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Though late repenting him of man deprav’d,
Griev'd at his heart, when looking down he saw
The whole earth fill'd with violence, and all Aeth
Corrupting each their way; yet those remov'd,

grace shall one just man find in his fight,
That he relents, not to blot out mankind,
And makes a covenant never to destroy
The earth again by flood, nor let the sea
Surpass his bounds, nor rain to drown the world




in his fight,

The whole earth filled with vio- And call to mind his covenant:

lence, and all flesh Corrupting each their way ;

And it shall come to pass when I trie

a cloud over the carib, that the bow The earth also was corrupt before God, shall be seen in the cloud: and I wil and the earth was filled avith violence. look upon it that I may remember the

And God looked upon the earth, and everlasting covenant between God et behold it was corrupt; for all fless every living creature of all fies that had corrupted his way upon the earth, is upon the earth, ver. 14, 16. ver. II, 12.

day and night, Such grace shall one juft man find Seed-time and harvest, heat si

hoary froft But Noah found grace in the eyes of Shall hold their course, the Lord, ver. 8.

While the earth remaizetb, fet-time And makes a covenant never to and harvest, and cold and beat

, al destroy

summer and winter, and day and it The earth again by flood,

fall not cease, Gen. VIII. 12. And I will efablish my covenant with till fire purge all things new, you, neither shall all flesh be cut off Both Heav'n and Earth, wherein any more by the waters of a flood, the just shall dwell. neither small there any more be a flood. The Heavens being on fire frall be é to destroy the earth. Gen. IX. u. solved, and the elements fall melt was but when he brings

fervent heat : nevertbeless we, ale Over the earth a cloud, will therein ing to his promise, look for me? set

vens and a new Earth, whereii suus His triple-color'd bow, whereon to leth righteousness, 2 Pét. III. 12, : Jook,

895. Wis

With man therein or beast; but when he brings 895
Over the earth a cloud, will therein set
His triple-color'd bow, whereon to look,
And call to mind his covenant: day and night,
Seed-time and harvest, heat and hoary frost 899
Shall hold their course, till fire purge

all things new, Both Heav'n and Earth, wherein the just shall dwell.

895. With mar therein or beaft;] man and beaf comprehend the birds Dr. Bentley reads With man or bea] too: see Psal. XXXVI. 6. Jerem. 'r forwl; because (as he says) the XXI. 6. and XXXII. 43. And our sirds are here forgot, and yet they poet has twice before (ver. 733, vere in the ark as well as the beasts, 822.) spoken of all the inhabitants ind were included in the covenant of the ark under this very title of

But in the Scripture phrase man and beaft. Pearce.

The end of the Eleventh Book.





Bb 4


The Angel Michael continues from the flood to re

late what shall succeed; then, in the mention of Abraham, comes by degrees to explain, who that Seed of the Woman shall be, which was promised Adam and Eve in the fall; his incarnation, death, resurrection, and ascension; the state of the church till his second coming. Adam greatly fatisfied and recomforted by these relations and promises defcends the hill with Michael; wakens Eve, who all this while had slept, but with gentle dreams compos’d to quietness of mind and submiffion. Michael in either hand leads them out of Paradise, the fiery sword waving behind them, and the Cherubim taking their stations to guard the place.

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