Shakespeare's Ovid: The Metamorphoses in the Plays and Poems

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A. B. Taylor, Anthony Brian Taylor
Cambridge University Press, 30 лист. 2000 р. - 219 стор.
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Ovid's great poem, Metamorphoses, was a source of life long fascination and inspiration for Shakespeare. He drew on its great myths throughout his career: in early works like Venus and Adonis and Titus Andronicus, works of the middle period like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night, and late plays such as The Winter's Tale and The Tempest. This book provides a comprehensive examination of his use of Ovid's poem with contributions from international scholars. It begins by examining the use of Ovid's myth in early Elizabethan literature, a use dramatically changed by Marlowe and Shakespeare himself. It then offers detailed readings of Shakespeare's use of Ovid in a wide range of plays and poems, placing emphasis on several important but often underestimated features. The book also provides a survey of twentieth-century criticism and methodology in the field.

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the metamorphoses of Ovid
Ovid renascent in Venus and Adonis and Hero
Ovid rape
Venus and Adonis and Ovidian indecorous wit
Ovid Petrarch and Shakespeares Sonnets
Pyramus and Thisbe in Shakespeare and Ovid
reading Hamlet in
Ovid Golding and the rough magic of The Tempest
a critical
List of works cited
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Dr A. B. Taylor, formerly Dean of Humanities at the Swansea Institute, has published widely on Shakespeare and the Elizabethans in leading journals. Now a full-time writer, his other works include poetry, short stories and radio plays.

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