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Beyond this deep; whatever draws me on, 245
Or sympathy, or some connatural force
Pow'rful at greatest distance to unite
With secret amity things of like kind
By secretest



shade Inseparable must with me along :

250 For Death from Sin no pow'r can separate. But left the difficulty of passing back Stay his return perhaps over this gulf Impassable, impervious, let us try Adventrous work, yet to thy pow'r and mine 255 Not unagreeable, to found a path Over this main from Hell to that new world Where Satan now prevails, a monument Of merit high to all th' infernal host,


245 - whatever draws me on, the same manner in the best Claffic Or sympathy, or some connatural authors. Hor. Sat. II. VIII. 22,

force] The modern philosopher may perhaps take offense at -quos Mæcenas adduxerat umbrat. this now exploded notion, but every Epist. I. V. 28. friend to the Muses will, I doubt not, pardon it for the sake of that - locus est et pluribus umbris. fine Atrain of poetry, which it has given the poet an opportunity of But it has a farther propriety and introducing in the following descrip- beauty in this place, as Death seem'd tion. Thyer.

a shadow, II. 669. and was the in

separable companion as well as of. 249. - Thou my fade &c.] We spring of Sin. Shakespear in the sometimes find shade used much after fame manner uses froadow as the

Easing their passage hence, for intercourse, 260
Or transmigration, as their lot shall lead.
Nor can I miss the way, so strongly drawn
By this new felt attraction and instinct.

Whom thus the meager Shadow answer'd soon.
Go whither fate and inclination strong 265
Leads thee; I shall not lag behind, nor err
The way, thou leading, such a sent I draw
Of carnage, prey innumerable, and taste
The favor of Death from all things there that live:
Nor shall I to the work thou enterprisest 270
Be wanting, but afford thee equal aid.

So saying, with delight he snuff'd the smell
Of mortal change on earth. As when a flock
Of ravenous fowl, though many a league remote,


follow you.

Latins use umbra. 2 Hen. IV. A& II. 263. By this new felt attraktion Poins to Prince Henry,

and infinit.] He uses instinct I am your shadow, my Lord, I'll here as a substantive, and in other

places as a participle, in the same

manner and in the same sense as 260.

for intercourse, the Latins use instinctus: but inOr transmigration, as their lot ftances of his using English words as

fball lead ] Intercourse, pas- Latin words are innumerable. fiag frequently backward and for- 266. ward; transmigration, quitting Hell The way,] Nor mistake the way. once for all to inhabit the new A remarkable expression. Creation; they were uncertain 273.

As when a frock which their lot should be.

Of ravencus fowl &c j Of Vul

Richardson. turs particularly it is said by Pliny, VOL. II.



nor err


Against the day of battel, to a field,
Where armies lie incamp?d, come flying, lur'd
With sent of living carcasses design'd
For death, the following day, in bloody fight:
So sented the grim Feature, and upturn'd
His nostril wide into the murky air,

Sagacious of his quarry, from so far.
Then both from out Hell gates into the waste
Wide anarchy of Chaos damp and dark
Flew diverse, and with pow's (their pow'r was great)
Hovering upon the waters, what they met 28;

Solid that they will Ay three days before. diebus ante ea loca circumvolent

, in hand to places where there are fu- quibus cadavera futura sunt, inepte ture carcases. Triduo autem antea fanè ad odorandi facultatem refer. volare eos, ubi cadavera futura sunt. tur, cum eorum, quæ necdum lust, Lib. 10. cap. 6. And (what pro- cadaverum nullus odor esse po£t

. bably gave occasion to this fimili- Sensus enim præfentium eft. Quare tude in Milton) Lucan has described ad quandam augurandi vim, ł ks the ravenous birds that follow'd the loqui poffumus, id pertinere putas Roman camps, and sented the battel dum elt. Ridicule igitur Georgius of Pharsalia. VII. 831.

Pictorius, Jamque diu volucres civilia calra Hanc volucrem narrant laces tres secutæ

nofse cadaver Conveniunt

Venturum, olfactu tam viget nunquam se tanto vulture hæc volucris. cælum

Aldrov. Ornith. Lib. z. Induit, aut plures presserunt acra I shall not undertake absolutely to penna.

defend Milcon's introducing a fáby: And to this let me add, what Mr. lous story by way of fimile; yet I Thyer has quoted from Aldrovan. think in this place it may be par dus. Quod autem aliqui addunt, dond, fince no other illustration tam sagaciter odorari vultures, ut could have been found so pat to the biduo sriduove, imo feptenis, ut alii, present cale.

280. H.


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Solid or llimy, as in raging sea
Tost up and down, together crouded drove
From each side shoaling towards the mouth of Hell:
As when two polar winds, blowing adverse
Upon the Cronian sea, together drive

Mountains of ice, that stop th’imagin’d way
Beyond Petfora eastward, to the rich
Cathaian coast. The aggregated soil
Death with his mace petrific, cold and dry;
As with a trident smote, and fix'd as firm
As Delos floting once; the rest his look

Bound 280. His noftril wide into the different parts of Chaos, and drivmaterky air,]

ing all the matter they meet with

there in thoals towards the mouth Et patalis captavit naribus auras. Virg. Georg. I. 376. winds, north and fouth, blowing ad

of Hell, are compar'd to two polar Murky air, black tainted air. Spen- verse upon the Cronian fea, the norser has mirksome' air. Fairy Queen, thern frozen fea, (A Thule unius St. 28.

diei navigatione mare concretum, Through mirksome air her ready Plin. Nat. Hift. Lib. 4. cap. 16.)

a. nonnullis Cronium appellatur. way the makes.

and driving together mountains of And the Glossary to Spenser ex- ice, that flop th' imagin'd way, the plains mirksome by obscure, filthy. I north-ealt passage as it is callid, find Shakespear too uses the word' which so many have attempted to murki. Lady Macbeth says in her discover, beyond Perfora cafward, leep Hell is murky, A&t. V. the most north-eastern province of

281. Sagacious) Quick of sent. Muscovy, to the rich Cathaian coaff, Sagire enim, sentire acute est; ex Cathay or Catay, a country of Asia quo sagaces dicti canés. Cic. de and the northern part of China. Divinat. A fit comparison for the 296. As Delos foting once ; ] An chilf Hell bound. Hume. iland in the Archipelago said to have

289. As when two polar winds, floted about in the fea, till it be&c. Sin and Death, flying into came the birth place of Apollo.



B. 1. C. 5.

Bound with Gorgonian rigor not to move;
And with Asphaltic slime, broad as the gate,
Deep to the roots of Hell the gather'd beach
They fasten’d, and the mole immense wrought on 302
Over the foaming deep high arch’d, a bridge


as the gate,

Callimachus in his hymn called De- fimy substances, and fixing them los has given a most inchanting de- (like the soil) for the foundation of fcription of this matter. Richardson. his bridge. To Gorgonien rigor the

Doctor objects that the rigor or hard

. 296. the rest his look &c.] In ness was not in the Gorgon's lock, Milion's own editions the passage but in the object turn'd into fose was thus.

And so it may be underlood here the reft his look

a rigor such as was caus'd by the

Milton has the Bound with Gorgonian rigor not Gorgon's look.

authority of Claudian for expresing to move, And with Asphaltic flime; broad himself thus,

rigidâ cum Gorgone Perseus. Deep to the roots of Hell the ga

In Ruffin. I. 279 ther'd beach They fasten'd,

Again, the Doctor objects to del

with Apbaltic fime, because then A difficult passage, which Dr. Bent. the conftruction would be, his last ley perceiv'd and try'd to mend bound it with sime. I agree with thus,

him that this could not come from As Delos now, once floting: then Milton. But then I think the Dochis look

tor's change of And into As does Tbe fabric with Gorgonian pow'r for does it not lessen the thought to

not sufficiently mend the passage ; faft bound, As with Asphaltic slime. Broad as fay, that it was bound with Gerge . the gate, &c.

nian poru'r as with sime? even

phaltic flime had not that binding But he did not observe, that Milton power, which fable supposes the by the words the rest meant those Gorgon's look to have had.' Thus I fubitances, which were not folid or can see that neither the common foil, but were soft and slimy. ver. reading nor the Doctor's are free 286. And Death is here described from great exceptions. There as not binding fast the fabric (the only one way (I think) in which all foundation of that was yet but lay- these difficulties are to be got over, ing) but as hardening the soft and and that is by changing two of the


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