Official Report ... Annual Convention, Том 8,Частина 1894

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National Association of Builders of the United States of America., 1894

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Сторінка 252 - Architect, which drawings and specifications are identified by the signatures of the parties hereto, and become hereby a part of this contract.
Сторінка 123 - Should the Contractor be obstructed or delayed in the prosecution or completion of his work by the act, neglect, delay or default of the Owner, or the- Architects, or of any other contractor...
Сторінка 253 - ... of the Contractor, then the time herein fixed for the completion of the work shall be extended for a period equivalent to the time lost by reason of any or all of the causes aforesaid ; but no such allowance shall be made unless a claim therefor is presented in writing to the Architects within twenty-four hours of the occurrence of such delay.
Сторінка 254 - X. It is further mutually agreed between the parties hereto that no certificate given or payment made under this contract, except the final certificate or final payment, shall be conclusive evidence of the performance of this contract, either wholly or in part, and that no payment shall be construed to be an acceptance of defective work or improper materials.: Art.
Сторінка 254 - If at any time there shall be evidence of any lien or claim for which, if established, the Owner of the said premises might become liable, and which is chargeable to the Contractor , the Owner shall have the right to retain out of any payment then due or thereafter to become due an amount sufficient to completely indemnify against such lien or claim.
Сторінка 253 - Contractor under this contract; and if the architects shall certify that such refusal, neglect or failure is sufficient ground for such action, the Owner shall also be at liberty to terminate the employment of the Contractor for the said work and to enter upon the premises and take possession, for the purpose of completing the work included under this contract, of all materials, tools and appliances thereon, and to employ any other person or persons to finish the work, and to provide the materials...
Сторінка 254 - IX. It is hereby mutually agreed between the parties hereto that the sum to be paid by the Owner., to the Contractor., for said work and materials shall be subject to additions and deductions as hereinbefore provided...
Сторінка 124 - The Owner agrees to provide all labor and materials not included in this contract in such manner as not to delay the material progress of the work...
Сторінка 253 - Should the Contractor at any time refuse or neglect to supply a sufficiency of properly skilled workmen, or of materials of the proper quality, or fail in any respect to prosecute the work wIth promptness and diligence, or fail in the performance of any of the agreements herein contained, such refusal, neglect or failure being certified by the Architects, the Owner shall be at liberty, after three days...
Сторінка 253 - Architect shall by like written notice condemn as unsound or improper, or as in any way failing to conform to the drawings and specifications, and shall make good all work damaged or destroyed thereby.

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