acts xx. 32. and Mr. Hillyard, from will gladly receive you." You are to 1 Chron. xxix. 5. Ministers of difobserve, there was not a word read or ferent denominations led the devotispoken that night but Irish ; and were onal parts of the service. it not for the Irish Testament, there are not three in a county would hear The ministers of the Northern Asthe scriptures that are papists. I pro- sociation have agreed to hold their armised them, that if death or siekness mual meeting at Hamsterley, on Tucsdid not prevent, I would be with them day and Wednesday, the 27th and the latter end of March,

28th of June next. .

PUBLIC MEETINGS. March 15th, the new Baptist meeting house at Luton, Bedfordshire,

Tlic Wilts aud Somerset District meeting will be held at Frome, on the last Tuesday of the present month.

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Repentance not to be repented of.
Jesus shall I the cross forego,

And in the wild complain ?
Such was thine heritage below,

Thy pilgrimage of pain.
But thy vast sorrows—there methinks,

All othër griefs are drown'd;
As earth's unfathomeil ocean drinks,

The seas that wander round.
Thou mighty mourner ! o'er the deep,

That roll'd its wave on thee ;
The world repentant woes might weep,

And such my woe' shall be.
But when above this guilty sphere,

On thee I fix my eye ;
Thy smile upon its latest tear;
Shall leave the channel dry.

Hail happy day that sets us free,

From all terrestrial things;
The day we shall our Saviour see,

And crown him “King of kings."
When providence o'er all below,

Spreads wide its blackest wings;
It cheers the deepest gloom to know,

That Christ is " King of kings.”
Far from this scene where sorrow reigns,

And grief the bosom wrings ;
We'll soar and gain the heavenly plains,

Where dwells the “ King of kings.”
Salvation to the worthy Lamb,

Each ransomed sinner sings ;
For thou wast slain, and thou alone

Shalt reign the “ King of kings.”
But hark! in regions of despair,

How awfully it rings ;
Each curs'd with demonstration there,

That Christ is “ King of kings.”

Smith, Printer, John Street, Edgware Ronda

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MAY, '1815.


unto you

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The great concern of a WATCH- them, the apostle means their ec

MAN for souls, appearing in the clesiastical rulers, and particular-
duty he has to do, and the account
he has to give, represented and im- ly, their ministers or pastors, that
proved in a sermon, preached at the preached the word of God to
ordination of the Rev. Mr. Jona- them, as is evident by v. 17,
than Judd, to the pastoral Office, “ Remember them that have the
over the church of Christ, in the rule over you, who have' spoken
new precinct, at Northampton, June
Sth, 1743, hy JONATHAN ED-

the word of God :" and WARDS, M. A. pastor of the first also by the words of the text, that church of Christ, in Northampton. immediately follow in the same Heb. xiii. 17.

verse, in which the employment of They watch for your souls, as they those that have the rule over that must give account.

them, that they are to obey and After the apostle had, in this submit to, is represented. epistle, particularly and largely Concerning which may be obinsisted on the great doctrines of served, the gospel, relating to the person,

1. What it is that their pastors priesthood, sacrifice, exaltation, were conversant about, in the emand intercession of Christ; and ployment with which they were the nature, privileges, and bene- charged, viz. the souls of men. fits of the new dispensation of the The emyloyments wherein many covenant of grace, as answering others were engaged, were about to the types of the old' testament; the bodies of men; so it is with he improves all in the latter part almost all the particular callings of the epistle, to enforce christian that men follow; they are, in one duties, and holý practice, as his sense or another to provide for manner is in most of his epistles. men's bodies, or to further their And after he had recommended temporal interests; as the business other duties to the christian He- of husbandmen, sailors, merchants, brews, in this verse, he gives them physicians, attornies, and civil of counsel with regard to their duty to- ficers, and rulers, and the innumewards those that were set over them rable trades and mechanical arts in ecclesiastical authority. "Obey that are practised and pursued by them that bave the rule over you, the children of men. But the and submit yourselves." By work of the ministry is about the " them that had the rule over" soul; that part of man which is Vol. VII.

2 A

inmortal, and made and designed Christ expects that minister: for a state of inconceivable bless- should seek to obtain these puredness, or extreme and unuttera- poses, with respect to the souls ble torments, throughout all eter- committed to them, is by watchnity; which is therefore infinitely ing for them. . precious, and is that part of man IV. I would observe, how, in which the great distinction lies when the time of their employbetween man and all the other in- ment is at an end, they must give numerable kinds of creatures in an account to him that committed this lower world, and by which these souls to them : he is vastly dignified above them. And then make application of It is about such beings as these, the whole. that the work of the ministry is im- I. Ministers of the gospel have mediately conversant.

the precious and immortal souls 2. How ministers in the busi- of men committed to their care ness they have to attend, are to be and trust, by the Lord Jesus employed about men's souls; they Christ. are to watch for them : which in- The souls of men are his; he plies that they are committed to is the creator of them : God cretheir care to keep, that they may ated all things by Jesus Christ. be so taken care of, that they may He created, not only the material not be lost, but be eternally saved. world, but also those things that

3. A grand argument to induce are immaterial and invisible, as anand oblige them to faithfulness in gels, and the souls of men. Col. this employment," they must give i. 16. “ For by him were all account," i.e. they must give an things created, that are in heaveu account to him that committed and that are in earth, visible and those souls to their care, of the invisible; whether they be thrones; souls with which they were en- or dominions, or principalities, or trusted, and of the care they have powers, all things were created by taken of them.

him and for him," God is the Therefore, that we may the Creator of men in both soul and better understand the nature of body; but their souls are,

in that work of a minister of the special and more immediate mangospel, and pastor of a church, ner, his workmanship, wherein and the grand inducement to less use is made of second causes, faithfulness spoken of in the text, instruments, or means, or any and know better what improve- thing pre-existent. The bodies ment we ought to make of these of men, though they are, indeed, things, I would,

God's work, yet they are formed I. Shew that ministers of the by him in a way of propagation gospel bave the souls of men com- from their natural parents; but mitted to their care by the Lord the souls of men are of God's im. Jesus Christ.

mediate creation and infusion, beII. I would shew to what pur- ing in no part communicated by pose Christ thus commits the earthly parents, nor formed out of souls of men to the care of minis- any matter or principles existing ters.

before. The apostle observes the III. That the way in which difference, and speaks of earthly



And as

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fathers, as being fathers of our cate something of himself. “The
flesh, or our bodies only, but of Lord God formed man, (i. e, bis
God as being the Father of our body,) of the dust of the ground,
spirits. Heb. xii. 9. “ Further- (a mean and vile original,) and
more, we have bad, &c." There- breathed into his nostrils, the
fore God is once and again called breath of life;" (whereby some-
the God of the spirits of all flesh: thing was communicated from an
Num. xvi. 22. and xxvii. 16. And infinitely higher source,
in Eccl. xii. 7. God is represented God's own living spirit, or divine
as having immediately given or vital fulness) “ and man became a
implanted the soul, as in that re- living soul."
spect different from the body, The souls of men being thus iq
which is of pre-existent matter. a special manner from God, God
" Then shall the dust return to ' is represented as having a special
the earth, and the spirit to God, property in them. Ezek. xviii

. 4.
gave it.” And it is mentioned

Behold all souls are mine, as in Zech. xii. 1. as one of God's the soul of the father, so also the glorious prerogatives, that he is he soul of the son is mine.” ihat formeth the spirit of man the souls of men are more directly within him. And indeed the soul from God, by the more special of man is by far the greatest and and immediate exercise of his dimost wonderful piece of divine vine power as a creator, and are workmanship, of all the creatures: what he challenges as his by a in this lower creation : and there- special propriety, and are the fore it was the more meet, that most noble part of this lower crehowever second causes should be ation, so they are infinitely disimproved, in the production of tinguished from all other creameaner creatures, yet this, which tures, which God hath made in is the chief and most noble of all, this world, as they are the subjects and the crown and end of all the of God's care and special provirest, should be reserved to be the dence. more immediate work of God's Divines are wont to distinguislı own hands, and display of his between God's common and spepower, and to be communicated cial providence. · His common directly from him, without the in- providence is that which he exertervention of instruments, or ho- cises towards all his creatures, ranouring second causes so much tional and irrational, animate and as to improve them in bringing to inanimate, in preserving them, and pass so noble an effect.

disposing of them by his mighty It is observable, that even in the power, and according to his sovefirst creation of man, when his reign pleasure. His special probody was formed immediately by vidence is that wbich he exercises God, not in the course of nature, towards his intelligent, rational, or in the way of natural propaga- creatures, as moral agents; of tion; yet the soul is represented which sort are mankind alone, of as being, in a higher, more direct, all the innumerable kinds of creaand immediate manner, from God; tures in this lower world; and in and so communicated that God a special manner, the souls of did therein, as it were, communi- men; for in them only is imme,

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