Зображення сторінки

the chairser., cases are begri ia iza otroke: rg. Complaints to ize rada soari a co te he aires either party, ty Ting å oritter state cano ne maison grounds cic plaisi.

Bitter party arreul irite decisiocinerade Board to toe Boerà ci artitrtion, a acrit: sedisica c: which is binding. The chie? ceput; cieve Puto is dead responsible in tie first instance for en creezeat o: devis cas.

Waenever a change of piece rate is conteaplateà, che matter is re??rzed to tre Rate Committee, who is the rate bus cording to tre change of sork. If the committee aisupree, the Trade Board fixes the rate. If a pieve rrier is required to change his mode of operation so that it causes dia to lose time in learning, his case may be brought before the Bate Joan


The Ladies' carnent lorkers enter i.ito similar con

tracts. In the agreement with the Dress und ü&ist ümumawa turers' Association, dated in New York City, April 7, 1919, the machinery for adjusting disputes is very similar, although the names differ. Sach party is represented by a Chief Clerk

who may act through Deputies; they correspund to the Chief

Deputy and other Deputies of the Hart, Schaffner & Marx agree

ment. They investigate complaints and disputes and adjust

them if possible; their decision is binding upon both parties."

1. Ibid, il. 2. "Collective Agreement between the Dress and Waist Manufuo

turers' Association and the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union and Its Locals Nos. 10, 25, and 18, New York City, April 17, 1919," p. 12.

If the Chief Clerks for the union and the association fail to

agree, the dispute is submitted to a Grievance Board, made up of an equal number of representatives of each party. This Grievance Board corresponds to the Trade Board of the Hart,

Schaffner, and Marx agreement, except that it has no impar

tial chairman and its determination is conclusive. In the event there is an equal division between the members of said Grievance Board, the matter in dispute is submitted for determination to an Umpire or Impartial Chairman, whose decision is final. There are several of these Impartial Chairmon appointed by the parties jointly, and they take turns in serving. Under agreements of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers, there is & Board of Arbitration, but the Impartial Chairun is virtually the Board. So the two unions have essentially the same

machinery throughout for adjusting grievances.

. The Ladies' Garment Workers' Agreement provides for

the election of a Price Committee by the employes in each shop. This committee incluces the shop Chairman. Piece

rates are fixed by agreement between the employer and the

Price Committee. All price disputes must be adjusted not


later than one week after the communcement of work upon

Farments, or employes shall not be required to work upon


There is also a Joint Board of Sanitary Control,

with jurisdiction over sanitation, fire protection, and

general health. Both parties contribute to its expenses, and are subject to its rulings.

In Cleveland, Ohio, the Ladies' Garment Workers


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