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control over nature.

The W. I. I. v. admits, for instance,

that the immense contributions of classic Greece to the men

tal progress of mankind in science, art, and philosophy were

made possible only through chattel slavery. Leisure for some was required for a study of natural laws, in order to improve

man's productive powers.

But with the present development of

science, Class Rule has ceased to have the least excuse for

existence and must be once for all supplanted by industrial


Thus the W. I. I. U. is opposed to Nietzsche, who

regarded slavery as eternally proper for the masses of mankind.

Accepting the doctrine of the class struggle leads in

evitably to class-consciousness.

From the quotations given

above to prove that, as a rule, industrial unions accept the

class struggle, it should be evident that what they mean by class-consciousness is the recognition of a two-class align

ment, on the one hand the employing class, on the other the

[blocks in formation]

So this is the last of the class struggles.

Industrial unionism may be resorted to solely in or

der to increase fighting efficiency, an object on which all

industrial unions agree, or with the further purpose of some

day operating the industry. Those unions which are avowedly "vitalized by the dynamic forces of class consciousness,

,, 1

1. Karl Dannenberg, "The Road to Power, " 25.

as they themselves express it, are organizing to take possession of the industry.

The Amalgamated Clothing Workers and the Amalgamated

Textile Workers, for instance, have these statements in the

Preamble to their constitutions: "The same farces that have

been making for Industrial Unionism are likevise making for

a closer inter-industrial alliance of the working class. The

industrial and inter-industrial organization, built upon the

solid rock of clear knowledge and class-consciousness, will

put the organized working class in úctual control of the sys

tem of production, and the working class will then be ready

!. 7 til by to take possession of it."

Dropped by a peu

The I. W. W. has a similar goal in view, as is set

forth in the preamble of their constitution: "The army of

production must be organized, not only for the everyday

struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organizing

industrially we are forming the structure of the new so

ciety within the shell of the old."

All industrial unions which accept the doctrine of

the class struggle are organizing to take possession of the industry. In other words, the industrial union is the

class struggle organized in the industries.

Craft unions are dissolving and industrial unions of

new and varied types are crystallizing.

It is an intricate

and fascinating process to observe.

1. The United Brewery and soft Drink Workers may be an

exception. They adhere to the Socialist Party.

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