The works of Samuel Foote, esq., with remarks on each play and an essay by Jon Bee, Том 1

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Сторінка clxxiii - Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar?
Сторінка cliii - I have neither time nor inclination to answer the illiberal attacks of your agents, yet a public correspondence with your Grace is too great an honour for me to decline. I cannot help thinking that it would have been prudent in your Grace to have answered my letter before dinner, or at least postponed it to the cool hour of the morning: you would then have found that I had voluntarily granted the request which you had endeavoured by so many different ways to obtain.
Сторінка viii - The first time I was in company with Foote was at Fitzherbert's. Having no good opinion of the fellow, I was resolved not to be pleased ; and it is very difficult to please a man against his will. I went on eating my dinner pretty sullenly, affecting not to mind him. But the dog was so very comical, that I was obliged to lay down my knife and fork, throw myself back upon my chair, and fairly laugh it out. No, sir, he was irresistible.
Сторінка cliv - I presume, merely metaphorical persons, and to be considered as the authors of my muse and not of my manhood. A merry andrew and a prostitute are no bad poetical parents, especially for a writer of plays — the first to give the humour and mirth; the last to furnish the graces and powers of attraction. Prostitutes and players...
Сторінка cliii - I can't help thinking but it would have been prudent in your grace to have answered my letter before dinner, or at least postponed it to the cool hour of the morning; you would then have found that I had voluntarily granted that request which you had endeavoured, by so many different ways, to obtain.
Сторінка 16 - But what's all this to news, Mr. Hartop ? Who gives us the best account of the king of Spain, and the queen of Hungary, and those great folks ? Come now, you could give us a little news if you would; come now — snug! — nobody by. Good now, do ; come, ever so little.
Сторінка lix - Make me to see it, or at least so prove it, that the probation bears no hinge or loop to hang a doubt on — or — woe.
Сторінка cli - ... a blow. Your lordship's determination is not only of the greatest importance to me now, but must inevitably decide my fate for the future, as, after this defeat, it will be impossible for me to muster up courage enough to face Folly again.
Сторінка 180 - Patron ! — The word has lost its use ; a guinea subscription at the request of a lady, whose chambermaid is acquainted with the author, may be now and then pick'd up protectors ! — Why I dare believe there's more money laid out upon Islington turnpike in a month, than upon all the learned men in Great Britain in seven years.
Сторінка xcii - I define to be an exact representation of the peculiar manners of that people among whom it happens to be performed; a faithful imitation of singular absurdities, particular follies, which are openly produced as criminals are publicly punished, for the correction of individuals, and as an example to the whole community.

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