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required to maintain communication between the district and

general headquurters.

National Industrial Unions "of closely kindred industries" are united in a Department of Industry, as, for example, the Department of Mining or the Department of Transportation and Communication. On paper there are six of these Departments. The six departments are organized to form the Workers' International Industrial Union.

Authority over the whole organization is centralized,

at the same time that there are elaborate provisions for mak

ing the executives responsive to the will of the general mem


The annual convention "is the supreme legislative

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body of the organization, and its actions and enactments are of legal force unless reversed upon a referendum vote by the whole membership." Between conventions the supreme authority is the General Executive Board (G. E. B.), which is elected annually by referendum vote from a list of candidates nominated by the convention. "The decisions of the General Executive Board on all matters pertaining to the organiza

tion or any subordinate part thereof shall be binding, sub

ject to an uppeal to the next convention or to the entire membership." The G. E. B. hus full power to call out any

other union or unions in support of a strike regularly

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ordered by the Organization or G. E. B., or in case of a lock

out. "Any agreement entered into between the members of any Local Union, or organization, and their employers, as a final

settlement of any difficulty or trouble which may occur be

tween them, shall not be considered valid or binding until the

agreement shall have the approval of the General Executive Board of The Workers' International Industrial Union. A local union shall be entitled to assistance from the general organization in case of strike only when the general organization has allowed or endorsed the strike question." Such is the authority of the General Executive Board, the embryo Economic Council of the United States.

In the Industrial nepublic there will be – not territorial representation - but industrial representation, regardless of geographic lines. Tuke Congress, for instance. The unit of Congressional representation is politically geo

graphic, either a state or a geographic area within the state. Senators are elected from Wisconsin, Representatives from the Third and Fifth Congressional Districts, etc. But under a purely industrial representation, arbitrury geographic boundaries will be wiped out. There will be no state of Wisconsin, no Maine or Mississippi. All the forty-eight states will disappear. "Like the flimsy cardhouses thut children raise,” said De Leon, "the present political governments of countries, of States, aye, of the city on the Potomac herself, will tumble down, their places taken by the central and the subordinate administrative organs of the Nation's industrial forces.12


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