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And Local 127 declares it is organized "so that,

(1) We may wage the inevitable day by day struggles against

the effects of the existing system in the most efficient

manner possible, and

(2) To educate ourselves in and propagate amongst the work

ers the economic and political questions necessary for the

,,1 abolition of WAGE SLAVERY.

The Detroit Labor Forum, with which about 35 labor

organizations are connected, holds its Sunday lectures in

2 the Auto Workers' Temple.

? On these occasions there are

lectures on various phases of the labor movement, followed by open discussion. A class in economics and history is conducted at the Temple on Friday evenings, The Local also conducts a Labor Defense League.

League. 4


The organization emphasizes the need of education.

The General President says: "We want them (i.e., the workers)

to read, think, study, and understand all of the reasons

[blocks in formation]

will never know how to manage the state even if they should

gain that responsibility through political action, until

1. By-Laws of Local No. 127, Preamble. 2. "Report of Organizer Ben Blumenberg," The Auto Worker,

February, 1920. 3. The auto forkers' News, March 11, 1920. 4. Ibid.

they learn how to act collectively in getting some of their

immediate needs satisfied.

"Therefore we have dedicated our organization to the

most modern, efficient and practical form of organization, the

INDUSTRIAL UNION. In this organization we have no 'wise men from the east,' who dictate what we shall do or how it shall be done; the membership is the absolute ruler in this union.


[blocks in formation]

Unions," so

so the constitution reads, "shall be composed of ten or more workmen, skilled and unskilled, working in or around coal mines, coal washers, or coke ovens......No mine shall

be under the jurisdiction of more than one local Union, nei

ther shall separate Locals be established for coal washer or

coke oven employes, unless there is no Local Union having

jurisdiction over some adjacent coal mine to which they can belong. There is no cruft recognition in this union, not

to mention craft division.

Different mines may or may not

1. William A. Logan, General President, "Who and What We Are." 2. Constitution, Article XIV.

come under the jurisdiction of a single Local Union.

Local Unions are grouped under a District government,

e.g., Eastern District, Central District, etc.

The District

includes such territory as may be designated by the Inter

[blocks in formation]

national President, Vice-President, and other officers, who

are nominated

not by the biennial convention,

but by lo

cal unions; no person can be a candidate unless nominated by five or more Local Unions.

ons. 1 Election is by referendum vote.

Authority is centralized.

If any Local takes action

opposed to the interest of the general nembership, such ac

tion may be reversed by the Sub-District, District, or General Organization. 2

In regard to strikes, the constitution contains the following clauses:

"No District shall be permitted to engage in a strike involving all or a major portion of its members without the

sanction of an International Convention or the International

Executive Board.

"Districts may order local strikes within their re

spective Districts on their own responsibility, but where

1. Constitution, Article XI. 2. Ibid, Article VI.

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