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“ The fascination which holds all the male characters in this novel spell-bound at the feet of the heroine, is to some extent communicated to its readers....the story is lively and clever.... these scenes of artist-life are amusing; there is a certain dash in every description ; the dialogue is bright and sparkling."-Atheneum.

“In the heroine of her remarkable and very readable novel, Miss EDWARDS has given us a picture of a true woman....it is very pleasant and amusing, and can be read from beginning to end with uninterrupted enjoyment.”Globe.

“Kitty is in the author's best style ; and, like all her works, is clever, lively, and interesting.”Daily News.

“Kitty is a charming novel. The moral is good, and the plot well developed.”—John Bull.

“It is long since we have read such a thoroughly fascinating story as this is. It possesses the charm of deep and well sustained interest, of originality, and of really good writing. We have seldom met with better delineations of character than are here; each individual introduced is a perfect study, and causes us to wonder at and admire the author's knowledge of human nature, and her cleverness at so vividly imparting it. The conversational parts, too, are admirable, piquant, but thoroughly natural and consistent with the talkers.”— Observer.

“Kitty is lively, fresh, and clever.”Daily Telegraph.

“ “ Have you read Kitty ?' are the words passing from mouth to mouth in fashionable society at this moment."— Tablet.

" The other characters that group round Kitty are capitally drawn; beautiful Perugino Neave, the simple-hearted genius, without guile and without principle; jolly Mrs. Cornford, with her clever saws, her pathetic tenderness, and her shrewd sense; Dr. Norman, the scholar-earnest, high-souled, and reserved-a man whose feelings run in narrow channels, deep, clear, and strong; Ella Bartelott, a white rose among women, and her fussy father, Sir George.”— Echo.

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