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made bis escape, and gets him away quite out of the town of Mansoul, and lay lurking in such places and holes as he might, until he should again lave opporrnity to do the town of Mansoul a mischief, for their thus handling him as they did.

Now when Mr. Trueinan the gaoler, perceived that he had lost his prisoner, he was in a heavy taking, because he, that prisoner we speak of, was the very worst of all the gang: Wherefore first he goes and acquaints iny Lord Mayor, Mr. Recorder, and my Lord Will-bewill with the matter, and to get of them an order to make search for him throughout the town of Mansoul.. So an order he got, and search was made, but no such man could now be found in all the town of Mansoul.

All that could be gathered was, that he had lurged a while about the nutside of the town, and that here and there one or other had a glimpse of him, as lie did make his escape out of Mansoul; one or two also did affirm that they saw him without the town, going apace quite over the plain. Now when he was quite gone, it was affirmed by one Mr. Didsee, that he ranged all over dry places, till he met with Diabolus his friends and where should they meet one another but upon Hell-gate-hill.

But 0, what a lamentable story did the old gentleman tell to Diabolus, concerning what sad alteration Emanuel had made in Mansoul. As first, how Mansoul had after some delays, received a general pardon at the hands of Emanuel, and that they had invited him into the town, and that they had given him the castle for his possession. He said moreover, that they had called his soldiers into the town, coveted who should quarter the most of them; they also entertained him with the timbrel, song, and dance. But that, said incredulity, that is the sorest vexation to me, that he hath puiled down, O father, thy image, and set up his own, pulled down thy officers, and set up his own; yea, and Will-be-will, that rebel, who one would have thought should never have turned from us, he is now in as great favour with Einanuel as ever he was with thee. But besides all this, this Will-be-will has received a special commission from his master to search for, to apprehend, and to put to death all, and all manner of Diabolians that he shall find in Mansoul; yea, and this Will-be-will has taken and committed to prison already eight of my Lord's most truly friends in Mansoul. Nay further, my Lord, with grief I speak it, they have been all arraigned, condemned, and I doubt before this, executed in Mansoul. I toid my Lord of eight, and myself was the ninth, who should assuredly have drunk of the same cup, but that through craft I have made mine escape from them.

When Diabolus had heard this lamentable story, he yelled, and snuffed up the wind like a dragon, and made the sky to look dark with his roaring: he also sware he would try to be revenged of Mansoul for this. So they concluded to enter into great consultation how they might get the town of Mansoul again.

Now before this time the day was come in which the prisoners in Mansoul were to be executed ; Rom. viii. 13. and vi. 12–14. So they were brought to the cross, and that by Mansoul, in most solemn manner : for the Prince said that this should be done by the hand of the town of Mansoul, that I may see, said he, the forwardness of my now, redeemed Mansoul to keep my word, and to do my commandments; and that I may bless Mansoul in doing this deed ; Gal. v. 24. Proof of sincerity pleases me well, let Mansoul therefore first lay their hands upon these Diabolians to destroy them.

So the town of Mansoul slew them according to the - word of their Prince : But when the prisoners were brought to the cross to die, you can hardly believe what troublesome work Mansoul had of it to put the Diabolians, to death; for the men knowing that they must die, and all of them having implacable enmity in their team heart to Mansoul, what did they but took courage at the cross, and there resisted the men of the town of Mansoul. Wherefore the men of Mansoul were forced to cry out for help to the captains and men of war. Now the great Shaddai had a secretary in the town, and he was a great lover of the men of Mansoul, and he was at the place of execution also; so he hearing the men of Mansoul cry out against the strugglings and the unruliness of the prisoners, rose up from his place, and came and put his hands upon the hands of the men of Mansoul. So they crucified the Diabolians that had been a plague, a: grief, and an 'offence to Mansoul, Rom. viii. 13.

Now when this good work was done, the Prince came down to see, to visit, and to speak comfortably to the men of Mansoul, and to strengthen their hands in such work. And he said to them, that by this act of theirs he had proved them, and found them to be lovers of his person, obs rers his laws, and such as

ad also respect to his honour. He said, moreover, to shew them that they by this should not be losers, nor the town weakened by the loss of them, that he would make them another captain, and that of one of themselves And that this captain should be the ruler of a thousand, or the good and benefit of the now flourishing town of Mansoni.

So he called one to him, whose name was Waiting, and bid him go quickly up to the castle gate, and enquire there for one Mr. Experience, that waiteth upon the noble Capt. Credence, and bid him come hither to me. So the messenger that waiteth upon the good Prince Emanuel, went and said as he was commanded. Now the young gentleman was waiting to see the captain train and muster his men in the castle-yard. Then said Mr. Waiting to him, Sir, the Prince would that you should come down to his Highness forthwith. So he brought him down to Emanuel, and he came and made obeiseisce


before him. Now the men of ihe town knew Mr. Experience well, for he was born and bred in Mansoul; they also knew him to be a man of conduct, of valour, and a person prudent in matters; he was also a comely person, well spoken, and very successful in his undertakings.

Wherefore the bearts of the townsmen were transported with joy when they saw that the Prince himself was so taken with Mr. Experience, that he would needs make him a captain.

So with one consent they bowed the knee before Emanuel, and with a shout said, Let Emanuel live for ever! Then said the Prince to the young gentleinan, whose name was Mr. Experience, I have thought good to confer upon thee a place of trust and honour in this my town of Mansoul. Then the young man bowed his head and worshipped. It is, said Emanuel, that thou shouldst be a Captain, a Captain over a thousand men in my beloved town of Mansoul. Then said the captain, Let the King live! So the Prince gave out orders forth with to the King's Secretary, that he should draw up for Mr. Experience a comunission to make him a captain over a thousand men, and let it be brought to me, said he, that I may set to my seal. So it was done as commanded. The commission was drawn up, brought to Emanuel, and he set his seal thereto. Then by the hand of Mr. Waiting, he sent it away to the captain.

Now so soon as the captain had received his commission, he sounded his trumpet for volunteers, and young men came to him apace; yea, the greatest and chiefest men in the town sent their sons to be listed under his command. Thus Captain Experience came under command to Emanuel, of the good of the town of Mansoul. He bad for his lieutenant one Mr. Skilful, and for his cornet one Mr. Memory. His under officers I need not name, 1 Sam. xvii. 36, 37. His colours were the white


colours, for the town of Mansoul; and the scutcheolj was the dead lion and dead bear. So the Prince returned to his royal palace again.

Now when he was returned thither, the elders of the town of Mapsoul, to wit, my Lord Mayor, Mr. Recorder, and the Lord Will-be-will, went to congratulate him, and in special way to thank him for his love, care, and the tender compassion which he shewed to his ever obliged town of Mansoul. So after awhile, and some sweet communion between them, the townsmen having solemnly ended their ceremony, returned to their place again.

Emanuel also appointed them a day wherein he would renew their charter, yea, wherein he :vould renew and enlarge it, mending several faults therein, that Mansoul's yoke might be yet more easy, Heb. viii. 13. Mat. xi. And this he did without any desire of theirs, even of his own frankness and noble mind. - So when he had sent for and seen their old one, he laid it by, and said, Now tbat wbich decayeth and waxetb old is ready to vanish away. He said moreover, The town of Mansoul shall have another and a better. An epitome of which take as follows:

I Emanuel, Prince of Peace, and a great lover of the town of Mansoul, do in the name of my Father, and of my own clemency, give, grant, and bequeath to my beloved town of Mansoul,

1st. Free and full forgiveness of all wrongs, injuries, and offences, done by them against my Father, me, their neighbours, or themselves, Heb. viii. John xvii. 8, 14.

2nd. I do give them the holy law, and testament, with all therein contaiņed, for their everlasting comfort and consolation, 2 Pet. i. 4. 2 Cor. vii. 1. 1 John i. 16.

3d. I do also give them a portion of the self-same grace and goodness that dwells in my Father's heart and mine.

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