Quintilian's Institutes of oratory: or, Education of an orator, literally tr. with notes, by J.S. Watson, Том 2

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Сторінка 447 - When Atreus' son harangued the listening train, Just was his sense, and his expression plain, His words succinct, yet full, without a fault ; He spoke no more than just the thing he ought. But when Ulysses rose, in thought profound, His modest eyes he fix'd upon the ground ; As one unskill'd or...
Сторінка 200 - ... ,vicit pudorem libido, timorem audacia, rationem amentia' (Cic. pro Cluent. 15); aut illato, quo plura cluduntur: ,neque enim is es, Catilina, ut te aut pudor unquam a turpitudine aut metus a periculo, aut ratio a furore revocaverit
Сторінка 352 - The Latian realm, and built the destin'd town; His banish'd gods restor'd to rites divine, And settled sure succession in his line, From whence the race of Alban fathers come, And the long glories of majestic Rome.
Сторінка 256 - Jupiter, so I think that I shall very properly commence with Homer; for as he says that the might of rivers and the courses of springs take their rise from the ocean, so has he himself given a model and an origin for every species of eloquence. No man has excelled him in sublimity on great subjects, no man in propriety on small ones. He is at once copious and concise, pleasing and forcible; admirable at one time for exuberance, and at another for brevity; eminent not only for poetic, but for oratorical...
Сторінка 272 - In wit, certainly, and pathos, two stimulants of the mind which have great influence in oratory, we have the advantage. Perhaps the custom of his country did not allow Demosthenes pathetic perorations ; but, on the other hand, the different genius of the Latin tongue did not grant to us those beauties which the Attics so much admire. In the epistolary style, indeed, though there are letters written by both, and in that of dialogue, + in which Demosthenes wrote nothing, there is no comparison.
Сторінка 207 - I do not live that I may eat, but eat that I may live." There is an example of this in Cicero, which is so managed, that, though it exhibits a change in cases, the two members have a similar ending: Ut et sine invidid culpa plectatur, et sine culpa invidia ponaturrf " That both guilt may be punished without odium, and odium may be laid aside without guilt.
Сторінка 205 - Si, quantum in agro locisque desertis audacia potest, tantum in foro atque iudiciis impudentia valeret: looxtolov est et otioionwcov habet ; non minus nunc in causa cederet Aulus Caecina Sexti Aebutii impudentiae , quam tum in vi facienda cessit audaciae: taoxmíov, ótioiommTOv, oцoioTstewov.

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