Зображення сторінки

0. B. U. has only a crude and hazy knowledge of the tactics and

1 functions of Industrial Unionism.

If a dispute cannot be settled by a local unit through

its Grievance Committee, it must be referred to the Central La

bor Council or District Board.

Failing settlement here, it may

be referred to the General Executive Board.

The General Exe

cutive Board may refer a dispute to all the Central Labor Coun

cils and District Boards, and if a majority of them vote in favor the General Executive Board is empowered to call a strike of all affiliated bodies.

However, "nothing in the previous clauses shall prevent

any Central Labor Council or District Board from calling a

strike in their own District or industry, provided, however,

that any Council or Board calling a strike without the con

sent of the General Executive Board, does so on its own re

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According to one report, the local industrial unit

4 has complete local autonomy. The Central Council also has

"complete autonomy in its district, but it has no povier to

call a strike.

Any local unit may call a strike of its mem

bers comprising that entire industry in its locality, by a

plain majority vote, with or without the sanction of the

local Central Labor Council. Should, however, a general strike be desirable, & fifty-five per cent majority vote

of the units affiliated with the central council is

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necessary. 11

A most ingenious check upon officials has been devised.

To quote further, "Full control is maintained by the rank and

file, by reason of a provision in the general constitution which

calls for each delegate to maintain his credentials in good stand

ing, whether he be sent to the Central Labor Council, to the

General Convention, or elected a member of the General Execu

tive Board.

"For instance, should the president of the General

Executive Board prove unsatisfactory to the rank and file of

the local unit of which he is a member, they can call in his

credentials, which automatically forces him to resign.


course can be followed by the Central Labor Council with

which his local unit is affiliated.

Should the delegates there

be dissatisfied with him, they can call in the credentials

which they issued to him and which enabled him to attend the

convention, from the floor of which he was elected to his po

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The term of office is only six months, and a paid of

ficer is ineligible for re-election unless his local unit issues fresh credentials. 3

Since the spirit of decentralization is so narked,

it is with surprise we read that at the recent convention

"a decided antagonism to the I. W. W. was displayed during

the debates. 14

Possibly this is explained by the following

statement made by an I.

magazine: "The O. B. U. of

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