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LAMB, P. 5. COLERIDGE, P. 69. LEIGH Hunt, p. 123. From

the original papers preserved in the Hospital. It will be noticed that in Lamb's case, the usual bond signed by the minister, &c., is missing, the Temple being extra-parochial. Its place was supplied by a written bond, to practically the same effect, signed by Sam Salt (well-known name to readers of Elia), “ in the penal sum of one hundred pounds."



Edinburgh and London


MODERN PAINTERS. In 5 vols. with all the Wood

cuts, i Lithograph, and the 89 Full-Page Steel Engravings. The text is that of the 1873 Edition, with Notes, and a New

Epilogue. Cloth, £6, 6s. the 5 vols., imp. 8vo. THE STONES OF VENICE. Complete Edition.

(Imperial 8vo.) 3 vols. with the 53 Plates and the Text as

originally issued, and Index. Cloth, £4, 45. the 3 vols. THE SEVEN LAMPS OF ARCHITECTURE.

With New Preface and Aphorisms, and the 14 Original

Plates. Sixth Edition. Imperial 8vo, cloth, 215. EXAMPLES OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF

VENICE. With the Text and the 16 Plates as originally published. Cloth cover (unbound), atlas folio about 25 in.

by 17 in.), £2, 25. THE POETRY OF ARCHITECTURE; or, The

Architecture of the Nations of Europe considered in its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character. With Frontispiece in Colour, 14 Plates in Photogravure, and 9 Full

Page and other Woodcuts. 4to, cloth, 215. VERONA, AND OTHER LECTURES. Delivered

principally at the Royal and London Institutions between 1870 and 1883. With Frontispiece in colour and 11 Photogravure

Plates. Med. 8vo, cloth, 155. ON THE OLD ROAD: a Collection of Miscellaneous

Pamphlets, Articles, and Essays (1834-84). In 3 vols., 8vo,

cloth, 303. (Not sold separately.) ARROWS OF THE CHACE : being a Collection of

the Scattered Letters of John Ruskin (1840-1880). With

Preface. In 2 vols. cloth, 8vo, 205. (Not sold separately.) PRÆTERITA. Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts

perhaps Worthy of Memory in my Past Life. Vols. I. and II.

of this autobiography now ready, in cloth, 135. each, med. 8vo. THE ART OF ENGLAND. Six Lectures delivered

at Oxford in 1883. With Appendix and Index. Cloth, 6s., 4to. UNTO THIS LAST. Four Essays on the First

Principles of Political Economy. Tenth Edition. Cloth, 35.;

roan, gilt edges, 45., fcap. 8vo. GEORGE ALLEN, 156, CHARING CROSS ROAD, LONDON

SELECTIONS FROM RUSKIN. 2 vols., crown 8vo,

with Index. (Sold separately), cloth, 6s. each; roan, gilt edges, 8s. 6d. each.

THE FIRST SERIES (from Works written between 1843 and 1860), with engraved Portrait.

THE SECOND SERIES (from Works written between 1860 and 1888), with Photogravure Portrait.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 55. each; roan, gilt edges, 75. 6d. each. SESAME AND LILIES. A Small Complete Edition,

containing the Three Lectures, with long Preface and Index. MUNERA PULVERIS. Six Essays on the Elements

of Political Economy. Second Edition, with Index. The EAGLE'S NEST. Ten Lectures on the Relation

of Natural Science to Art. Third Edition, with Index. TIME and TIDE, by WEARE and TYNĘ. Twenty

five Letters to a Working Man of Sunderland on Laws of

Work. Fourth Edition, with Index, The CROWN of WILD OLIVE. Four Essays on

Work, Traffic, War, and the Future of England. With Articles on the Economy of the Kings of Prussia. Ninth Edition, with

Index. QUEEN of the AIR: a Study of the Greek Myths of

Cloud and Storm. Sixth Edition, with Index. The TWO PATHS. Lectụres on Art and its Applica

tion to Decoration and Manufacture. Delivered in 1858-59.

With New Preface and Added Notes. Third Edition. “A JOY FOR EVER” (and its Price in the Market).

The Substance of Two Lectures on the Political Economy of
Art. With New Preface and Added Articles. Third Edition,

with Index. LECTURES on ART, delivered at Oxford in 1870.

With Preface. Seventh Edition, with Index. "The ETHICS of the DUST. Ten Lectures to Little

Housewives on the Elements of Crystallisation. Eighth Edition. "The ELEMENTS of DRAWING. In Three Letters

to Beginners, with Index. Illustrated. "The STONES of VENICE: Selections for the Use of

Travellers. 2 vols. cloth, 5s. each. Sixth Edition, with Index. GEORGE ALLEN, 156, CHARING CROSS ROAD, LONDON

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