The Life and Times of the Right Honourable Sir James R. G. Graham, Bart, Том 2

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Сторінка 331 - ... by an express warrant in writing under the hand of one of the principal secretaries of state for every such opening, detaining, or delaying...
Сторінка 56 - That it is the opinion of this committee that any surplus which may remain after fully providing for the spiritual instruction of the members of the established church in Ireland, ought to be applied locally to the general education of all classes of Christians.
Сторінка 420 - Let us then unite to put an end to a system which has been proved to be the blight of commerce, the bane of agriculture, the source of bitter division among classes, the cause of penury, fever, mortality, and crime among the people.
Сторінка 535 - That the severe distress which continues to exist in the United Kingdom among that important class of her Majesty's subjects, the owners and occupiers of land, and which is justly lamented in her Majesty's Speech, renders it the duty of her Majesty's Ministers to introduce without delay such measures as may be most effectual for the relief thereof.
Сторінка 311 - Despatches, and to discover and prevent many dangerous and wicked Designs, which have been, and are daily contrived against the Peace and Welfare of this Commonwealth, the Intelligence whereof cannot well be Communicated, but by Letter of Escript...
Сторінка 438 - Government, and challenged us if we had changed our opinions, manfully to own it. I answer that challenge. I do frankly avow my change of opinion, and by that avowal I dispose of whole volumes of Hansard, and of all the speeches which have been made on the charge of inconsistency.
Сторінка 56 - That it is the opinion of this House that no measure upon the subject of tithes in Ireland can lead to a satisfactory and final adjustment which does not embody 'the principle contained in the foregoing resolution.
Сторінка 537 - that I may never live to see the day when the House of Commons will retrace its steps.
Сторінка 179 - ... naturally expected to follow, he could not help asking the House whether they did believe that the people of this country would patiently submit to the burden which this Parliament must of necessity impose ? and whether that people could...
Сторінка 232 - Anne, have unhappily diminished, so far at least as the church is concerned, these reasonable hopes [of peace] ; and her majesty's ministers now understanding that nothing less than the total abrogation of the rights of the crown, and of other patrons, will satisfy the church, are bound with firmness to declare that they cannot advise her majesty to consent to the grant of any such demand.

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