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Wisdom to folly', as nourishment to wind. 130

Know then, that after Lucifer from Heaven (So call him, brighter once amidst the host Of Angels, than that star the stars among) Fell with his flaming legions through the deep Into his place, and the great Son return'd 135 Victorious with his Saints, th' omnipotent Eternal Father from his throne beheld Their multitude, and to his Son thus (pake.

At least our envious foe hath fail'd, who thought All like himself rebellious, by whose aid 140 This inaccessible high strength, the seat Of deity fupreme, us dispossessid, He trusted to have seis'd, and into fraud

Drew been employ'd here, when he is 143. - and into fraud speaking of things not reveal'd, fup- Drew many,] Fraud in common prefi'd in night, to none communicable acceptation means no more than in Earth or Heaven, neither to Men deceit, but often fignifies misfortune. nor Angels, as it is said of the day Milton, who lo constantly makes of judgment, Mat. XXIV. 36. Of Latin or Greek of English, does it that day and bour knoweth no Man, here, and extends the idea to the no not the Angels of Heaven, but my misery, the punishment consequent Father only.

upon the deceit, as well as the de135: Into his place,] As the traitor ceit itself

. So that Satan is said here, Judas is said likewise to go to bis not only to have drawn many into, own place, Acts 1.

fraud, not only that he 139. At leaf) I don't like taking

allur'd them, and with lies liberties with the original text, or Drew after him the third part of else I should choose to read At laft. Heay'n's hoft,

Thyer. VOL. II.




Drew many, whom their place knows here no more;
Yet far the greater part have kept, I see, 145
Their station, Heav'n yet populous retains
Number sufficient to possess her realms
Though wide, and this high temple to frequent
With ministeries due and folemn rites:
But left his heart exalt him in the harm

Already done, to have dispeopled Heaven,
My damage fondly deem'd, I can repair
That detriment, if such it be to lose
Self-loft, and in a moment will create
Another world, out of one man a race i55
Of men innumerable, there to dwell,
Not here, till by degrees of merit rais’d

They as V. 709. but that he ruin'd as well tion was instantaneous, but the efas cheated them, I. 609.

fects of it were made visible and apMillions of Spirits for his fault pear'd in fix days in condescenfion

to the capacities of Angels ; and is amere'd Of Heav'n, and from eternal splen- to the capacities of Men.

so related by Moses in condescension dors flung For his revolt. Richardson.

160.And Earth be chang'd to Heav'ni

and Heav'n to Eartb,] Milton's 144. — whom their place knows meaning seems to have been this,

bere no more;] A Scripture That Earth would be so happy in expression, Job VII. 10. neither shall being inhabited by obedient creatures, his place know him any more. Pfal. that it would be chang'd to i. e. re. chi. 16. and the place thereof pall semble Heaven; and Heaven by brow it no more.

receiving those creatures would in 154 and in a moment] Our this resemble Earth, that it would author seems to favor the opinion be stock'd with men for its inhabiof some Divines, that God's crea- tants. Pearce. Or thus in short,



They open to themselves at length the way
Up hither, under long obedience try'd, 159
And Earth be chang'd to Heav’n, and Heav'n to Earth,
One kingdom, joy and union without end.
Mean while inhabit lax, ye Pow'rs of Heaven,
And thou my Word, begotten Son, by thee
This I perform, speak thou, and be it done:
My overshadowing Spi'rit and might with thee 165
I send along; ride forth, and bid the deep
Within appointed bounds be Heav'n and Earth,
Boundless the deep, because I am who fill
Infinitude, nor vacuous the space.
Though I uncircumscrib’d myself retire, 170
And put not forth my goodness which is free

To the Angels frequently visiting Earth, shall overshadow thee : and Men being translated to Heaven. read Gen. I. 2. that the Spirit of 162. Mean while inhabit lax,] the face of the waters. The Spirit

God moved, or rather brooded, upon Dwell more at large, there being of God cooperated in the creation, more room now than there was before the rebel Angels were expelld, and therefore is said to be fent along

. or than there will be after Men are translated to Heaven. If this be

168. Boundless the deep &c ] The the meaning, we cannot much com

sense is, the deep is boundless, but mend the beauty of the sentiment,

the space contain'd in it is not vaas it intimates that the Angels might

cuous and empty, because there is be straiten’d for room in Heaven.

an infinitude and I fill it. Tho's,

who am myself uncircumscrib'd, sec 165. My overshadowing Spi'rit] bounds to my goodness, and do not As God's Spirit is said to do, Luke I exert it every where, yet neither 35. The Holy Ghoft fhall come upon necessity nor chance inħuence my thee, and the power of the Highest actions, &'c. Pearce.



B 2

To act or not, necessity and chance
Approach not me, and what I will is fate.

So spake th' Almighty, and to what he spake
His Word, the filial Godhead, gave effect.

175 Immediate are the acts of God, more swift Than time or motion, but to human ears Cannot without process of speech be told, So told as earthly notion can receive. Great triumph and rejoicing was in Heaven, 180 When such was heard declar'd th’Almighty's will; Glory they sung to the most High, good will To future men, and in their dwellings peace:

Glory 173. - and what I will is fate.] 182, Glory they fung to the most From Lucan, V. 91.

High, &c.] The Angels are - Deus magnusque potensque very properly made to sing the same Sive canit fatum, feu quod jubet divine song to usher in the creation, ipse canendo

that they did to usher in the second Fit fatum. Bentley

creation by Jesus Chrift, Luke II.

14. And we cannot but approve Or from Statius, Theb. I. 212.

Dr. Bentley's emendation, Glory they grave et immutabile sanctis sung to God moft High, inftead of to Pondus adeft verbis, et vocem fata the most High, as it improves the

fequuntur. Fortin, measure of the verse, is more opAn exprefsion borrow'd from Tafto, pos'd to men immediately following, where Satan mimicking the Deity and agrees better with the words of says to his followers,

St. Luke, Glory to God in the highest, Sia deftin ciò, ch' io voglio

and on earth peace, good will towards Gier. Lib. Cant. 4.


to bim Or rather from Claudian De Rapt.

Glory and praise,] It may be worth Prof. II. 306.

remarking how he turns the words, Sic fatum quodcunque voles.- ver. 184. Glory to him, &c. and here Thier. o bim Glory and praise. One would


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St. 17.


Glory to him, whose just avenging ire
Had driven out th’ungodly from his fight 185
And th' habitations of the juft; to him
Glory and praise, whose wisdom had ordain'd
Good out of evil to create, instead
Of Spi'rits malign a better race to bring
Into their vacant room, and thence diffuse

190 His good to worlds and


So fang the Hierarchies : Mean while the Son
On his great expedition now appear’d,
Girt with omnipotence, with radiance crown'd
Of majesty divine ; sapience and love


Imwonder how it could ever have been and Virg. Æn. VII. 586. objected to Milton that he had no

Ille, velut pelagi rupes immota, turns of the words in him, when there are more beautiful repetitions Ut pelagi rupes

refiliit ; and turns of the words in him than in almott any poet. A bare repeti. But Milton seldom repeats the words tion of the words often gives great without the additional beauty of force and beauty to the sentence, as turning them too, as in this place ; in Iliad. XX. 371.

and in this book before, Tx Neyw arlı Efel, xai 6 UEL

though fall’n on evil days,

On evil days though fall'n, and evil zelezs colzev,

tongues : Ει συρι χειρgς εοικε, μεν, ' arteri oldupas

and I know not whether the English,

verse has not in this respect the adand Iliad. XXII. 127.

vantage of the Greek and Latin. To osebepeval, ate aapgero The Melliah, by whom, a we are

192. Mean while the Son &c.]

told in Scripture, the worlds were Παρθενα wiθεος τ', οαριζετον made, comes forth in the power of αλληλοισιν..

his Father, surrounded with an hoft

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