The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review, Том 46

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William Buck Dana
Freeman Hunt, 1862

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Сторінка 477 - ... lawful money and a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, within the United States, except duties on imports and interest as aforesaid.
Сторінка 354 - The naval force to be maintained upon the American lakes by His Majesty and the Government of the United States shall henceforth be confined to the following vessels on each side, that is — On Lake Ontario, to one vessel not exceeding one hundred tons burden, and armed with one eighteen pound cannon. On the Upper Lakes, to two vessels not exceeding like burden each, and armed with like force.
Сторінка 168 - Majesty shall judge capable of being converted into or made useful in increasing the quantity of military or naval stores, provisions, or any sort of victual which may be used as food by man, and if any goods so prohibited shall be exported from the United Kingdom or carried coastwise, or be water-borne to be so exported or carried, they shall be forfeited.
Сторінка 550 - An act further to provide for the collection of duties on imports, and for other purposes...
Сторінка 102 - I deem it of importance that the loyal regions of east Tennessee and western North Carolina should be connected with Kentucky and other faithful parts of the Union by railroad. I therefore recommend, as a military measure, that Congress provide for the construction of such road as speedily as possible.
Сторінка 7 - The case of dispatches is very different ; it is impossible to limit a letter to so small a size as not to be capable of producing the most important consequences in the operations of the enemy. It is a service, therefore, which, in whatever degree it exists, can only be considered in one character, as an act of the most noxious and hostile nature.
Сторінка 88 - ... made up or manufactured, wholly or in part, by the tailor, seamstress, or manufacturer...
Сторінка 7 - ... persons whatsoever do commit any act, matter, or thing whatsoever, contrary to the provisions of the said statute, upon pain of the several penalties by the said statute imposed, and of our high displeasure. And we do hereby further warn all our loving subjects, and all persons whatsoever entitled to our protection, that if...
Сторінка 400 - Manufactures of cotton, linen, silk, wool, or worsted, if embroidered or tamboured in the loom or otherwise, by machinery, or with the needle or other process. Manufactures, articles, vessels, and wares, of glass, or of which glass shall be a component material, not otherwise provided for.
Сторінка 351 - I also in the same connection ask the attention of Congress to our great lakes and rivers. It is believed that some fortifications and depots of arms and munitions, with harbor and navigation improvements, all at well-selected points upon these, would be of great importance to the national defense and preservation.

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