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CHAPTER VII. On what depends the degree of Productive-
mess of Productive Agents.

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CHAPTER XI. Of the Law of the Increase of Capital.

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. — only valid on certain condition
realized. The limitations considered.
. Rights of property in abuses

ator of the division of the

. The produce sometimes shared among three classes
. — sometimes belongs undividedly to one .
. — sometimes divided between two

CHAPTER W. Of Slavery.

. Slavery considered in relation to the slaves
... — in relation to production.
. Emancipation considered in relation t

CHAPTER WI. Of Peasant Proprietors.

respecting peasant properties


— in Germany . .

. — in Belgium . .

... — in the Channel Is

. — in France .


. Evidence respecting peasant properties in S
... — in Norway . . - -


. Should the right of bequest be limited, and how? . .
. Grounds of property in land, different from those of pro-

s, which are not always

on rents, and on the tenure of land .

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