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Now while these brave captains were thus busy in the house of the old Recorder, Capt. Execution was as busy in other parts of the town, in securing the back streets and the walls. He also hunted the Lord Will-be-will sorely, he suffered him not to rest in any corner; he

pur: sued him so hard that he drove his men from him, and made him glad to thrust his head into a hole. Also this mighty warrior did cut three of Lord Will-be-will's officers down to the ground; one was old Mr. Prejudice, he that had his crown cracked in the mutiny : this man was made by my Lord Will-be-will keeper of Eargate, and fell by the hand of Capt. Execution. There was also one Mr. Backward-to-all-but-nought, and he also was one of the Lord Will-be-will's officers, and was captain of the two guns that once were mounted on the top of Ear-gate; he also was cut down to the ground by the hands of Capt. Execution. Besides these two there was another, a third, and his name wils Captain Treacherous, a vile man this was, but one that Willbe-will did put a great deal of confidence in, but' him also did this Capt. Execution cut down to the ground with the rest. He also made a very great slaughter among my Lord Will-be-will's soldiers, killing many that were stout and sturdy, and wounding many that for Diabolus were nimble and active. But all these were Diabolians; there was not a mar, a native of Mansoul, hurt.

Other feats of war were likewise performed by other of the captains, as at Eye-gate, where Captain Good-hope and Captain Charity had a charge, was great execution done; for Captain Good-hope with his own hands slew one Captain Blindfold, the keeper of that gate; this Blindfold was captain of a thousand men, and they were they that fought with mauls; he also pursued his men, slew many, and wounded more, and made the rest hide their heads in corners.


There were also at that gate, Mr. Ill-pause, of whom you have heard before; he was an old man, and had a beard that reached down to his girdle; the same was he that was orator to Diabolus, he did much mischief in the town of Mansoul, and fell by the hands of Captain Good-bope.

What shall I say? The Diabolians in these days lay dead in every corner, though too many yet were alive in Mansoul.

Now the old Recorder, and my Lord Understanding, with some others of the chief of the town, to wit, such as knew they must stand and fall with the famous town of Mansoul, came together upon a day, and after consultation had, did jointly agree to draw up a petition, and to send it to Emanuel, now while he sat in the gate of Mansoul. So they drew up their petition to Emanuel, the contents whereof were this, that they the old inhabitants of the deplorable town of Mansoul, confessed their sin, and were sorry that they bad offended bis princely Majesty, and prayed that he would spare their lives.

Unto this petition he gave no answer at all, and that did trouble them yet so much the more. Now all this while the captains that were in the Recorder's house were playing with the battering rams at the gates of the castle to beat them down. So after some time, labour and travail, the gate of the castle that was cailed Impregnable, was beaten open, and broken into several splinters ; and so a way was made to go into the hold in which Diabolus had hid himself. Then were tidings sent down to Ear-gate, for Emanuel still abode there, to let him know that a way was made in at the gates of the castle of Mansoul. But O! how the trumpets at the tidings sounded throughout the Prince's camp, for that now the war was so near an end, and Mansoul itself of being set free! Then the Prince arose from the place where he was

and took with him such of his men of war as were fittest for that expedition, and marched up the street of Mansoul to the old Recorder's house.

Now the Prince himself was clad all in armour of gold, and so he marched up the town, with his standard borne before him; but he kept his countenance much reserved all the way as he went, so that the people could not tell how to gather to themselves love or hatred by his looks. Now as he marehed up the street, the townsfolk came out at every door to see, and could not but be taken with his person, and the glory thereof, but wondered at the reservedness of his countenance; for as yet he spake more to them by his actions and works, than he did by words or smiles. But also poor Mansoul (as in such cases all are apt to do) they interpreted the carriage of Emanuel to them as did Joseph's brethren his to them, even all the quite contrary way: For thought they, if Emanuel loved us, he would shew it to us by word or carriage, but none of these he doth, therefore Emanuel hates us.

Now if Emanuel hates us, Mansoul shall be slain, then Mansoul shall become a dung-hill. They knew that they had transgressed his law, and that against him they had been in with Diabolus his enemy. They also knew that the Prince Emanuel knew all this; for they were convinced that he was an angel of God, to know all things that are done in the earth. And this made them think that their condition was miserable, and that the good Prince would make them desolate.

And thought they, what time so fit to do this in, as now, when he has the bridle of Mansoul in his hand ? And this I took special notice of, that the inhabitants (notwithstanding all this) could not, no, they could not, when they saw him march through the town, but eringe, bow, bend, and were ready to lick the dust off his feet: They also wished a thousand times over, that he would become their Prince and Captain, and would become their protector. They would also one to another talk of the comeliness of his person, and how much for glory and valour he outstript the great ones of the world. But poor hearts, as to themselves, their thoughts would change, and go upon all manner of extremes. Yea, through the working of them backward and forward, Mansoul became as a ball tossed, and as a rolling thing before a whirlwind.


Now when he was come to the castle gates, he commanded Diabolus to appear, and to surrender himself into his hands. But O, how loth was the beast to appear! how he stuck at it! how he shrunk! how he cringed! yet how he came to the Prince. Then Emanuel commanded, and they took Diabolus and bound him fast in chains, the better to reserve him to the judginent that he had appointed for him. But Diabolus stood up to intreat for hiniself, that Emanuel would not send him into the deep, but suffer him to depart out of Mansoul in peace.

When Emanuel had taken him and bound him in chains, he led him into the market-place, and there before Mansoul stript him of his armour which he boasted so much of before. This now was one of the acts of triumph of Emanuel over his enemy, and all the while that the giant was stripping, the trumpets of the golden Prince did sound amain; the captains also shouted, and the soldiers did sing for joy. Then was Mansoul called upon to behold the beginning of Emanuel's triumph over him, in whom they so much had trusted, and of whom they so much had boasted in the days when he flattered them.

Thus, having made Diabolus naked in the eyes of Mansoul, and before the commanders of the Prince, in the next place he commands that Diabolus should be bound with chains to his chariot wheels; Eph.iv. Then leaving some of his forces, to wit, Captain Boanerges


and Captain Conviction, a guard for the castle gates, that resistance might be made on his behalf, if any that heretofore followed Diabolus should make an attempt to possess it, he did ride in triumph over him quite thro' the town of Mansoul, and so out at, and before the gate called Eye-gate, to the plain where his camp did lie.

But you cannot think, unless you had been there, (as I was) what a shout there was in Emanuel's camp, when they saw the tyrant bound by the hand of their noble Prince, and tied to his chariot wheels.

And they said, he had led captivity captive, and hath spoiled principalities and powers. Diabolus is subjected to the power of the sword, and made the object of, all derision.

Those also that rode reformades, and that came down to see the battle, shouted with that greatness of voice, and sung with such melodious notes, that they caused them that dwelt in the highest orbs to open their win. dows, put out their heads and look down to see the cause of that glory, Luke xv. 7. 10.

The townsmen also, so many of them as saw this sight, were as it were astonished, while they looked betwixt the earth and the heavens. True, they could not tell what would be the issue of things as to them, all things being done in such excellent methods; and I cannot tell how, but things in the management of them .seemed to cast a smile towards the town; so that their eyes, their heads, their hearts, and their miods, and all that they had, were taken and held while they observed Emanuel's order.

So when the brave Prince had finished this part of his triumph over Diabolus his foe, he turned him up in the midst of his contempt and shame, having given him a charge no more to be a possessor of Mansoul. Then ivent he from Emanuel, and out of the midst of his


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