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Heraldic Explanation of the Armorial Bearings of the

University of Dunstable. FIRST Grand Quarter-Parted per Fesse, Argent Semee of Lice, Dexter Chief, on a Field Argent, an Allegator proper Rampant crowned with the Papal Tiara; Sinister Chief, on a Field Or, a proper Monster, Bear Ram-Goat Rampant; Base, on a Field Gules, a Furred Law Cat, a proper ravenous Devil, Langued Gules, Rampant, discharging its excrements. Second Grand Quarter,--Quarterly First and Fourth, on a Field Or, the proper Monster's Head erased, Bear Ram-Goat; second on a Field Gules, Three Legs armed proper, conjoined at the upper Part of the Thighs and spurred; third on a Field Argent, a Jack Ass proper, bridled, on a Shield of Pretence Or, Ox's Head Gules, surmounted by a Bishop's Mitre.--Third Grand Quarter, on a Field Argent, Semee Dice, and Dice Boxes Saltier, Judge Bridlegoose, perched on Corpus Juris nailed, Sinister Base, Human Scull, surmounting Thigh Bones Saltier Gules; Motto, ANSER LEGUM, L. L. D. Fourth Grand Quarter, on a Field Or, Justice Midas' Head Coupee, Asses Ears proper, accompanied by Blocks, Three and Two, Dexter Base the Infernal Cherub; Motto, HORUM QUORUM SUNT STULTORUM.

Crest, on a Royal Helmet, a Fox proper, tailed Viper, entwined Snake, Rampant, crowned with the Papal Tiara ; Motto, TRIA JUNCTA IN UNO.-Grand Motto, BEATI DUNCEŚ. QUONIAM IPSI STUMBLAVORUNT.-Supporters, Asses renversee, Heads and Shoulders' Gules, Buttocks Sable, ensigned with Doctors Caps Sable, plumed, girded with Swords, scarfed, and spurred; Motto, issuing from the anus of the Dexter Ass, INFERIOR A Secutus, from the same of the Sinister Supporter, PUDOREM NON TI

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Powis, June 27, 1807 I this morning received the Honourable DEGREE of DOCTOR of LAWS, from the most celebrated University of Dunstable. This University may boast of its alumnus the Great Doctor Emanuel Last, so renowned for his Medical Abilities. The honour conferred on me, without the smallest solicitation, is the more gratifying, as it must convince my friends, and the public, my Fame has spread far and wide. It comes accompanied by a letter from the PRINCIPAL of this famous Seminary, inclosed in a bandsome Box of Silver, and adorned with the armorial bear. ings of the University on one side, and mine on the other. It is drawn up in so complimentary a strain, (far beyond my poor der serts) my innate Modesty forbids its publication.



As it is rather unusual to publish a second Edition of the former parts of a Book with a first Edition of the latter parts thereof, I must inform my learned readers, that a few of our Aberdeenshire Justices, and other luminaries of the law in that corner, are so ardent in their pursuit of the knowledge of Good and Evil, they do not stick at trifles in order to possess themselves of so precious a Jewel. Though by this time, from a perusal of the four first parts of this invaluable performance, they must be stuffed with the aforesaid knowledge, yet are they so avariciously stingy, that have ing possessed themselves of the choice fruits of this Tree of Knowledge, even their regard for their fellow subjects is not a motive powerful enough to induce them to part therewith. They are so te. nacious of a good thing, and are so jealous of others, lest they should attain a like celebrity with themselves, that they rather would throw this delicious fruit to the swine, strip the glory of the forest of its leaves, hew the tree itself down, and consume it with fire, than permit another to partake of such a treat.

I trust they sball suffer a similar punishment as was inflicted on their progenitor Adam, --be kicked out of their situations. They have taken counsel of the same consultors, S. D. S. Satan Devil Serpent, Esq. L. L. D.

That the public may no longer be deprived of such inestimable instruction, I publish this second Edition, though not one copy of the former has been disposed of. From these jeu d'esprits I shall receive ample remuneration for my great trouble in composition.And I am satisfied these gentlemen will, with extreme pleasure, bestow a remuneration on me, as they will find themselves so much benefited by the instruction already received by them, and they shall receive more from the full crop, Mentis Trumentum, by me sown, principally for their worships nutrition, which they may and shall reap in die season.

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