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The Structure and Functions of the Industrial Union.

Goal of the industrial union. Economic power of the proletariat rests in the indispensability of labor. Organization must parallel the organization of the capitalist class. Organization industrially, along the lines of the product instead of the tool. Structure of the Local Industrial Union. Branches of the Local Industrial Union. Structure of the National Industrial 1 Union. Industrial unionism an expression of the class


struggle. Dual mission of the industrial union.

3. Structure and Mission of the Industrial Republic.

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Oneness of the proletariat. Ideal is concentration of authority, accompanied by local self-government. The present structure of the W. I. I. U: the Local Industrial Council; the Industrial Department; the annual convention, and the General Executive Board. In the future Republic of Labor, representation not


territorial. The industry will be the constituency.

Each industry will be controlled by its national in-
dustrial union. The Industrial Department is neces-
sary to co-ordinate productive effort. Industrial
councils will manage local affairs. The General
Executive Board will be merely the executive heads
of Departments. The Convention will become the In-
dustrial Congress, a strong central directing





Why political action is used. Purpose of industrial tactics. Necessity for strikes. deplored. General strike rejected as a weapon of revolution. Summary.

Chapter III

The I. W. W.
The I. W. W. and the State.

The schism in the I. W. W. over the question of


political action.

The I. W. W. a variation from

De Leon. The I. W. W. conception of the political
State. Attitude of neutrality toward existing
government. Internationalism vs. nationalism. No
co e rcion; their ideal is co-operation. Rejection
of political action obliges them to rely on physical
force. This exposes them to violence. Attitude
toward present ethical and legal system. Method of
revolution is to be that of physical force. The



Industrial Unionism.

Structure of I. W. W. and W. I. I. v. almost identical. Difference in allocation of power. What they mean by One Big Union. Local union of I. W. W. contrasted with local union of W. I. I. U. Industrial union of I. W. w. contrasted with industrial union of W. I. I. U. Contrast in departments. Contrust in the general organization of the I. w. W.

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