The American Naturalist, Том 20

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Essex Institute, 1886

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The Teredo or Shipworm Illustrated R E C Steams
The Flood Rock Explosion William Hosea Ballon
The Preparatory Stages of Calocampa cineritia Grote 168 Morphology of Lcpidoptcra 169
179 The Developmentof Anurida maritima Guerin Illustrated 299 On an unusual Relation
Migration of Siouan Tribes Illustrated J Owen Dor sty
The Torture of the Fishhawk Illustrated Lancaster
A Study of Garden Lettuce E L Sturtevant
Description of a new Subspecies of the common Eastern Chip
Fish Remains and Tracks in the Triassic Rocks at Weehawken
The Ancestry of Nasua Samuel Lockwood
The Stone Ax in Vermont Illustrated Geo H Perkins
Groscs Classification and Structure of the Birdlice or Mallo
Track of a Cyclone which passed over Western Indiana more
Flights of Locusts at San Luis Potosi Mexico 18S5 170 Longevity of Ants 170 Ento
The Limits of Organic Evolution H IV Conn
Variation of Water in Trees and Shrubs Illustrated D P Penhdllotv
ment of the Honey Bee 46a Lintners Second Report as State Entomologist of New York
boo The Function of the Compound Eye 203 A method of bleaching Wings of Lepidoptera
The Making of Man Charles Morris
Review of the Progress of North American Invertebrate Palae
Gravitation and the Soaring Birds Illustrated Lancaster
Causes of Forest Rotation John T Campbell 521 851
Fenesica tarquinius 556 Witlaczil on Coccidae 557 The Origin of the Spiral Thread
The Mechanics of Soaring J E Hendricks
of the Notochord to the Intestine in the Chick Illustrated 392 Professor Selenka on
Animal Traits Lancaster
Navajo Names for Plants IV Matthews 1
A new Arrangement of the Orders of Insects 808 Luminous Organs of Mexican Cucuyo 808
Some Deities and Demons of the Navajos IV Matthews
Buffalo and Chicago or What Might Have Been? E IV Claypole
The Arthropod Eye Illustrated J S Kinesley
American News 797 Asia Persia Exploration on the Lena The Turki
The Distribution of derived Plantpigments in certain Larvae 810 The Fluid ejected by Noto
Comparative Studies upon Glaciation of North America Great
Some Peculiarities of the Local Drift of the Rocky Mountains Tkeo B Comstock
On Lemurine Reversion in Human Dentition E D Cape
Mr Farinis Journey in the Kalahari The Congo African New 38 Europe European
Edwards 739 The Monstrosities observed amongst recently hatched Lobsters 742 The Devel
The Scallop and its Fishery Ernest Ingersoll
Supermetamorphism and Vulcanism Tkeo B Comstock ioc6
The Peabody Museums Explorations in Ohio F IV Putnam 10x7
General Notes
Captain Bridges Cruises The New Zealand Earth
tallography News 62 Miscellaneous 63 Etched Figures 15S Andesite 160 Wildschonau
of Ajax Butterfly 976 Entomological News 977 A remarkable case of Longevity in a Longi
Structure of the Human Skin Illustrated 575 Karyokincsis 573 A Staining Dish Illus
the Dog 1S8 Intelligence of Anthropoid Apes 306 Dr Preyers Criticism of Telepathy 307

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Сторінка 29 - If we forget for an instant, that each species tends to increase inordinately, and that some check is always in action, yet seldom perceived by us, the whole economy of nature will be utterly obscured.
Сторінка 39 - On the contrary, we have every reason to believe, from the study of the tertiary formations, that species and groups of species gradually disappear, one after another, first from one spot, then from another, and finally from the world...
Сторінка 33 - ... notice, that owing to the wave having obliterated the old lines of tidal action on the sloping sandy shores, I could discover no evidence of this fact, except in the united testimony of the inhabitants, that one little rocky shoal, now exposed, was formerly covered with water. At the island of S. Maria (about thirty miles distant) the elevation was greater; on one part, Captain Fitz Roy found beds of putrid mussel-shells still adhering to the rocks, ten feet above high-water mark: the inhabitants...
Сторінка 569 - To this subdivision would then be brought the researches into the brain and nerves that deal with mental function ; the experiments on the senses having reference to our sensations ; the whole of the present mathematics of man, bodily and mental ; the still more advanced inquiries relating to our intelligence; and the nature of emotion, as illustrated by expression, in the manner of Darwin's famous treatise.
Сторінка 302 - Mercuric chloride, 1 : 1000 ; recommended only for the hands, or for washing away infectious material from a limited area, not as a bath for the entire surface of the body. For the Dead.
Сторінка 424 - Afar, on yonder faint blue mound In the horizon's utmost bound, At the first stride his foot he set ; The jarring world confessed the shock. Stranger ! the track of Thunder yet Remains upon the living rock.
Сторінка 190 - Once, while I watched a Damara floundering hopelessly in a calculation on one side of me, I observed Dinah, my spaniel, equally embarrassed on the other. She was overlooking half a dozen of her new-born puppies, which had been removed two or three times from her, and her anxiety was excessive, as she tried to find out if they were all present, or if any were still missing. She kept puzzling and running her eyes over them backwards and forwards, but could not satisfy herself. She evidently had a vague...
Сторінка 972 - An enumeration of all the plants known from China proper, Formosa, Hainan, Corea, the Luchu Archipelago, and the Island of Hongkong, together with their distribution and synonymy.
Сторінка 302 - F.) for two hours. 2. Fumigation with sulphurous acid gas for at least twelve hours, the clothing being freely exposed, and the gas present in the disinfection chamber in the proportion of four volumes per cent. (c) Mattresses and blankets soiled by the discharges of the sick : — 1. Destruction by fire. 2. Exposure to superheated steam (25 Ibs.
Сторінка 695 - ... and the ground is covered for many feet in depth by their dung, which, by its gradual fermentation, must also tend to increase the warmth of the roost. Such roosts are known to be thus occupied for years, beyond the memory of individuals; and I know of one or two which the oldest residents in the quarter state to have been known to their grandfathers, and probably had been resorted to by the crows during several ages previous.

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